Selecting the Right Wardrobe and Accessories for Travel

Are you planning a Springtime get-away?  After your travel plans are all set, then, the hard job of deciding what you will bring to wear for your trip begins.  Selecting the perfect wardrobe and accessories can be a nightmare for some women because you if you are traveling by air, then you are limited by weight and size and even if you are traveling by car, you will still have some sort of packing issue.  The problem is that you are always afraid that you will not have the right wardrobe and accessories for that afternoon of sightseeing, night out for dinner, or seeing family and friends.


One of the tips for making sure that you have packed like a pro is to have clothing items that do double duty.  Select tops, pants, skirts, and dresses that can be worn casually, but also can be dressed up with some tweaking of your choice in shoes and accessories.  That way, you can take less clothes, but you will still have a enough different looks to cover all the occasions.


As far as accessories like jewelry go, you should pack items that items that are fun and versatile to carry you from day to night.  At you will find trendy, fun, new-wave items from British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.  At The Garment Quarter, the Vivienne Westwood Bracelets and Vivienne Westwood Earrings are created with silver and gold tone metals that are modernized with brightly colored enamel charms that include hearts, crosses, and skulls.  You will find jewelry that will compliment both those who have more of a classic taste and those who are a little more edgy.


Now that you have selected your clothing and jewelry for travel, you cannot forget about the collection of bags that you will need for your trip.  For packing, you will need a makeup pouch that will keep all of your cosmetics safe for travel.  Then, it is a great idea to have a smaller cross-body bag to have all your travel documents, cell phone, and bank cards handy at a moment’s notice.  Of course, you will also need a fashionable tote or shopper bag when you are out sight-seeing or shopping at your travel destination.  The Vivienne Westwood Bags Collection at The Garment Quarter has a fantastic selection of fancifully colored fabric and rich leather bags to satisfy all your travel needs.

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Men’s Fashion Trends – Trouser Trends For Fall 2012

As I was browsing through the photos for men’s fashion trends for 2012, I noticed a recurrent theme of shrinking pant lengths. Everywhere I looked, I saw men in trousers that didn’t reach the top of their shoes. I guess 2012 is the year of the “high-waters”.

First off is a look by Vivienne Westwood. Her woven grey/blue trousers have a high waist, side seam pockets, a straight leg, and a hemline well above the anklebone. This vintage looking pant is offset with a color-blocked beige and chocolate turtleneck, a distressed brown leather jacket, and brown leather oxfords. She does remember to follow the old rule that your socks should match your pants, which is much more important since they are so much more visible at this length.

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