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A Street Style Guide to Accessories

When it comes to accessories, there are a million different ways to go – however there are a certain few items that you need in order to keep your style looking cool and fresh! Here is your perfect guide to accessories – all year round!


If you think you don’t need sunglasses, you’re wrong. Doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or guy, old or young, or whether it’s summer or winter – you need a pair of shades! Your sunglasses should reflect your personality; if you’re a girly girl, typical big white sunglasses suit you – if you’re a bit of a hipster, the rounded 70s style will do you some good. Get with it – get a pair of shades!


It might sound crazy but it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you always need a good scarf – or ten! Even in summer, keep a couple of really light material scarves in your wardrobe – a good scarf can take any outfit from drab to fab! And once again, it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or girl – guys can pull of scarves too.

anklets womens fashion mens fashion


Anklets are coming back in a big way and you better get on the bandwagon before it’s too late. Unlike in previous years, we’re not talking silver charmed anklets, we’re talking cute ‘boho’ style material anklets! Don’t take it too far though, 20 anklets on the one foot might be a bit of overkill. The key here is to go for simplicity, to spice up that cute beach outfit – or anytime you wear thongs or sandals really!

shopping womens fashion mens fashion

Sun Hats

Sun hats are really in right now – it seems like every time you go to the beach or even the park, there are girls every where in hats the size of UFO’s! While it’s good to be sun-safe, sometimes this look can be taken overboard. Solution: Get a sunhat, but an understated one – a hat that’s big enough to still be on trend, but not so big that people will be wondering if you’re harbouring aliens inside your head!


Watches are practical, useful and always cute. The right watch can really set off an outfit – if you’ve got a top that comes to the elbow, and a dainty bracelet on one wrist, a watch will perfectly finish off your look. The trick with watches is the colour you go for – it sounds silly but it’s just like with any outfit; the colour of the watch needs to go with your skin tone!

There you have it – a street style guide to accessories! Accessories can be so much fun and quite often, you’ll have an outfit that looks unfinished until you add the right watch or scarf! Keep your options open – stock up on all the accessories you’ll ever need and then you’ll never be without! And if you’ve seen an accessory in this list that you don’t have, be sure to head to Universal Store – whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it there!

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What Jewelry to Wear During Summer

As in fashion, jewelry also has its seasonal trends. For Summer 2014, there is a huge movement toward “organic”. This nature inspired trend leads to jewelry that is made out of natural materials, using shapes that are softened and less structural.  As you can see with especially men’s jewelry this season, a great amount of mixing of leather and metals is going on. The leather gives jewelry a rugged, natural look, while the metals like silver, brass, and gold give the jewelry life with an earthy glow.
aura brown leather and silver mens bracelet 99 uno 50 mens fashion

The one place I have in mind that has a selection of men’s jewelry fits right in with the organic trend can be found at the uno de 50 store.  One of my favorite pieces is this Aura brown leather and silver bracelet. It has the intertwined strands of dark brown leather to wrap around the wrist and attach to the asymmetrically curved silver bar in the front. The bold toggle clasp balances the front nicely and it gives it strength and dimension. It is a virtual bargain for $99 with the amount of silver alone.

pero sin pausa 349 white and black leather watch uno de 50 mens fashion

Another men’s jewelry accessory that is great for summer, but also can be season-less, is the Pero Sin Pausa black leather strap watch with the white dial and organically shaped numerals and subdials. The white face contrasts nicely with the richness of the black leather and makes a great backdrop for showcasing the unusually numerals and subdials.   It is a little pricey at $349, but it is a fun take on a classic style of watch.

aprietame silver ring hexagon ring uno de 50 99 mens fashion

To complete you summer jewelry look from the wrist down, is the Aprietame Uno de 50 silver hexagonal ring for $99. The shape is unusual with the six sides and the slightly concaved sections and will be more of an attention-grabber that your average silver ring. Also, the “screw-like” imprints along the edges and sides give it a nice industrial feel. Notably, some similar but more “feminine” pieces are available in uno’s online woman’s jewelry store.

comete un rosco silver and brown leather necklace 65 one size mens fashion

Last, but not least, if you want to add a little something to your summer look, but are more of a minimalist at heart, then the Comete Un Rosco silver and brown leather necklace with the adjustable neck and the hammered coin medallion for $65 may be just what you are looking for. Its thinner leather necklace can be worn bare-chested at the beach or with a great t-shirt and cargo shorts, http://www.asestilostore.com/2012/05/cargo-shorts-for-men-spring-summer-2012.html. Also, the organically shaped, hammered silver coin medallion makes an interesting conversation piece.

