What’s Wrong With This Picture? Jay Z

This Week’s Mess-Up: Jay-Z
To be honest, this isn’t that huge of a fuck up. I like his tux’s color and cut, and (unlike so many other rappers) he keeps it swanky by limiting his jewelry accessories to a minimum. So, you may ask then, where is the fuck up? Check out his vest; it looks like it was cut for a midget. And since his shirt has some frilliness to it (rarely a good thing on clothes for taller gents), I must admit Jay-Z to the halls of WWWTP. Pour one out for you later, homes.

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  1. Your blog is fantastic. I know next to nothing about men’s fashion, but the likes of this blog and The Sartorialist are providing an entertaining education.

    Having said that, I beg to differ with the principle of your aside that Jay, unlike most rappers, keeps his look neat by limiting jewelry. Yes, I actually agree that he looks great w/o tons of chains. However, part of the rap aesthetic IS flamboyant jewelry. It’s supposed to be flamboyant, jarring, not refined, not mainstream.