Women’s Fashion Advice – DIY, The Diamond Lining, and the Cambridge Satchel

What’s in your purse? Or rather, what would you like to do with your purse? You pretty much have two options if you want to DIY-ify your bag: subtract from it or add to it. Now, you want to subtract from it – e.g. maybe those diamond encrusted zippers are/ costed too much for the rest of the piece – be very careful so you don’t mess up the stitching, bruise the textile, etc. Also, and especially with adornments like diamonds, see if you can pawn off what you removed. With this in mind, if you want to sell diamond or two, check out The Diamond Lining. These guys look to help consumers sell diamonds, engagement rings, and estate jewelry that they no longer needed in a safe and quick manner. See for yourself at The Diamond Lining and on Google+; also, here’s a nice infographic about their pay structure:


But not all bags need additional pizzazz or a reduction in “loudness”; we had the pleasure to review such a bag. With simple lines and a classic silhouette, at 13 inches wide, the Cambridge Satchel is the perfect everyday bag. There’s just enough room for all my essentials and I love that I can keep my phone separate in the outer pocket. The cross body strap makes it easy to wear and the leather is stiff and lightweight, holding the shape of the satchel well. Constructed with uncompromising quality, this is a bag that should last for years if cared for properly. I’m excited to see how it ages. My mother commented that I’d be able to pass it onto any future offspring if I were so inclined, which ought to serve as a testament to the great design.


I can easily fit a wallet, small makeup bag, sunglasses, and a kindle into the main compartment, though I expect that the space taken by my kindle could easily fit a tablet or a mini-Ipad. I’ve worn it around town, to summer festivals, and work. It truly is a versatile bag. The Cambridge Satchel is made in Britain, and comes in a rainbow of colors on Shopbop, from traditional browns and blacks, to pastel for the spring and summer seasons.

20130618_134646-1 (1)

The only caveat is that the bag isn’t so easy to open and close, as there are two buckles to fiddle with. Although the buckles are very visually pleasing, I think magnetic snaps could be used instead.

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