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Designer Eyewear for Every Man In 2015

Sunglasses are not only a form of eye protection to shield you from the sun’s rays, but they also can make a great fashion statement. You choose sunglasses that reflect your personal style as an accessory to your clothing. In Sunglasses Shop’s men’s sunglasses section,  you will find a selection of designer men’s sunglasses that will fit any taste.
persol sunglasses
One of my favorite pairs of sunglasses from the Sunglasses Shop is the Persol sunglasses. The light brown tortoise, rounded frame compliment the light blue lenses nicely and it is a throwback to the 1960’s, but has the modern technology of Persol’s Meflecto system that prevents any head pressure with the fit and also an anti-reflective coating within the blue lenses. For 193 Euros, you get a lot of style for your money.
Paul Smith Clarefield
The next pair is the Paul Smith Clarefield, which have a retro vibe with the rounded metal frames and the mocha colored lenses. These ones are handmade in Italy for 199 Euros and are for the guy who loves a little John Lennon or Ozzy Ozbourne style.
Prada Aviator
For the classic aviator lover, the Sunglasses Shop has the Prada Sport 50P which takes the traditional Aviator style and makes it a little sportier with the rimless frame and the tan colored, graded lenses. They are a look that never goes out of style and the light color is a great summery style for 162 Euros.
Dior Homme
Last, but not least is the Dior Homme Black Tie 181s. This particular pair of sunglasses is more of a bold look with the thicker black acetate frame with brushed metal sides and grey lenses. Also, with the addition of the rubberized inner arm pieces, you can personalize your fit. This style is for the guy who wants more if a collegiate look and at 215 Euros it is a little more expensive, but it is also Dior.

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7 Winter Eyewear Trends

Winter 2015 eyeglass trends are a study in contrasts. This season, we’re seeing a unique interplay between the subtle and the loud, the ultra-modern and the classic stalwarts, the fashion-forward and the utilitarian. Every look has its own unique little twist or charm, and is bound to add something extra to every outfit. Below, check out seven eyeglass trends that are truly captivating this winter.


  1. Blue Period

Blues of every shade, texture, and opacity are huge this season. We’ve seen everything from speckled azure tortoise shell, to translucent blueberry, to bright, creamy, sherbet-blue hues. This is a particularly great trend because nearly all shades of blue can act neutral, meaning the more traditional types and the fashion-forward can dive into this aquatic trend and find something to love.

2.  Beyond the Pale

The biggest color trend this season is, well, a little light on the color. Translucent specs are all the rage, especially those tinted with the barest hint of color. From peachy-tans to delicate slate-grey shades, pale frames with a crystal finish are absolutely everywhere. Not enough for you? Translucent frames in bright red are also making a splash, perfect for those who like the crystal look but want to stand out just a bit more.


  1. Dramatic Shapes

While the colors may be muted this winter, the frames themselves certainly aren’t. Although the oversized trend has been popular for a while now, glasses are also taking a turn from the architectural. Dramatic peaks at the temples, angular accents and high brows are just some of the stand-out looks we’ve seen.

  1. Go Retro

This winter, retro frames—much like winters past–have been all the rage, again. Although cat eye glasses have been popular for ages, this year they’re more sculptural — and brighter — than ever before. Not content with a gentle sweep at the temple, winter’s cat eyes peak dramatically and come in show-stopping shades, like Pantone’s trendy marsala hue. The structured look of the 40’s is also making a comeback in the form of brownline glasses. With black or tortoise shell frames on top and thin gold rims on the bottom, this sophisticated look will pull together any outfit — and turn heads.


  1. Trippy Terapin

Tortoise shell glasses are perhaps the most classic look around, but even this old standby is getting turned on its head this season. Eyewear designers are creating the tortoise shell effect with a wild range of colors, like marbled purples and browns, blues and greens, and red and black. This style is a great way to brighten up your look in the doldrums of winter, and these bright blends will also look perfect with all your spring and summer outfits, too.

