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Women’s Fashion Trends – Summer’s Sexiest DIY Looks

Summer is still here, and that means there’s still time for fashion divas everywhere to don their sultriest summer looks. Whether you’re poolside, dancing with the girls or out on a dream date—all you need is creativity and resourcefulness to be the belle of the ball (or beach) this summer. Grab your best pair of scissors and get ready to DIY dive into the rest of your chic summer.

Tee With Lace Details

7959394 195x300 womens fashion


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Musings on Men’s Fashion: Don’t forget about Edwin Jeans

edwin mens fashion
Edwin Jeans might seem like a new competitor on the jeans scene but quite the opposite – The Edwin Jeans brand has actually been trading since as far back as the 1940’s. In 1947, Edwin started out selling its goods outside the factories of Japan…a practice they continue still. But the brand has had a huge impact throughout the world, the Edwin Jeans brand were given a makeover in the 1990’s and are now churning out some great designs like the “Old Man of the Sea’ tee depicted above. Gotta love some merch that reminds you of Hemingway.
At the end of the day, I think Edwin Jeans represents a brand that hasn’t forgotten its roots and one that stands proud of its reputation for quality. I mean, their jeans are still made with a heavy 16 ounce demin – who does that these days? I wish I still had my 503’s from college…anyway, check out their site and see for yourself the variety of designs to be had.
And despite what haters may have to say, we only talk about killer jeans here. :P
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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of a Farofa Nation Tee

A few days ago, I got a piece of merchandise – no, not of the contraband variety, unfortunately – to review. It was a tee made by the company Farofa Nation, who’s shtick is making “t-shirts with a conscience.” Evidently they’re all about giving back at Farofa: 10% of sales are contributed to TASK BRASIL, an organization devoted to helping “street kids” (read: disenfranchised youth) in Brasil. I totally support companies that donate to causes or whatever, but not if its product line blows.

farofanation1 mens fashion
Fortunately, the people at Farofa Nation know how to make a damn good tshirt. Not only is the “Join The Army: Tank” piece 100% cotton and form fitting, it also comes with a pretty nifty and topical cartoon for the graphic. And no, it’s not a shitty print job (see below).
img0291r mens fashion

To give the shirt a full and proper review, I took it upon myself to wear the tee for three days straight (minus time for showers and loveage), both with collared shirts and by its lonesome. It worked swimmingly in either case. As for color issues, the cool green wasn’t stained by beer and taco juice pills, and it also survived the laundry unscathed. All in all, it looks like Farofa Nation is doing a bang-up job, both in terms of tee design and global village-minded manufacturing. Check them out at FarofaNation.com

farofa3 mens fashion
(this is me smelling the tshirt after the wash, or using it as a face blanket, or perhaps even as an H1N1 mask. You decide which sounds cooler and get back to me)
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39. Red and black on shirts

INFEASIBLE: Red shirts with black designs
shirt 01 red back mens fashion
(From Vices Admire

Black on red is just an eyesore. It’s especially bad when the designs are text – why would you ever want to make reading your company’s name a headache-inducing experience? Sheesh.

Feasible: Black shirts with red designs
minizoom mens fashion
(Brought to you by Threadless

This is one of my all time favorite shirts. A bit macabre, but the design is hot and look at how those blood-flowers stand out on the black background! I’m gushing.

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35. Further comments on gimmicky t-shirts

INFEASIBLE: Zombie-referencing shirts
ZombifiedState666 mens fashion
(From Fearwerx
Wearing something that refers to zombies, Dawn of the Dead, feasting on brains, etc. is a very small step up from shirts with World of Warcraft dragons and shit on them. Yes, zombies are awesome; yes, they conceptually embody the terror of mass-consumerism in late capitalism – don’t talk about such things through your clothes.

Feasible: Los Angeles Coroner shirts
LF 1034 01 mens fashion
(Brought to you by Skeletons in the Closet)

Hey, I didn’t say all morbid stuff was off-limits. If you’re going to go gimmick for a day, this is something I could get behind.

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7. ABCs about t-shirts

INFEASIBLE: Nintendo decal/reference t-shirts

023227GATSc mens fashion
(From Old Glory)

Nerdy fashion ain’t fashion at all. Get the hell out of that racket, Old Glory.

Feasible: Well-designed decal t-shirts

Angel redux detail mens fashion
(Brought you by Enclothe)

T-shirts that show some artistic merit, however, are far from nerdy and go very well under an unbuttoned or semi-buttoned dress shirt. Enclothe has a lot of quality/morbid shit on their t-shirts, e.g. above, and it’s also run by a goon – definitely check it out.

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