Men’s Fashion Trends – Early 2013 Street Trends

There are far too many people out there that seem to think that men really don’t care about fashion. Uh, well, men do care quite a bit about fashion. In fact, there is an entire industry that has been devoted to the subject of men’s fashion. Men do think about fashion. It is just on a different level than women and it should be. They are two completely different subjects. There are far too many differences to start making comparisons. The only real similarity between the two is the fact that both men’s and women’s fashion have to do with styles, clothing and accessories. For all of you guys out there who pay attention to what is considered good fashion, listen up. Here are some tips for what could be the best kept men’s fashion secrets for 2013.

Leather for 2013

There are some fashion statements that everyone agrees should disappear. Leather is not one of them. Leather never seems to go out of style, and with the modern improvements in leather manufacturing, it has once again become a hot ticket item. You will find leather in just about every fashion ensemble that you could imagine. From hats to shoes, you will find leather everywhere and in between. There is a good reason for this too.


Leather is one material where you will always get your money’s worth. Leather practically lasts forever, therefore it is important you buy from a quality store such as Psyche. To visit their website click here. This is the simple reason that leather has been popular for centuries.

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Men’s Quilted Vests – A Nice Jacket Alternative for the Fall/Winter

As the weather begins to change, begin to think about outerwear. One great transitional piece of clothing is the down vest. It offers the chest warmth when the temperature gets cooler, but without the sleeves it gives you the option of what to wear underneath. You may be someone who only needs a short sleeve shirt, or if you like to keep warmer, then a long sleeve shirt or sweater may do.

Another advantage of the vest vs. the jacket can be the increased mobility since it is sleeveless. A jacket can be restricting as far as your arm movements, but with the vest you have no restrictions at all. Most vests are filled with down feathers or polyester fiberfill. It has been said that the down filling is warmer and holds onto your body temperature better than its polyester counterpart, but I have found that a good fiberfill and it is easier to care for.

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