Women’s Fashion Advice – Don’t Forget the Denim

In case you missed it, one day last month, April, marked the 15th celebration of Denim Day, an annual violence prevention day focused on raising awareness about abuse and violence against women and children. Working to get everyone talking about such an important topic, many sponsors including Dasha Wellness & Spa, Moroccan Oil, and D.I.D Nail Paint helped put together an incredible event.

There’s a reason we practically grew up in denim pants, they’re stylish, they go with anything, and they are pretty durable. No matter if you ripped them, cuffed them, or turned them into shorts- we’re betting jeans were and still are a major part of your wardrobe.

While studies have shown that leggings are officially the new ‘it’ item for young girls who have strayed away from jeans in favor of ‘athleisure’ pants (yes there are studies done about what type of pants young girls are wearing!). We don’t believe denim is a passing fade (despite the sale of leggings sky rocketing) and aren’t ready to give up our favorites just yet.

So to honor the baggie pants of our high school days and skinny jeans of our weekends nowadays, here are our favorite ways to wear denim. With so many options, you can leave your workout clothes where they belong, at the gym!


1. As pants because there’s still something so great about a pair of jeans that fits just right. AG Adriano Goldshmied’s Stilt Roll Up Jean is the perfect pair for the warm weather with there laid back feel and skinny legged fit. Perfect to complement those new summer sandals you just bought!

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Cardigans Primer

INFEASIBLE: Cardigans with “attitude”
Attitude Clothing cardigan(From Attitude Clothing)

Cardigans are a simple, comfortable and refined clothing. Cardigans, like the one above, with red and black stripes shit on this notion. Unless you’re going to a punk concert or looking for a new way to lash out against your ascot-wearing parents, don’t even think about buying something like this.


Feasible: Cashmere cardigans
nice cardigan men

(Brought you by Nordstrom’s)

Soft, stylish, and a color that complements any t-shirts you could think to wear under it, this is one of the best cashmere cardigans I’ve come across. Bravo Theory.

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