What’s Wrong With This Picture?: The Situation

jon ham matt weiner
We know the Situation behaves and dresses like a numbskull, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see him show up here. Though his black jacket with red touches tickles my fancy for all of three seconds, everything else about this arguably sub-human’s outfit boils the blood. The idiotic tee, the gaudy crucifix, and – ugh – the hair especially. Who are you trying to be, Vanilla Ice circa 1991? Standing and talking with a handsome, well-dressed Robert Downey Jr. just makes you look even more ridiculous. Go back to NJ.

Edit: Sorry Jerseyers, I meant to tell the Situation to go back to Staten Island, a much more wretched place.

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1 Comment

  1. As a stylish, refined, gentleman born and raised in NJ I have to say I resent your comment. I completely agree with your critique of the situation but he's not even from Jersey. He's from staten island, a city in New York built atop a pile of garbage, hence its contribution to society of people like this.