Women’s Fashion Advice – 5 Colourful Alternatives To Diamonds


An account by Michael, a close friend of cefashion: My proposal was romantic, but nothing original. I got down on one knee at Sydney harbour at midnight on New Year’s Eve, along with probably a few hundred other people. What was original was the engagement ring. My (now) wife is a colourful person, with a penchant for pink. So, although it’s hard not be a fan of the classic diamond engagement ring, I thought she’d prefer something with a splash of colour to it and went for an amethyst. Once I got shopping, I realised that there a plenty of cool and colourful alternatives to the diamond, and with 8/10 people opting for a diamond engagement ring, you can make sure your lady stands out from the crowd with a different coloured stone.

 1) Ruby


With strong bright tones from pink to red, the ruby is the colour of passion, to start with. It’s also very girly, if that suits the style of your bride to be. You can throw in a bit of extra wooing at the proposal, by telling her that rubies are very lucky throughout Asia and used to be buried in the foundations of ancient Indian and Chinese buildings to ensure that they remained strong, just as a ruby ring is the foundation for your marriage.

2) Sapphire


Sapphires come in all kinds of colours, but are best known for the blue variety. Sapphires are traditionally associated with friendship, trust and fidelity. Mentioning that when handing the ring over certainly isn’t going to hurt; neither would mentioning it brings out her eyes (only works if they are blue).

3) Emerald


Bold and green, emeralds are associated with youthfulness and long lasting love, and used to be considered to have healing properties. Edward VIII, who abdicated his throne to marry his true love, presented Wallis Simpson with an emerald engagement ring. Now there’s a fairytale story to melt hearts.

4) Opal


Opals are notable for the fact that it can express every colour in the visible spectrum, and historically each opal was said to possess the properties of every gemstone whose colour could be seen in it. New age believers reckon that the opal can assist with both erectile dysfunction, and the pain of childbirth; so pretty handy if you see children in your marriage. You can find some beautiful opals in Australia.

5.       Tanzanite


If you can’t decide on a colour, then tanzanite could be the choice for you. Depending on gem positioning and light conditions, tanzanite can variously appear to be blue, violet or orangey pink. Found only on Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), the stone is super rare and might all be all used up in the next 10 years or so. Get in there fast and you could have a very unique ring to get down on one knee with.

So if you’re thinking of proposing and want to make a break away from the classic diamond ring, hopefully you can find a bit of inspiration for an alternative here. If none of the above catches your eye, there are plenty of other precious stones that would make a great engagement ring for your lucky lady.

Of course if you want to play it safe, go for the classic diamond engagement ring, after all, there are very few women in the world who would be disappointed with a lovely and classy ring. Good luck guys!

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