Hot Fall Trends for Men – for Under $100!


Updating your look for fall need not entail a huge departure from your tried-and-true style, nor cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some of the hottest looks straight from the runway, and a few items currently available for under $100.

The Color of the Moment: Grey

This versatile hue was seen all over the runways. It’s not new, per se, but the way it was styled – coupled with several other shades of grey in the same look – was what brought it into this year and made it look fresh and modern. From casual tracksuit bottoms, to the most formal three-piece suits, you can rock this trend whatever the occasion calls for. Try these Citizens of Humanity jeans from Saint Bernard in coal.

Crop Your Pants

Don’t be shy – pick a trouser style that reveals a little ankle. This fad can be sampled whether your pants are tailored or the uber-hot wider leg – just make sure the hemline is about an inch over your ankle. If you attempt to go higher than that, you’ll risk a venture into capris-land.


Combine Your Knits

An easy way to stay properly attired in all types of weather is to layer your clothing. Lucky for you, this style also hits on a trend seen on runways for fall/winter 2015. Designers did not hold back when adding one sweater on top of another. Give it a shot with a thinner turtleneck sweater such as this one by Ted Baker topped with a chunkier knit.

Squares Squares Everywhere

If you’re interested in experimenting with some hot prints and patterns, this four sided design element was seen everywhere from Ferragamo to Armani, especially prevalent on outerwear such as knits and overcoats. You can go for a subtle approach, with squares of the same size that are just slight hue variations of one another, or go bold like a contemporary painting with bright blocks of red and blue in different sizes.


Footwear: The Chelsea Boot

Instead of sticking with basic black, why not try a leather Chelsea boot for the cooler months? Whether in beat-up suede or high-sine leather, these styles match perfectly with slim jeans and a T-shirt or knit to take a casual look to the next level.

Loose Trousers

Men who have felt uncomfortable with the slimming down of pants noticeable on all designers’ looks in more recent years will breathe a sigh of relief to know that this trend seems to be reversing. In collections across the board, pants were much looser in cut as well as being higher waisted.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Answer The Ultimate Question In Underwear

When it comes to getting dressed each morning, we get ourselves into a routine that usually consists of rolling out of bed and grabbing the first thing we see. If you happen to be the type who is so laid back that you couldn’t care less about wearing odd socks or a creased shirt, now is the time to reconsider your morning routine.


Now we live in the 21st century, men are becoming more aware of their appearance and self hygiene which is a good step towards greater confidence and luck with the ladies. Comfort is the ultimate factor you must consider in order to assert your confidence. So the question is: do you wear boxers or briefs?

It is no secret that men often find it difficult to get their hands on underwear that is comfortable, durable and not to mention, stylish. While boxer shorts have always seemed like the ‘cooler’ option of underwear for a man to wear, briefs are also battling it out and becoming a popular choice among men of a variety of ages. 

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63. Summertime + Suits

INFEASIBLE: Chino-based suits.

(From Banana Republic)

I know what you’re thinking these days. Sure, it’s getting close to the summer and you wanna be cool and slick looking when the sun’s a-shining high and the birds are making it with the bees. That’s fine, hell, that’s what you SHOULD be thinking. But you might also be thinking, “Hey. I tend to associate the material wool with winter – so why would I wear a wool suit during the summer?” BR is prying on this line of thought with this cotton/khaki suit, and fuck, you might have fallen for this trap. Guys, if there’s something to ever snub in the fashion world, it is a chino-based suit. That and a 100% polyster getup. Both REEK of Miami Vice.

Feasible: Light wool, light color

(Brought to you by Bluefly)
Here’s a little known fact: wool breathes. Air passes through strangs of wool, thus providing ventilation of sorts. Sure, cotton breathes too, but wool always looks good. And wool doesn’t shrink. And wool isn’t CHEAP (I went there). As for making this Ted Beaker a little more festive (yeah, I know, my love of gray isn’t universally revered), try having the breast pocket unsown and sticking in a cheerful pocket square. “Which pocket square?”, you ask. Just you wait and see.

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