Spotlight on Vivien of Holloway: What’s Old is New Again

When it comes to vintage clothing and accessories, it seems that they never really go out of style. In every new designer collection you will see pieces that are inspired from decades of past designer creations. Some people cruise the second-hand clothing stores to find that perfect item to add to their wardrobe, but now on websites like you can find men’s and women’s clothing and accessories to satisfy the lover of everything vintage.

For the men – who we are focusing on for the purposes of this review – a button-down shirt is an essential part of any wardrobe. Aside from the dress shirt, you also need a few that are more casual that you can wear with a pair of jeans or even cargo shorts and sneakers. At Vivien of Holloway, you will see a collection of patterns that have their roots in the past: buffalo plaids, checks, and stripes.


One of my favorites is the Men’s Long Sleeve Nougat Shirt. It is fashioned in what is called the “rockabilly cut”, which has a rolled collar with a loop detail at the neckline, a larger breast pocket, and buttoned cuffs. The wash and wear fabric is done in smaller check plaid that has a nice neutral beige and ivory design, which will go back to many colors of trousers and jackets in your wardrobe like olive and brown. I also like the detail of the larger mother of pearl-like buttons. Whether you are headed to work or out to play, for 55 Euros, this style will work for you.


As the weather warms ups, every man also needs a short sleeve button-down to round out his closet. Another one of the vintage patterns that you will find in the short sleeve men’s collection at Vivien is the Gingham Check. It is a pattern that reminds you of summer because of the crisp contrast between the dark navy and white tones. This particular shirt has the same great construction details of the long sleeve and with the pleated sleeves and yolk, thus adding more comfort to movement during your leisure activities.

All of the men’s and women’s clothing at Vivien of Holloway are made in London England and they offer free shipping for all orders over 150 Euros, so if reproduction vintage is your thing, you should check them out!

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When Second-Hand Is First-Rate

Buying second-hand clothes and accessories (“pre-loved”) was once a practice mainly carried out in secret. You didn’t want your upwardly mobile friends to know your Armani suit started its life on someone else’s back. It made you seem down-at-heel; someone to be sneered at. But today the smart money is on vintage items, which can increase in value if properly cared for, as well as make you look totally on-trend. So buying pre-loved is absolutely de rigueur!


Don Draper

It’s unsurprising that fifties and sixties vintage fashion is so on-trend, when you’ve got popular series such as Mad Men on the small screen. While the top catwalk designers are showing cigarette pants and stovepipe trousers in their new collections, there’s nothing quite like wearing an authentic vintage suit. You can find them on the internet and at the better vintage markets but don’t expect to get them for jumble sale prices. One on-line shop that’s definitely worth checking out is Oxfam’s Vintage section. It’s a bit hit or miss but you can definitely find some gems there, from names such as Christian Dior, Burberry and Daks. Put on your suit and start channelling the originators of cool, such as Dirk Bogarde or Gregory Peck.

Nifty Neckwear

Even if you don’t want a pre-owned suit, a vintage silk tie or cravat can speak volumes. If you like your look classic, then you could pick up a second-hand Hermès silk tie. As ladies who own their scarves know, wearing  Hermès says it all; there is no better statement piece. If you’re more of a relaxed, man-about-town, why not opt for a cravat? Silk cravats are being seen on modern dandies such as Orlando Bloom, Russell Brand and Martin Freeman. They’re both comfortable and stylish. You can find them in a plethora of colours and patterns.


Have You Got the Time?

You’ve got your sixties suit and tie, but what’s that Baby G doing on your wrist? To complete the authentic look, you need the right watch. It’s worth noting that collecting vintage watches is an increasingly popular trend; partly because older watch models are in vogue but mainly because they’re seen as a prudent investment, provided you choose wisely. Brands such as Patek Philippe and Rolex should only ever increase in value, and it doesn’t hurt that they look absolutely fantastic on your wrist. If you’re unsure where to source your vintage watch, check out Market Cross Jewellers, who have a great selection.

Whether you’re looking to acquire some heirloom pieces that will increase in value, or you simply want to look the business, buying second-hand is definitely worth it.

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Women’s Fashion Advice – Vintage Can Be Tasteful!

The joy of vintage shopping is in finding something unique that no one else has. There is something very satisfying in finding that perfect vintage piece or in finding a few items that you then pull together to create a one-of-a-kind look.


There is no doubt that vintage and retro style adds a touch of class. But finding really good pre-loved pieces definitely requires practice. Vintage shopping can be a little intimidating if it isn’t something you’ve done before.

Sometimes vintage sizes can be confusing and you need to have a good understanding of the market to appreciate the real value of a piece. You also need to become adept at avoiding (or masking) moth-holes. Look out for missing buttons and other fastenings, ineffective zips and make sure any accessories that come with the outfit, like belts are in good nick. If there are belt loops but no belt you might be able to negotiate a discount.


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Men’s Fashion Advice – Winter Wear for the Football Fan

If you are looking for a winter jacket and are also a football fanatic, then the choices of outerwear to keep you warm and support your team are endless. The styles range from lighter jackets, to down puffer-coats and wool jackets. Whatever style you choose, you can have with your team’s emblem. It doesn’t matter whether you are a college football fan or a fan of the NFL, you’ll be able to find the perfect jacket style for you.

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Men’s Fashion Advice: The Cyclical Nature of Men’s Fashion

If you look around at what is popular for today, it is surprisingly familiar. Fashions popular in the 1980s, 70s, 60s, 50s, and even earlier are available for purchase in today’s hottest fashion shops. It seems that all the modern person wants to do is dress like someone from the past. In 2012, the hottest new styles aren’t new at all, but actually fashions popular in past decades. The timeless nature of these clothes keep them popular beyond their first use. If you want to look trendy for today, try some of these popular cheap vintage clothing styles for men and women from the past.


Ties haven’t been popular for men in several decades, but today they are back again. Skinny ties found in the 1960s are one of the most popular tie styles for today. Men can now wear ties nearly everywhere without people making fun of them because ties are one of the trendiest vintage items for men in 2012.

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