Fashion Industry Trends – Fall 2013 International Fashion Shows

Fall and winter are not only a change of season, but they are also the time of year that designers are showcasing their creations in fashion shows all over the world. However, don’t expect the clothing for the current season to be on the runway because the designers are usually working on collections six months to one year ahead. And don’t expect any trips to these exotic runways to be cheap! A wise investment to make beforehand might be in travel insurance from John Lewis. This type of coverage internationally guarantees a generous cancellation cover limit, emergency medical expenses, and a travel delay retainer!

second school girl

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Navigating Designer Clothing Boutiques

When I was on vacation last year, I had the opportunity to check out one of the most famous shopping areas in the world, “Rodeo Drive” in Beverly Hills. The area’s architecture is attractive and the artistic store fronts draw you in, tempting you to take a look inside some of the most well-known designer boutiques like Valentino, Yves Saint Laurant, Dolce & Gabbana, and Bottega Veneta.

rodeo drive 015

Upon entering one of these designer clothing stores, you are taken aback by the tasteful furnishings and feature the more high-end retail store counter designs for showing off their merchandise. Most designer boutiques are staffed with impeccably dressed employees that are capable of attending to your every clothing need. Even though I was most likely window shopping and probably had “tourist” flashing across my forehead, I was greeted graciously and allowed to browse without being scrutinized.

inside designer clothing stores

As far as the clothing inside these high-end retail stores, “couture” is a code word for “one of a kind”, which explains the lack of price tags in some stores and the jaw-dropping ones in others. They also only have a few sizes out for each style of shirt or trousers, so if you find one that you would like to try on, then you will have to ask one of the boutique personnel for assistance. The employees of designer stores also have the ability to select pieces of clothing that would work together in order to give you a uniquely personalized look. They will help you to gather items while you are headed to the dressing room, exchange clothing items for you while you are in there, and give you their professional opinion if you ask.

So, if you have always wanted to shop in a designer boutique like Versace or Valentino, then do it. Whether you are looking for that special designer piece or just window shopping, it is an experience all its own.

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Cologne, Man’s Perfume

INFEASIBLE: Valentino’s V Pour Homme
valentino v cologne(From Sephora)

Ever consider using Beefeater gin as cologne? Wanna spend a lot more for something that smells just like it and for a fraction of the volume? Then V is your ticket to smelling like a drunkard.

Feasible: Dior’s Fahrenheit 32
nice men-cologne
(Brought you by

Now this is the shit. Distinctive, aromatic, and certainly doesn’t make your eyes tear. Tres sexy.

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