Men’s Fashion Trends – 2013 Golden Globes

The Golden Globe Awards have been for achievements in both television and film, since the first ceremony was held in 1944. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association awarded the 2013 Golden Globes at the Beverly Hills Hotel where celebrities walked the Red Carpet in what they believe to be outstanding fashion. Some seem to always “hit the mark” and some do not.


One guy that seems to be consistently be right on trend when it comes to formal fashion is Robert Downey Jr. Nothing is hotter right now than velvet. It is a fabric that has spanned the ages, but still manages to be both vintage and modern in its appeal. At the 70th Golden Globe Awards this year, he was wearing a two-button tuxedo jacket with a thin lapel that was made out of silky velvet. Even though it is a simple design, the fabric elevates the tuxedo jacket to a more elegant level. Also, the slight contrast in fabric of the trousers and bowtie, as well as the crisp white shirt, gives it a subtle interest.

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