What’s Wrong With This Picture? (7/25/07)

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This Week’s Fuck-Up: The Hef

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the man. He revolutionized the way (porn) business is done and he’s (normally) a class act. But here he just looks fucking ridiculous.

Yes, the novelty shirt is cute and apropos for all of 10 seconds, but to go and pair that with a skipper hat and sports coat? Is there some kind of punchline I’m missing here – is he supposed look like the Captain of the USS Pervert? And those shoes? Didn’t Vanilla Ice wears a pair just like those in ’92?

I pray he was drunk or high at the time, or else I’m beginning to question his senility…

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One Response to What’s Wrong With This Picture? (7/25/07)

  1. Bob Zukerman says:

    Who’s the granpa?

    Don’t forget to wipe

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