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Men’s & Women’s Fashion Advice – 5 Fashion & Beauty Essentials Everyone Should Have

The media is constantly bombarding men and women with very different messages as to their fashion and beauty needs, but the truth is, men and women aren’t really all that different. In fact, the top five fashion and beauty essentials every man should have are surprisingly similar to the top five fashion and beauty essentials every woman should have! A few wardrobe essentials, a great watch, some anti aging moisturizer and a scent you love are really all a man or a woman needs to step out in style.

white collared shirt 199x300 womens fashion mens fashion

White shirt

A simple, crisp white shirt will never go out of style and goes with virtually everything. Men can pair theirs with jeans or dress pants, while women can wear theirs tucked into high waisted skirts, over skinny jeans or even with denim shorts. Dressed up or down, a white shirt or blouse will never fail you and can last for years if well taken care of.


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Men’s Fashion Advice – Test How Well You Know How to Wear a Watch!

I recently came across an online quiz about taste in watches as I was looking into Crown & Caliber, a company that has modernized consignment of high end watches through the use of technology. I thought that it might be lighthearted and ego-stroking, but actually it was neither! I did learn something though…

watch fatalist mens fashion

First, I took the quiz on buying a brand new watch and had to answer questions like “If you were stranded on a desert island, which watch would you wear?” and “Which watch would you be buried in?” Thinking of myself as a person with fairly good taste, I made my selections on the look of the watch, in respect to what situation they posed. My selections determined that I was a Fatalist, which meant that I didn’t care about anything related to watches and it told me that I should “Perhaps entertain a new hobby like Bridge.” Burn!


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Men’s Fashion Advice – Quality, Not Quantity With Arm Accessories

Like I’ve said before, accessories give an outfit its individuality. However, too much personality, e.g. having too many or too “loud” wrist accessories, is never called for.
1739311 mens fashion

Your arm or wrist shouldn’t house a gallery of metal, leather, crappy plastic studs, watch-works, etc. Accessories give you a distinctive look only in smaller portions. With something like this GUESS Black leather wristband with laced chain and other junk fastened to you, you end up looking like some hyperconsumer punk or a hoarder. This also happens to apply across gender lines, ladies.


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Men’s Fashion Advice – Flashy watches

Time to address something I’ve noticed more of in the wake of the smartphone explosion: the rise of the Flashy Wristwatch. Now, the vast majority of these pieces are tacky as sin and expensive as hell, especially the mens diamond watches with huge rocks on them. However, there are a few exceptions. Check out these pieces that will at just the right amount of flash to a night out.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Watch 29029 Audemars Piguet 1 300x229 mens fashion

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Men’s Fashion Trend: The best and worst dressed guests from the Tonight Show

While I was watching the Tonight Show one evening, I happen to see the Irish actor Colin Farrell take a seat next to Jay Leno. The 36 year old Farrell has been in many TV shows and movies since 1998, most recently the comedy “Horrible Bosses” and “Total Recall”. What caught my attention was his overall look. Colin Farrell’s closely trimmed beard and moustache, along with his spikey dark hair and double hoop earrings made him look modern, instead of scruffy. He had on a light grey button-down shirt that showed his shape, without being too tight. Colin had the cuffs turned back to highlight the leather bracelets on both wrists and his silver-tone Claddagh pinky ring. He kept the rest of his look monochromatic with his dark slim-fit jeans and black cowboy boots.

download mens fashion

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