Men’s Fashion Advice – Winter Wear for the Football Fan

If you are looking for a winter jacket and are also a football fanatic, then the choices of outerwear to keep you warm and support your team are endless. The styles range from lighter jackets, to down puffer-coats and wool jackets. Whatever style you choose, you can have with your team’s emblem. It doesn’t matter whether you are a college football fan or a fan of the NFL, you’ll be able to find the perfect jacket style for you.

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Men’s Winter Coats

The trends for winter coats this year are either oversized and a little boxy or tailored, fitted military style coats that emphasise a trim waist and broad shoulders. Check out the online stores such as for the latest trends in men’s jackets.

Military styles are for work or dressy nights out, they’ll keep the heat in as the cold days and nights begin again. For the oversized trend, there are a variety of material and cuts available, ranging from wool to tweed and the colours of the season are anything from grey to duck egg blue. Go for a high cut, a stiff collar or funnel neck for an up to date look. Single or double breasted styles are available and they will keep you warm as well as looking good this winter. Herringbone and houndstooth prints are becoming popular, but if you think they’re a little overwhelming, stick to plain finishes.

Military styles are very popular and khaki and grey are the key colours for these flatteringly cut coats. A trench coat style is very practical for both work and casual days and why not invest in a waterproof one to make sure you’re ready for anything. Keep it subtle and simple and add colour with a bright scarf, or even a colourful sweater, underneath and leave the neck open a little on milder days.

Not your style? Not a problem. Aviator jackets and mens leather jackets are another big trend for this season. These are based on the forties style pilot jackets which were worn simply to keep warm, so these jackets are ideal for the frigid British winters. Dressed casually in jeans, boots and a warm sweater, these will work and look great, but they lend themselves equally well to be being worn over a suit for work. If you’ve always fancied being a pilot, give this look a go. Leather or sheepskin materials are bang on trend this season and it will keep you warm as toast all the way through autumn and winter.

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Lesson #101: Another evening with sweaters

Sweaters should be no sweat. But in a world where virtually anyone has access to unskilled garment labor, some crazy shit still gets made (THANKS INTERNET)…

Ugly Sweater Santa’s Sled
I’ve never been to an ugly sweater party and I don’t associate with anyone who has. I imagine they’re fucking boring as hell because, hey, the premise is to wear something stupid and tasteless while you drink. Okay, maybe you’re roped into attending by your boy/girlfriend – you, so to speak, need take one for the team. But that doesn’t mean you should ever spend $35 on some horrid piece of crap that you’ll wear once. Seriously, how is this store operational? HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD ON ME DURING MY TOILS?! Men, don’t ever go to a specialty store for an ugly sweater – don’t EVER spend $35 especially – let your closest senile family member gift you one or just suck it up and wear something from a Goodwill if you get dragged to one of these lame parties.

Ottoman Detail Sweater

Feasible: Form-fitting, everyday sweaters

Like I’ve said before, sweaters are not on this cursed Earth to further a fashion philosophy or agenda: they here to keep you warm when you’re going from one place to another. They’re very different animals from coats, which you might wear to a dinner party and therefore be judged on. Again, you wear a goddamn sweater when the sun goes down, the field freezes over, and Old Man Winter’s decided to challenge you. This A|X is perfect for the transit hop or trek during the cold months, and would never be considered an ugly piece by anyone’s standards.

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – What to wear to the slopes

Skiing! The puffy pristine snow, hot coco in the log cabin, exponential increases in downhill speeds: who doesn’t enjoy a trip to the mountains? We all look forward to skiing holidays (or wish we could afford them), but even though you might be taking a white vacation from the daily grind, that doesn’t mean you can to take a holiday from dressing to impress.

When you’re out there on the slopes, be sure all your attire (hat, scarf, jacket, etc.) works together as an ensemble. Don’t wear yellow snow pants with a pair of tie-dye gloves or else a Yeti, driven by bile, might attack. As for the trendy stuff ready for consumption this year, fur is pretty much a big no-no (what with the success of PETA et. al’s marketing campaigns) but faux-fur is smiled upon for once.

Designers like Patagonia and Gorsuch included several snazzy parkas and fleeces in their collections this year. Nylon vests have also made a comeback – even Prada has a few in the works for the coming season. As for footwear, Uggs have hit the market with new, ski-friendly designs that both men and women can enjoy. Whatever the case, be sure to look hot and also stay warm!

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Lesson #99: Cardigans are fun!

Often we treat our cardigans like we treat our children: sometimes we cherish them, other times we get fed up and throw ’em in a pile at the back of a closet. I’ve always been a fan (of cardigans, that is), so it’s fortunate that they’re back in style. Let’s see what separates the quality cardigan from the undesirable one.

Moschino Contrast Embroidered Crest Wool Logo Cardigan
INFEASIBLE: Uniform-looking Cardigans
I bet most of you are happy to have survived high school [and you youngsters still stuck in the system, carry forth sons]. So why would you ever want to wear something that reminded you of cafeteria drama, patronizing teachers, and boring algebra textbooks? Granted, you probably didn’t wear an uniform as loud as anything like this, but one look at this snotty private school throwback, and people will tell you to get back on the train to Charlotte Catholic.

D&G Pieced Cardigan

Feasible: Neutral colored, lightweight cardigans

Now this is something people will appreciate: nothing loud, nothing gaudy, nothing to spur images of stuffy Bostonian prep boys. Just a comfy, smooth piece. True, this piece is a little too expensive ($365 as of 1/3/10), but the price will go down as the quality remains excellent.

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Lesson #96: What to look for in gloves

A pair of well-made gloves are clutch for a brisk fall day in New York or a bitterly cold winter morning in Vermont. But they shouldn’t cost you a nickle, dime, and a $100 bill…

Emporio Armani leather gloves 1747 – brown
INFEASIBLE: Really expensive leather gloves
Leather gloves are the way to go in terms of what type of material to rock (since leather’s resilient, comfortable, insulated, etc.), but don’t get roped into spending a hundie on them. Seriously, you’re only paying for the name with this pair: nothing kingly about these designs.

Isotoner® Men’s Leather Gloves – Black

Feasible:Stuff from Isotope

Isotope makes a great pair of leather gloves (I used to have a pair before I left them at a movie theater – yes, I was intoxicated at the time) that never goes for more than $50. These ones, which come with a microterry lining for additional comfort I might add, are on sale (as of 11/30/09).

Oh, and readers, don’t forget about our Mad Men contest!!!

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