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Men’s Accessories Advice – Selection of Men’s Neckties for Fall

As the Summer starts to fade, the clothing colors become richer and the fabrics become a little weightier. In the magazines and on the street, you begin to see more of the greys, chocolate browns, navy blues, and deep burgundy hues in suits, sports jackets, trousers, and shirts. One way to keep your darker colored clothing from becoming drab, is to dress them up with interesting ties for Fall 2012. All across the Web are huge selections of designer ties in many different fabrics, patterns, and colors.

roberto cavalli reptile tie 233x300 mens fashion


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Men’s Fashion Review: Mitchell Roberts Black Textured Silk Tie

When you think of luxury fabrics, silk is always at the top of the list. At Mitchell Roberts they design and manufacture their own line of men’s silk ties, which gives the customer the opportunity to have superior quality items at a substantial savings. We got the chance to review one such item from their collection.

mitchelltie1 300x199 mens fashion

This particular tie is the Black Textured Slim Silk Tie which is, well, noticeably textured. The silk is woven in a diagonal pattern, which creates a heathered fabric that allows it to have more dimension and texture than a traditional silk necktie. Also, the slim design of this Mitchell Roberts tie gives it a distinctively modern appeal. Comparable silk neck ties can run anywhere from $79.00 to over $200. At $34.95 for this luxury item, you certainly cannot beat the price! That said, there is an almost rough feel to it because of the design lifting.


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Fashion Review: Artfully Disheveled tie

For reviews.

I take ties very seriously. Therefore, I rate them seriously. The designers at neophyte Artfully Disheveled (aside: not my favorite brand name) clearly pride themselves on deconstructing of the typical patterning of my favorite accessory – thankfully without resorting to ugly logos or graphics of Spiderman. Let’s see how one of their pieces fairs.

IMG 20110621 190753 review

The model I got, “The Shoreditch”, is an okay tie. Truly, I like a lot about it. It’s long, which makes gauging and fixing the length during the tying easier. The cross stitching (see below) is top notch and I rather enjoy the cheeky checkered pattern. It’s slightly hipster, but the quality weaving let’s people know I didn’t pick it up at a thrift shop.

IMG 20110621 190854 review

All that being said, the piece is too “heavy” for my taste, that is it consist of too much fabric. Naturally, I appreciate silk, but not too much of it rapped in one package. I guess I’m just a sucker for ties that catch onto the wind easily.

IMG 20110621 190833 review

There is also something lacking in the color scheme of this particular tie. Frankly, it just isn’t as fun as I came to expect from pictures I’ve seen online. In fact, I think it would serve much better for the purples, greens, etc. to be brighter. Strangely, this pattern but bolder strikes me as easier to match with an outfit only because then it would be demanding all the attention; right now it’s pretty subdued. I could see myself wearing it to a casual cocktail party.

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Cutless Coupons: TIES! GREAT TIES!

Screw it, let’s try new feature devoted to online, fashion-related coupons – seriously, who doesn’t to save a buck or two? And like the title suggests, it’s man’s favorite accessory that’s on the discount counter this week.

1818c0 mens fashion

Firstly, the up and coming Wear Jack would like to give you a 30% discount on their snazzy products, like the one pictured above. Just use the following string when you’re checking out:


We also have a special promo code running with the fine and lascivious people at Miss Feeney’s. They specialize in making fine ties and hats…with images of pin-up girls hidden inside. I gotta say mine has gotten me some curious attention. :-3 The 10% discount code is


And finally, the outrageously popular “secret” sale site Gilt still has some bomb ties available at their Accessories Final sale. Need an invite? Look no further.

That’s it for now, lates gents.

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Like I’ve said before, ties are a great way to add a little (keyword being little) flare and color to your experimental streetwear or your old-fashioned formalwear. Ties with stripes are a tried-and-true means towards shaking up your ensemble. But, as with all things fashionable, not all striped ties are created equal, i.e. some designs are just STUPID.

1375 mens fashion

INFEASIBLE: Wide stripes with difficult colors

I can’t think of any colors that match okay – let alone well – with the green so prominent in this tie. This wouldn’t be so bad if the green stripes weren’t so wide – but alas. Take to heart how real of a problem this is: ties are, while good for altering an ensemble slightly, still need to match your shirt, suit, or at least some other accessory. This tie will stand out for sure, but in a confusing and frustrating way.

1368 mens fashion
Band of Outsiders Outlione Stripe, Natural/Windsor/India

Feasible: Thin stripes with colors easy to match

Now this Band of Outsiders is a piece of cake to rock. The almost-ivory white goes with off-blacks, blues, dark grays, etc. and the thin blue-black stripes can only make such matching even easier on the eyes. Ahhhh correspondence, what a tasteful property!

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Jon Gosselin

gallerymain1112jongosse mens fashion

Oh look, Jon’s back! Still hasn’t invested in a decent image consultant, have you Jon? Because if you had a decent image consultant at your disposal, then you wouldn’t be wearing an oversized suit jacket, a ruffled collared shirt, and an ugly purple tie covered in phallic images. Seriously, Jon, I’d even be your image consultant at this point; send me an email if you can come to your senses for five minutes. <3
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Lesson #81: Bow ties are always in fashion

36761 mens fashion
10431107popup mens fashion
Hanauer Black/Cardinal Plaids, Bow Tie Club Black Casablanca

INFEASIBLE: Drab colored bow ties/Neon colored bow ties

Bow ties have always been and will continue to be a necessary accessory. A bow tie works best with a nice white shirt and can easily turn into the focus point of your outfit – that’s not always a good thing however. Given that the world is filled with retards and off-kiltered designers, we get to enjoy a plethora of harrowing bows. On one end of the fuck-up spectrum is really drab bow ties like the Hanauer above. Experiments like these miss the point of how a bow tie demands presence.

At the end of the spectrum are bow ties like the BTC one: incredibly loud and glaring pieces. While, yes, a bow tie always demands attention, it’s still just a small portion of the surface area of your outfit. Here’s an analogy: Ever see an action movie play on a little iPhone screen? Well, the same kind of claustrophobia happens with bow ties like the LaVeyan one above. Don’t do it.

ww195lg mens fashion
Royal and Black Basketweave Formal Bow

Feasible: Deep and lush colored bow ties
Ah yes, marvelous. If every man bought one of these ($55 as of 7/28/09), the world would be a much handsomer place.

Need to learn how to tie a bow tie? Look no further.

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