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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Enrique Iglesias

He’s back and (mostly) looking stylish with his refined casual/ boyish look. Therefore, Enrique Iglesias is welcomed rejoin the pop scene… as long as he ditches one of his accessories. Can you guess which? I’m sure you can and surely your answer would then be the awkward hand band that he allowed on his left arm. Not only does it look like it’s made from cheap, scrap rubber, it’s also way too long. Are they arm pads? Has he taken to streets? Weird, and conspicuously so.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Justin Bieber

Ah, the Bieber. Sure, he’s only a little kid, but it’s not like he has to pick his clothes without the help of a costumer, image consultant, etc. I can’t believe anyone would let this punk Justin walk out into the public space wearing a necklace with a figurine of a cartoon character. Like, seriously, Stewie? Forgetting how crappy Family Guy is now, it’s just so clownish about wearing something you could get at Chucky Cheese to accessorize. What next, Yo Gabba Gabba flip flops? The man, err boy, needs a piece like this:

(Cipo & Baxx Anne Necklace Black/Silver Cipo&Baxx)

Booya, Canada.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Kanye West

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Everyone’s going ape about Charlie Sheen and his annoyingly arrogant behavior these days, thus allowing other celebrities to wyle out with impunity. Yet again, Kayne openly offends the senses with his fashion selections. Firstly, a red leather jacket? RED? This nostalgia for the 80’s needs to stop before the man brings back wearing hoola-hoops or something equally retarded. Also, does anyone look at his silk black pants and compare them to baggy gym pants? You’re a clown, Kayne.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Justin Bieber

Ok, so I can’t take credit for finding this one (kudos to the fashion police E! Online), but boy oh boy is it a Grammy-level faux pas. Bieber, the Canadian twerp sensation, tried to impress us with the oft misused white tuxedo getup. But not only did he forget to adjust his bow tie for the photo opp, he straight-up forgot to check if the crotch of his pants was properly zipped. Well, it wasn’t and everyone got a laugh out of the poor kid’s negligence. Justin, remember to look everywhere when you’re in front of the mirror.
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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Black Eyed Peas

black eyed peas
The Black Eyed Peas are all about the superhero getups these days, which is kind of obnoxious and silly. Here especially, we see Will.i.am. wearing something reminiscent of the Nazi supervillain, Red Skull of the Marvel Universe. Also, what’s up with those glasses? Absurd, guys, absurd.
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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Cory Moneith

Thanks, but I don’t watch Glee because I like to spend my time with real music rather than a cappella renditions of Lady Gaga songs. That being said, there are plenty of pretty people on that show and Cory’s certainly one of them. And he would have been in true form at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, what with his sleek black suit and shiny tie, had he left that stupid, ugly-ass tie pin in the two-bit pawn shop he most likely found it. Seriously, vintage or not, no one should think to wear such an tacky eye-sore to a frat party at a beer garden, let alone an awards ceremony. It totally ruins your otherwise tightly assembled ensemble, Cory – great job!
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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Carey Hart

carey hart
Carey Hart is largely known for the distinction of racing overpowered bikes in valleys of dirt and being Pink’s baby-daddy. Besides having a penchant for jerseys and more ink in his skin than a copy of Proust’s In Search of Lost Time, here specifically Carey does himself the fashion disservice of wearing a dinky, micro-face watch. I must say, it looks positively femme on him. Did you find that in your beau’s jewelry box, Carey?
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