Lesson #116: Hoodies

Hoodies, a key ultra-casual wintertime item. But did you know how fashionably precarious they can be? Oh yes, much trades on the color, material, branding, the shape of the hood, etc. – your reputation could be at stake. Better keep reading, gents…

Nor Cal Nautical 2 Hoodie
INFEASIBLE: Thin hoodies featuring bad branding choices
First and foremost, a hoodie’s got to have some thickness to it. Insulation from the elements during a jog, cigarette break, or quick trip to the supermarket is what necessitates some hoodie action. A piece like the above Pacsun would hardly protect you from a light gust, let alone the wind tunnel audaciousness I’ve had to brave lately. But check what else this piece gets wrong: placing a big, bright yellow version of their logo right above the heart on a black piece. A pretty foul color match if you ask me. And what shape does this fit anyway? It’s ambiguous.

Sergio Tacchini Sportswear Dallas Hoody
Feasible: Hoodies that fit form and use color tastefully

Here’s an item that gets it right. The hood is tight, the general shape is form-fitting, and logo is small and of course matches the tasteful green. By the way, this men’s Dallas hoody from Sergio Tacchini is exclusive to online merchant, JD. Some other nice features of the piece: a press stud fastening kangaroo pocket on the front, metal tipped drawstrings, branded metal eyelets and ribbed cuffs. Quality. If you’re looking for fitted hoodies, try looking at Macys with these coupons.

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Lesson #88: Sweatshirts aren’t meant to be fashion statements

Continuing on my winter wear advice kick, let’s talk about the do’s and the don’t’s (that’s a weird word, huh?) of sweatshirts.
Purple Ezekiel Monza Zip Hoodie
INFEASIBLE: Sweatshirts for KiDz!
Okay, I’m going to assume very few teenage boys read this blog – if you happen to be one, GO DO SOME HOMEWORK AND DON’T ANSWER WHEN THAT DRAFTER FROM THE LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE COMES A-KNOCKIN’. Anyway, you men out there should know better than to be seen wearing something so colorful and teeny-boppery outside when the snow falls and the winds blow. Seriously, don’t give in to your Inner Child this time around.

Splendid Always Long-Sleeve Hoodie

Feasible: PLAIN sweatshirts

Nobody thinks sweatershirts are fashionable; really, the purpose of one is to keep you warm without being overbearing. And no, you don’t need big old pockets – unless you’re a drug dealer or something – and I’d wager most people only wear sweatshirts these days on their jogs or when they step outside for a moment. I know I’ve never been terribly fond of them.

Point is: Don’t try to make a fashion statement with your hoodie, dude – just keep it simple like with this plain Splendid Always.

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