Sports Celebrities – Fashionable off the Field!

When sports figures like Tom Brady, David Beckham, and LeBron James are in the game the “uniform” rules, however when they are off the field, they get to choose from an endless list of designers for their casual wear.  From suits and sports jackets when they are headed to away games in different cities, to jeans and t-shirts when they are out with their families, these guys like to look good.


Tom Brady, the star quarterback for the New England Patriots, may have not been so “fashion conscious” when he was a rookie in the National Football League, but today, he is much more fashion forward with his hairstyle and clothing.  Here is a photo of him trekking through a neighborhood, paparazzi in tow, in a navy blazer with a brown graphic t-shirt, complimentary plaid scarf, and worn blue jeans. Tom accessorizes well with his Aviator sunglasses, but they are not much of a disguise. And, arguably, Tom’s gotten so good at looking good, his has become one of the most popular NFL jerseys by sheer association!

david victoria beckham at wimbledon

The next celebrity sports figure who is as well known for his fashion, as he is for his soccer career.  David may have retired in 2013, but his fan base certainly has not diminished.  He is photographed here with his fashion designer, former “Spice Girl” wife Victoria at Wimbledon.  David looks sharp in his blue double breasted, nicely tailored sports jacket with ornamental gold buttons on the cuffs, as well as the body.  He compliments the jacket nicely with a crisp white button-down shirt and micro-check, matching tie.  David’s tan trousers also keep the look casual, but pulled together.  His wife Victoria is also blending well with his style, in her multi-colored, patchwork sundress that was most likely designed by her.

lebron james

Finally, a guy that is pretty hard to miss because of his size, even when he is off the court without his uniform is LeBron James.  He shows his love for the “Fedora” in this photo from his GQ spread.  The dark brown wool fedora with the wide grosgrain ribbon adds panache to his camel colored v-neck sweater with the ombre effect and rolled-cuff dress shirt.  I bet that the sweater is in a luxury fabric like cashmere and I like the bold brown leather watch as an accessory.

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Men’s Fashion News: The Best and Worst of the Costume Institute Gala 2012

The Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is equivalent to the NYC Celebrity Fashion Ball. It is a star studded event, in which all the prominent clothing designers are showcasing their talent. Just like any other profession, there are some hits and some misses. Let’s start with a few of the hits.

One guy that is used to being in the spotlight is Tom Brady. Whether the public is looking at his passing ability on the football field or his model wife, there is always a buzz about some part of his life. Aside from the Quarterback gig, Brady has appeared in commercials, magazines, and has graced the front pages of the tabloids more than once. He arrived at the Met Gala in a style that we expect from him. His navy, velvet-looking jacket by Tom Ford was paired with a crisp white shirt, black bow tie and a lighter black trouser. It was an A+, in a sea of ordinary tuxedos. However, Tom Brady did receive just as much press for his unusual hair-do at the Gala, as he did for his style. It was kind of “GQ meets the Little Rascals”. Tom, “Definitely keep the outfit, but fire the hair stylist!”

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