What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Usher

Wow, Usher: a swing and a missed. I like the pants, like the shirt (thought the wife-beater underneath is kinda gross), like the dangling necklace (but only on you), but absolutely hate hate HATE the sunglasses. I’m pretty sure Jennifer Lopez wore those all of two times in the last decade and then came to her senses. When are you going to learn from her mistakes?

Rihanna’s looking kind of weird herself… must be all the “airborne” drugs that pervaded Coachella.

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Usher does it up nice with Diesel

Usher is usually a pretty fashionable fellow; he certainly puts fools like Kayne West to shame. Although he went on a bit of a break from the biz (I think because he had a child or something?), he’s back now and trying to stir up some ish. Good thing he’s rocking this tres cool leather jacket from Diesel for his latest music video. Throw on the “Lil’ Freak” video below and look for the jacket:

Check out a screenshot.

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