What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Nick Nolte

Mr. Nolte knows one or two things about the pursuit of a slovenly career of b-acting and drug abuse, but who knew he could also look the part of an infernal mess? With a cabbie hat as stiff as wood dunked in Scotchgard and wispy less-than-golden locks dangling out the back, it’s no wonder this possessed mind could commit of something so diabolical as wearing a collared shirt and only bothering to fasten a single, bottom button. God help us all.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: George Michael

This Week’s Fuck-Up: George Michael

You’re old. Actually, you’re older than old. That’s okay, some old people ball. But no matter how awesome an old guy is, ya still gotta dress your age. Please don’t attempt the douchebag fratboy at Spring Break look ever again…it doesn’t even work for the fratboys.

Nice car though!

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