What’s Wrong With This Picture? Constantine Maroulis

I don’t know, there’s something about Constantine Maroulis that totally rubs me the wrong way – but seeing him clowning around like this especially irks me. Maybe it’s the Broadway actor’s two-times-too-tight jeans (quite possibly from Urban Outfitters) or his boring plaid shirt that probably hasn’t been ironed in a year? Or perhaps it’s his long, greasy curls paired with a partially receded, obviously unattended hairline? Answer: All the above! Constantine, my lesson-lacking bro, may I suggest you check out some William Rast Jeans if you’re looking to take your streetwear a little more seriously.

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  2. Must be mom and dad own the WR Jeans company. *eyeroll*

    As for Constantine, I'd say that a Tony nomination for best actor in a Broadway musical is about as gold as you can get, Dood.

  3. Your blog caught my eye as it was about the adorable Constantine Maroulis. Hmmm- I think Constantine always looks great. He has his own style that works for him. He is totally hot. (btw, I have met him a couple of times – just recently in NYC. His hair is NOT greasy). You suggested he check out William Rast Jeans. I looked at them…not appealing. They look so uncomfortable and ill-fitting ??

    I scrolled down and looked at some of your prior posts. Now I get it! This is not a fashion blog but a humor blog – all done tongue in cheek. Right? So the WR Jeans is a running gag. I think maybe you should try something else.