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And the winner is…

keysmartblue contests

… Cassandra! Who told us this tale in her comment-entry to the KeySmart 2.0 contest:

I forgot my keys and had to throw rocks for an hour at my boyfriend’s window. He finally heard after he got out of the shower but I couldnt even knock on the door because our apartment has a gate around it…

Congrats, and good luck next time to everyone else!

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And the winner is…

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thepaisleyfox! Who regaled us with her terrible hat tale:

Probably the vinyl salt shaker hat I made with styrofoam “salt” and a silver lame top for a Jimmy Buffet concert was the most ridiculous I’ve ever seen.

Thanks to everyone for participating and stay tuned for another giveaway soon!

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And the winner of the Men and Beyond pendant and chain is…

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…Steve! Who said:

Silver tigers eye ring……….SWEEEET!

Thanks for participating everyone! And don’t worry, another contest is just around the corner!

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And the winners are…

MrLuckins and Dan! Each get an oxford shirt courtesy of Onassis Clothing for their respective comments:
I’m a pretty tall guy so most stores don’t carry suits in my size, which isn’t a big deal since I can usually get them for a discount online and have them tailored to fit.
What IS a big deal is asking a sales associate if they carry suits in my size (you know, on a whim) and having them respond “Urgh, no we’ll never carry that size because it’s quite disproportionate and only YOU would buy it.” Ouch.

I hate salespeople who know less about fashion than I do, but try to present themselves as the end all, be all of fashion.

Thanks to everyone for playing and keeping reading to learn about the next cefashion contest!
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And the winner is…

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…Charlie! Who gets the wool half trench for leaving the following comment:

The time I forgot my coat… WHICH TIME?

I parted with a very nice fur lined canvas outer jacket when I got bailed out of jail one time. I was so excited about getting the hell out of there I didn’t even ask why they didn’t give me my coat back.

I also lost its replacement a year later. I let a drunk girl (soon to be ex-gf) wear it because she was running around in freezing weather with a sleeveless (and backless) dress. Apparently the jacket made it about 40 yards before it was traded for beer goggles.

Wow, dude. That’s a bummer and a half. Thanks to everyone for playing and keep tuned for the next cefashion contest – which should start tomorrow!
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And the winner is…

Stacy! Who gets the shoes from Simple Shoes for arguing on behalf of the illustrious and life-bearing Natalie Portman:

I think that Natalie Portman is the greenest celeb. Not only is she vegan (I can’t consider ANYONE green if they aren’t at least a vegetarian) but she has her own clothing line that is totally cruelty free. She is outspoken on all environmental issues and she really lives what she speaks about.

Yep, she rocks. Thanks to everyone for playing and keep tuned for the next cefashion contest!
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And the winner is…

Bboyexom! Who wins the outfit from Parc 81 with this lively explanation:

Hip in 88 years? Nay sir I tell thee, this is THE look for all generations who tote such a magnificent vest. Grandpa’s age got him down? Snag old boy a fresh new 3BB. Young Tommy being made fun of because his rags aren’t the “trendiest”? Sounds like 3BB time. Yea, I did just acronym that for you. If you want to thank me Parc 81 Sponsors, you know what to do.

Say it loud, say it proud. Thanks to all our participants and stay tuned for our next contest!!
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