What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Chris Brown

jon ham matt weiner
Chris Brown, what were on when you decided on this get-up? Whether or not that’s real fur – I’m just going to assume that it isn’t because no animals should have to die for a backpack – I don’t think your carry-on should be the most noteworthy element of your outfit at a charity event. Fur’s meant to drape, by the way, not to sit on a bag you throw in your locker between classes – how old are you again? Not only that, Chris, but you also managed to pick an ugly-ass hat that matches your ugly-ass backpack: that’s a perversion of principles, dude. You suck at life.

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  1. Bob says:

    Did you delete the first post because it exposed how lame this blog is? I'd love to see David Thorne's reaction to this blog. Tosh.0 would unleash thirty seconds of Gayhem on this blog.

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