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Spotlight on Irish Store’s Sweaters for Winter 2015

For menswear.

As soon as fall turns to winter, people are looking for those pieces of clothing that will keep in your body heat and ward off the bone-chilling cold temperatures. The sweater is the perfect place to start. The history of the sweater began when fishermen’s wives knitted them tops out of wool, in order to keep out the cold and dampness while they were out on their fishing expeditions. The natural oil that was in the wool gave it a water repellant quality, which came in handy out on the sea. When the use of the garment spread from Europe to America, it acquired its current day name of the sweater.

One group that has maintained the use of fine yarns such as Merino and Donegal wool is the Irish. Since the 1890’s, hand knit Aran and Irish sweaters have made their way into appreciative customer hands. At The Irish Store, they have sourced a full range of men’s knitwear from some of the most prestigious Irish suppliers in Ireland. Each individual knitting pattern reflects the family history of the knitters throughout generations.

fisherman's rib knit sweater

One example is the Fisherman’s Rib Crew Neck Sweater. It is a classic Aran design and knitted out of 100% pure with a ribbed collar, fully fashioned arm holes, ribbed cuffs, and with a longer torso that will keep you covered and warm for those outdoor events.  It is probably the same kind of design that West End Knitwear descendant, Kate O’Shea, was selling in 1856 to keep her village’s fishermen warm. This crew neck sweater comes in navy, beige, charcoal, or green for $84.95. And there are plenty of other pieces in the same vein: http://www.theirishstore.com/irish-clothing-1/sweaters/mens-sweaters/.

aran mens button down cardigan

Another of my favorite sweaters from The Irish Store is the Handmade Irish Aran Men’s Button-down Cardigan. This particular sweater has great texture with the diamond cable and infinity pattern knit designs. The cardigan is a staple layering item in any man’s wardrobe and this one is chunky, without being bulky, and has fashion detailing in the shawl collar. It comes in oatmeal and charcoal colors for $99.95 with $6.95 shipping and free returns worldwide. The Irish Store also has the added bonus of no sales tax on orders headed to the USA, so you will have a few extra bucks to spend!

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Stocking Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Protect yourself from the winter chill by stocking up on your cold-weather wardrobe. You don’t have to start from scratch as there are some basic pieces that you can still wear and layer over with a snug coat. Clothing essentials for the season should not only keep you warm but also let you express your personal style as well.


If you find that most of your winter clothes are already worn, you can choose to replace them with store-bought ones. You can also shop for clothes online for more convenience, especially if work or errands keep you busy most of the day.

When stocking up on your winter wardrobe, here are the items you should never face the chill without.

Year-round items

Many clothing pieces are always in season, such as a classic black tank and plain black and white shirts of varying sleeve lengths. You should also have a crisp white blouse and a fitted white button-down shirt that you can wear for any function. You can also buy blouses in dark and light neutrals. Keep the details such as ruffles and buttons minimal but timeless.

Don’t forget the little black dress that you can top off with a cozy coat for winter. Black pencil skirts, jeans, black pants and tights, and khaki pants are also always in season. For shoes, you will never go wrong with basic black pumps, ballet flats in a neutral color, and evening shoes in a versatile color, such as silver.


Winter essentials

Layer those basic tops with a heavy sweater, cashmere hoodie, or leather jacket, and you’re good to go. You can also invest in a comfortable turtleneck sweater in a lightweight fabric such as wool, which can blend in well with any pants you have on without adding bulk. An alternative is a cowl-neck sweater. The best pants for winter include dark-wash, boot-cut or wide-leg jeans, gray flannel pants, and wool trousers. Keep warm in a winter coat, parka, a black cashmere wrap coat, or a down vest of a neutral color such as black, navy, or brown. Keep it classy in a wool overcoat. Pull on a pair of knee-high boots or Wellies to keep your feet warm.


Layering bulky clothes can make you look frumpy in winter, but not if you add pizzazz to your look with various accessories. Your winter wardrobe accessory must-haves should include belts both wide and skinny to accentuate your silhouette. You can also stock up on knit and Pashmina scarves to add interest and color to your basic wardrobe. For jewelry, something that adds color and drama to an otherwise dreary wardrobe is a must. Keep your hands safe from the biting cold with a good pair of wool or knitted gloves. Keep your head warm with berets and knitted beanies!

Textures and fabrics

If your personal style is dictated by textures and fabrics, stock up your winter wardrobe with clothing pieces made from suede, dark denim, wool or tweed, velvet, and leather. You can also have silks, satins, and black lace on standby for something chic and classy!

Happy winter dressing!

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70. Cardigans and you

For menswear.

INFEASIBLE: Striped cardigans

Rag & Bone Striped Cardigan
(From eLuxury)

Anything striped must look ironed or at the very least straightened. Lined shirts that are loose just come across as lazy or tired. So, naturally, a cardigan (the quinessential loose-fit and comfortable top type) was never meant to have bands on it. But hey, Rag & Bone knows what they’re doing, right? WRONG. Not having your buttons in the bottom half of the piece helps too, you know.

Feasible: Solid color cardigan

Generra mineral blue wool v-neck cardigan
(Brought to you by Bluefly)

Cardigans are best with either plain pastels or rich, vibrant hues. Very nice.

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63. Summertime + Suits

For menswear.

INFEASIBLE: Chino-based suits.

(From Banana Republic)

I know what you’re thinking these days. Sure, it’s getting close to the summer and you wanna be cool and slick looking when the sun’s a-shining high and the birds are making it with the bees. That’s fine, hell, that’s what you SHOULD be thinking. But you might also be thinking, “Hey. I tend to associate the material wool with winter – so why would I wear a wool suit during the summer?” BR is prying on this line of thought with this cotton/khaki suit, and fuck, you might have fallen for this trap. Guys, if there’s something to ever snub in the fashion world, it is a chino-based suit. That and a 100% polyster getup. Both REEK of Miami Vice.

Feasible: Light wool, light color

(Brought to you by Bluefly)
Here’s a little known fact: wool breathes. Air passes through strangs of wool, thus providing ventilation of sorts. Sure, cotton breathes too, but wool always looks good. And wool doesn’t shrink. And wool isn’t CHEAP (I went there). As for making this Ted Beaker a little more festive (yeah, I know, my love of gray isn’t universally revered), try having the breast pocket unsown and sticking in a cheerful pocket square. “Which pocket square?”, you ask. Just you wait and see.

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