Review of Dirty Velvet Sweater and Tee


In 2006, a design group was looking to produce a line of exceptional quality men’s clothing that used original graphics that would use “thought provoking imagery” in order to offer a creative alternative to the mainstream designs. That is how the brand “Dirty Velvet” evolved. Not only have the designers at Dirty Velvet made a product that is creative, but they have also developed a brand that is eco-friendly with fabrics that are made out of 100% organic cotton, which is grown without the use of pesticides or any other chemical growing substances.

ultra liver white t

One of my favorite Dirty Velvet t-shirts is the one advertising an fabricated Ultra Liver for those that have worn out their livers from partying hardy. The plain white t-shirt is the perfect background for the comical graphic of a cartoon surgeon offering up your new organ, which comes with free installation and a lifetime guarantee.


It’s a solid print that won’t disappear with multiple washes, which makes it well worth the the price of 25.95 Euros. I can think of a few wine-attendant friends who would get a kick out of it as a gift!

top hat dark charcoalAnother great, irreverent top from Dirty Velvet is the Top Hat Dark Charcoal Sweatshirt. It is a comfortable cotton long sleeve that comes in a trendy charcoal grey color with a ribbed crew neck, cuffs, and waist. The graphic design on this shirt is all about the Dirty Velvet brotherhood that is a clothing line for rebel gentlemen, symbolized by the English top hat. The theme of this particular men’s sweatshirt will definitely spark some interest in this “cheeky” brand. The Top Hat sweater is a little more expensive at 46.95 Euros, but you are also getting more shirt for the money.


If you are curious about what Dirty Velvet has to offer for your wardrobe, check out Dirty Velvet’s store and see the witty and innovative t-shirts and pull-overs to add a little humor (and salt!) to your casual-wear!

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Successfully rocking the band t-shirt

There are times when decide to keep my style simple, and in the summer there is no better look than the band t-shirt paired with a pair of jeans, or weather permitting a pair of shorts.

From Chace Crawford to Sam Worthington, the band t-shirt is a popular look among celebrities and one that anybody can pull off… all you need is your favorite band t-shirt.  You can either pick up a t-shirt at a gig or there are plenty of online retailers selling band merch and t-shirts, which are ideal choices if you can’t make the concert or want to buy a Led Zeppelin t-shirt based on their 1969 tour design.

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