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Men’s Fashion Exclusive – 25% At H&B London!!


Just in time for Christmas, get an exclusive 25% off all handmade British wallets and sterling silver cufflinks from H&B London using the discount code:


H&B London is a luxury British men’s accessories brand, founded on elegant design and traditional craftsmanship. Committed to old-fashioned quality, we use only the finest materials and the best British artisans to craft modern classics using traditional techniques.

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Men’s Fashion Review – Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet in Blue Steel

Like I’ve mentioned so many times before, I’m a total wallet nut and need to replace my favorite accessory at least twice a year. I was recently approved to test out the Bellroy Note Sleeve in Blue Steel and, given my fascination, I grabbed the opportunity (especially since the item sells for a pretty penny pretty much everywhere). Does the price reflect stellar quality?


Needless to say, the bifold Note is very stylish and switched together most elegantly. The material, a vegetable tanned cow leather, is soft and holds onto its contents snugly (like a sleeve!). Speaking of space, even when filled with 10 or so plastic cards, cash, a check, and a few coins – yes, there is a cozy coin pocket in the fold – the wallet never bulked up or got “bumpy”.


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Men’s Fashion Advice: Essential Accessories – Wallets For Men

A wallet is something which isn’t seem as a priority by most guys, why? Simply due to the fact that the obvious focus remains on “what’s on show.” Now unless you’re extremely tight when it comes to buying drinks, a wallet is one of the most used accessories for men. So a decent wallet is something you should be drawing your attention towards, and today we’re going to be looking at some of the most popular styles currently. You want to look for something with good storage, a unique design, excellent stitching and overall functionality of the wallet. You can use a wallet to really display a slice of your personality, and a quirky designed wallet can be used as great conversation starters.

So what are the styles you should be looking at? Tri-fold and Bi-fold Wallets are the most popular folds, and come in a variety different styles. : A Tri-fold wallet is a wallet with two folds, in which credit cards are generally stored vertically. A Bi-fold is a type of wallet in which the banknotes are folded over once. This has become the “standard” wallet. Credit cards and identification cards may be stored horizontally or vertically. On the market currently are a variety of leather wallets for men, cloth wallets, and quirky wallets like duct tape wallets plus more. Remember focus on the functionality of the wallet along with the design.

Here’s a video showcasing some Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold wallets.

The other options are Credit Card Holders. These are going to become extremely popular and in my eyes take over the traditional wallet. As the use of electronic processing increases, so does the demand for credit card holders. The obvious advantage is the size, and the fact they’re not going to give that stuffed effect to your pockets.

So pay more attention to the wallet you own or the wallet you’re looking to buy. Whether you’re leaning towards leather wallets, cloth wallets, cardholders or duct tape wallets remember to focus on functionality and design.

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Lesson #110: Clipping your money

Money clips own for occasions where you want to travel lightly, but still carry around stacks of cash like a boss. But please, if you’re going to try to be big pimpin’, make sure your (money) clip isn’t showing too much brand allegiance.
Tommy Hilfiger Men's Magnetic Money Clip,Brown,One Size
Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Magnetic Money Clip,Brown,One Size

INFEASIBLE: Clips featuring obvious instances of the company logo
This Ralph Lauren would be a fine accessory to bring with you to the Club (wherever that is), if only it didn’t come with the logo on it. Seriously now, money clips average at a length of 3.5 cm – that means branding like this is bound to be conspicuous. It boggles the mind how this got approved since who the hell gets to see someone else’s money clip that often anyway? Bad integrated marketing move. That and the clip comes magnetized, which could potentially screw with some of your handheld/pocket devices.

Coach leather inlay money clip

Feasible: Clips with consistent elements
Now I totally get why RL wants their logo on it, i.e. exposure, but unfortunately they didn’t come up with as good of an idea  as Coach did. Sure, this piece is EVEN MORE branded, but the instances of the logo belongs to the patterned design rather than as separate and differently-colored elements. Bravo to men’s accessories from Coach, for once.
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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of ÖGON Designs Credit Card Wallet

I have a lot of cards – business ones, credit ones, etc – and I never know where to put them. My wallet’s only good for carrying the essentials, so find myself throwing all the auxiliary stuff in a shoe box, which is messy and disorganized. “There’s gotta be a better waaaaay!” I exclaim often. Fortunately, Ogon Designs proposes a solution.

The Credit Card Wallet is a compact and sharp-looking card holder. It opens up to reveal a fan-like folder and provides protection with its aluminum-based casing. As you can see, I’m in the process of organizing, which is a godsent. The cases also come in a variety of colors, so if orange yucks you out, you can go for a blue or teal.
Ogon pitches this product as a replacement for a regular wallet, which I frankly would never do. Leather wallets are simply more flexible and take up less space, which is ultimately desired in stuff you keep on your person. Ogon’s cases, however, are perfect for storing additional cards and all those business cards you get a meetings, conferences, etc. Read more about them at www.ogondesigns.com.

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62. Wallets for the man…again.

INFEASIBLE: Wallets that slide and collapse and whatever the fuck

(From Men.Style)

I guess one could call this latest Frankenstein from Entermodal a “portwallio”. I’ll stick to calling it ugly, blucky, difficult to handle, and tacky; naturally Men.Style raves about it. Don’t you let me catch you holding one, unless you’re returning it to its rightful place in the trash.

Feasible: Bifold made of kangaroo leather

(Brought to you by Saks.com)

Now this, THIS is a piece of awesome. I loves kangaroo leather and the color is just rich and attention-grabbing without being flashy in the slightest. Even the logo is tastefully placed and blended into the material. Anyone wanna get me an early birthday present? Seriously, I blew too much money at the bar last night. :(

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47. Wallets again

INFEASIBLE: Wallets with money clips attached

(From Round Table Gifts

The merging of money clip and the wallet is a god awful idea, at least from an aesthetic perspective.

Feasible: Smart money clips

(Brought to you by Amazon )

If you’re really gunho about the whole best of both worlds business, then go with a smart money clip. Not only can you use it to fasten your money, but you can also store your driver’s license and credit cards on the back of it. Nifty.

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