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Wedding Fashion Advice – What to Do For a Wedding Party!

The wedding ceremonies can be a nightmare let alone WITHOUT planning for the party following! Here’s a nifty infographic from Ever-Pretty full of tips and tricks about how to run a smashing wedding party:

Ever Pretty The Wedding Party Infographic 41x300 womens fashion weddings mens fashion
Presented By Ever-Pretty Dresses

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Wedding Fashion Advice – How to Choose the Right Wedding Bands for Your Upcoming Nuptials

While there is a lot of focus on selecting the perfect wedding engagement ring for the bride, the wedding band is in fact, a more important choice for the bride and groom.

wedding band weddings mens fashion

While an engagement ring can be left at home for whatever reason, married people never go without wearing their wedding bands.


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Women’s Fashion Advice – Wedding Dresses For 2014

Finding the perfect wedding dress in 2014 will be difficult. With so many brands and models out there, you have to shop around and compare prices. Modern brides often choose to buy their wedding dresses online. Internet-based stores offer a wide array of products at a competitive price. By ordering your dress online, you will save time and money. With a little research, you can find a beautiful designer dress for a quarter of the price.

sophia tolli primrose wedding dress 225x300 womens fashion

Shop Around

Bridal dresses can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Some brides pay a fortune on their wedding gowns. The good news is that you can significantly cut your costs. Online stores offer gorgeous wedding dresses and matching accessories for every taste. Future brides can visit online shops galore and place their order within minutes. Most stores, including Dimitra Designs, sell mermaid wedding dresses, lace dresses, modest wedding gowns, short bridal dresses, and plus size dresses.


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Men’s Wedding Fashion Advice – Choosing Between Yellow & White Gold Wedding Rings

Are you looking for a wedding ring but don’t know what to choose? Many people start out looking for wedding rings without any idea of what they want, the difference between different bands, or even what the different materials mean.

Two of the most popular, mass produced choices are yellow and white gold wedding rings – check out how big the gamut of gold wedding rings is alone. Both of these wedding rings are made from gold and will often have about the same value. If you want to choose between them, take these facts into consideration.

White Gold Wedding Bands Contain More Nickel

double milgrain edging 300x300 mens fashion

One of the most important things to consider about white gold wedding bands is that they contain a great deal more nickel than a yellow gold band. While both wedding rings will contain nickel, white gold wedding bands are actually plated with it in order to achieve their beautiful white finish.

White gold can also be plated with manganese, palladium and rhodium, the last of which gives it a very silver look. If you have allergies to any of these metals, then white gold wedding bands are not for you. If you’re not sure about the allergy, try having your blood tested for this first. (more…)

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Women’s Wedding Fashion Advice – Wedding Dresses By The Seasons

There are numerous factors a couple must take into account when choosing their wedding date, with one of the most important being the season. The time of year plays a crucial role in dictating venue availability, costs, weather expectations, and not to mention, creates the atmosphere and mood for the day’s backdrop. One way a bride can use the chosen season to her advantage is through the dress! Whether you end up tying theA knot in spring, summer, fall or winter, here are some tips on finding the perfect dress.


With its pastel blooms, fresh blades of grass and gentle sunshine, spring is a whimsical time to tie the knot. Take inspiration from the season’s fresh beauty with perhaps a blossom print satin ball gown with a beaded flower hair accessory. For a more casual daytime look, why not channel your inner Audrey Hepburn withcap-sleeve, knee-length gown cocktail dress– perfect for any outdoor spring wedding. Planning a more formal fete? A chiffon gown with ruffle detail creates effortless look of dimension and detail. Regardless of the style you decide, be prepared with a coordinating shrug or wrap in case the air turns brisk once the sun goes down.


wedding dress summer 300x200 womens fashion

Image taken from Grey Likes Weddings

June has long been touted as the most popular month for weddings, and luckily there is certainly no shortage of dresses to choose from for a summer event. Day or night, a lace A-line gownwith a sweetheart neckline is a perfect choice for the warmer months. Does spending your wedding day underneath layers of tulle makeyou feel less than lovely? Consider a slimmer, cooler silhouette with intriguing details. If you’re taking advantage of the sunshine and holding your wedding outdoors, on the beach or under the trees, look for a dress with a shorter hemline and embroidery rather than beads. If you are thinking of traveling to a sunny locale for your big day, ahalter dress is always on trend for warm climates and will help you feel comfortable wherever your destination.


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Men’s Fashion Advice – Tips To Look Picture Perfect On Your Wedding Day

Is the “big day” fast approaching and you, the groom-to-be, naturally want to look and feel your best?  Besides connecting with the best wedding photographers beforehand, there are some other, personal things that you can do ahead of time to make that happen. First of all, if you have a tendency to be a “junk food junkie”, you are probably not getting all the nutrients that your body needs. Start eating a healthier diet at least a week before the matrimonies with plenty of protein, fruits, and vegetables, as well as drinking more water will help you to feel your best on your wedding day.

 groom1 mens fashion


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Men’s & Women’s Jewelry Advice – Engagements!

Couples looking to make a lifelong commitment to one another will need to find the right engagement rings to symbolize their future union and love for one another. When groom goes to look for the perfect piece to present to the love of his life, he should do his research before he sets off for the store or makes an online purchase.

shane men engagement ring womens fashion mens fashion

Shane Co. offers breathtakingly beautiful rings for any bride’s taste and style, so the groom will have his pick of engagement rings that are sure to please. The groom should have a solid idea of what type of ring his future fiancee will appreciate. Whether she has an eye for the modern simplicity of band and a small and subtle diamond, something much more grand or something with a more antique feel to it, Shane Co. has something to please everyone. Customers will enjoy the peace of having a lifetime warranty on their engagement rings at Shane Co., as well as direct diamond importer prices and upgrading a diamond for a reasonable price.

shane women engagement ring womens fashion mens fashion


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