Men’s Fashion Spotlight – Harrods Men’s Trainer High Tops

Harrods is a luxury brand department store in the Royal Borough of Kensington, Chelsea, and London. It was founded by Charles Henry Harrod in 1834. With the wonders of the web, at, you can now browse through accessories for men, women, and children, as well as beauty products, housewares, and gifts, even if you are nowhere near the U.K.

lanvin python high top trainers harrods

Today, we will be taking a look at the men’s trainer high tops at Harrods. The high to sneaker has grown from being an athletic shoe to being a casual fashion statement. High top sneakers have even made their way to the red carpet, as a diversion from the typical oxford or lace-up.

At Harrods, you can find luxury shoe designers such as Alexander McQueen, Giuseppe Zanotti, Saint Laurent, and Lanvin. Leaning toward the high end of the price range is the Python High Top Trainers by Lanvin. The reptilian style shoe has a calf skin lining, white rubber sole, and a matte 100% python skin upper that is made in Italy and priced at 1,050.00 Euros.

harrods paisley high tops

Next, is the Paisley High Top Trainers by Giuseppe Zanotti that are done in a red paisley printed leather that has a side zipper and is trimmed in black leather. These are a little more affordable at 435.00 Euros and if the red and black combo is a little loud for you, they also come in a tone-on-tone black style.

harrods textured high tops

In keeping with the trend of texture that has translated into shoes, as well as into clothing this year, you will find the Dexter High Top Trainer from Kurt Geiger in London. The black leather upper has been molded to form all over peaks that give these shoes an edgy, “rock and roll” type look. At 140.00 Euros, you would be right on trend, but still have the comfort of its luxury style.

van's harrods high tops

Last, but not least, is a high top brand that is very well known in the US: Vans. With the price tag of 52.95 Euros, however, you are trading in the leather upper for canvas, but in the red and the black this high top shoe is still a really versatile shoe.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Timeless Tweed

Tweed fabric has always been one of the timeless looks in menswear. However, “tweed” was not the initial name of the fabric. It was originally “tweel”. As the story goes, it was a misinterpretation of handwriting by a London Clothing Merchant that altered the name to “tweed”.

harris tweed gloves

There are a few different types of tweed. One is Harris Tweed, which originates from the isles of Scotland, using locally sourced wool and natural dyes. The other familiar type of tweed is Donegal Tweed, which is also a hand-woven fabric, but hails from the County Donegal in Ireland. Tweed fabric, in general, may be plain or woven into subtle patterns like herringbone, check, windowpane, or houndstooth.


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Men’s Fashion Spotlight – VANS Sneakers For The Summer

Thought of by many as the original skate shoe; Vans Trainers have been a highly successful brand since their beginnings back in 1966. Originally they were a premium quality and affordable trainer that were comfortable, easy to slip on but featured the now iconic ‘Off The Wall’ waffle sole that would prove to be exactly what skaters needed for better grip and flexibility that wouldn’t fall apart after a few hours of flips, tricks and carving up the streets.


Today Vans is a household name with many sub-brands like Vans Skate, Vans Surf and Vans Snow; the most recent being the Vans OTW collection that merges urban chic with skate performance seamlessly but they also make clothing and accessories ranges too.  The most famous Vans Trainers the Vans Authentics Trainers and the Vans 106 Trainers are still in production today but with more colourways and styles available with each new season.

Despite being favoured by skaters Vans shoes are very versatile and are suited to being worn for most occasions like a night out, to a trip to the shops, relaxing with friends and everything inbetween and with numerous different shoe designs you can choose from the options are endless.  More recent styles like the Vans Era Trainers and Vans LPE Trainers are nearly as well known as the classic designs and like most Vans trainers have canvas uppers though some do have leather ones if you want more durability, some feature double stitching making them more rugged but every pair has incredibly comfortable insoles and always the waffle sole.  Down the years Vans have released styles suited to current and changing trends but the core collections have remained constant throughout, they even have a shoe made specifically for skate performance; the Vans Sk8 Hi Trainer which has added ankle support from a padded collar with triple stitching a die-cut EVA insert for comfort a leather upper and of course the waffle outsole that makes every Vans Trainer.

There’s little question of Vans success despite quite a large amount of competition from specialised skate footwear brands around as if anyone wants a shoe that will keep their feet comfortable after a lot of wear and give the support and grip of a performance shoe; Vans trainers are certainly the choice to make.

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From the CE Mailbox: Situation-neutal shoes

*[Made it here somehow – holla]*

Dear CE,

So, I currently wear Vans skate shoes, and whilst I like them, I’m sure not everyone does. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for shoes that work in any casual occasion? Something that no-one will have strong opinions about, but that still look good and won’t make my feet look plain?

– KeepinItCopasetic

Dear KeepinItCopasetic,

Your right, Vans won’t do the trick here. The way to go about not offending anyone with your footwear lies in the subclass of shoes called business casual (or “corporate casual”, if you’re into the whole alliteration thing). This particular pair wouldn’t offend a soul and they’re pretty shweet:
Rockport - Men's Tuamotu



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