  1. All Angles

Round frames have been dominant for the past few years, but this season we’re seeing more and more specs with an angular edge. Although large, square-shaped glasses have been the most popular frames we’ve seen, narrow, rectangular shapes are also gaining ground, showing that there’s always room for the subtle and understated in every collection.

  1. Sporty-Chic

Sunglass-inspired optical glasses are another unique look for winter. Sleek frames with a gentle curve, aviator shapes, and detailing on the arms, like colorful stripes and cutouts, all make us think about our favorite sunnies. Of course, having a pair of the sunglasses in the winter is essential, too — just because you’re not at the beach doesn’t mean your peepers shouldn’t be protected while outside!

Liskula Cohen is a Canadian-born former model who has worked in New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, and Sydney, among other cities. She is the founder and blog editor of Front Row Eyewear. Find Liskula on Twitter: @Liskula

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Dharma Revelation Sun Sunglasses

If you have been anywhere near the winter snow storms this year, you long for days filled with sunshine and warmth.  However, even though the sun has been scarce, you should be protecting your eyes with sunglasses throughout every season of the year.  Even without the glare of the sun, the snow has its issues when it comes to vision.


Now, aside from the protection of sunglasses, they also make a fashion statement.  One such company that has a selection of stylish sunglasses is Dharma Eyewear Co.  Designed in Manhattan, this particular brand of eyewear is able to give you the choice of prescription and nonprescription sunglasses that will not empty your bank account. At Dharma Eyewear Co, they feel that everyone should have access to fashionable eyewear.


One of my favorite styles at Dharma is the Revelation Sun sunglasses. It combines the boldness of the acetate upper frame with a sleek, metal- trimmed square lower lens to produce a serious and intelligent look that is modern, but also gives a nod to vintage.  The Revelation Sun comes in a timeless tortoise brown, called “Roadside Coffee” or a solid black upper frame, which is the Onyx.  The complimentary colored lenses are constructed of a shatterproof polycarbonate material, are polarized with 100% UV protection, and have both an anti-scratch/anti-reflective coating.  The adjustable nose piece makes it a personalized fit.  As well as all the quality details put into every frame, one of the best part is that they are sold at the incredible price of $99!

Dharma Eyewear Co. also helps you to protect your investment with a NY designed flat-folding case and a microfiber cloth specifically for cleaning, in order to keep them safe from damage and in a condition that will last you for years to come.  Also, with every purchase of Dharma Eyewear there is a donation of 5% for those who cannot afford needed eye exams, which makes it a “feel good” purchase for you too.


Now, one huge question that is always on people’s minds, whether they are buying prescription glasses or sunglasses, is “Will they look good on me?”  Now, when you are browsing around an optical shop in person you have the ability to try on all the styles you want, but when buying online it can be a difficult choice.  At http://www.dharmaco.com/, they have solved that issue by implementing a virtual system using “Magic Mirror Software” that allows you to see an image of yourself with the frames that you have selected with the use of your own computer’s webcam. It works great, as long as you follow the full set of directions at their Virtual Try-on page. Honestly though, with a few easy steps, you can take and compare up to 4 images side by side at a time, making buying glasses online a breeze. Best part? You can even share the images on your Facebook profile, getting your friends green with envy before your new Dharma’s even show up in the mail!

Post brought to you by Dharma Co.

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Go Wood: Sunglasses for a New Wave

Men’s sunglasses have been a functional and fashionable item for decades.  Not only have the styles come and gone, but the materials have also changed with the times.  Given the drive for more eco-friendly products that will help to preserve our environment, it is only natural that sustainability is now also an idea in eyewear design, specifically in the form of Go Wood wooden sunglasses.

go wood beach

Go Wood’s wood sunglasses collection consists of stylish eyewear which are produced with exceptional quality wood that includes bamboo, oak, and cherry.  They are a unique and eco-conscious counterpart to the plastic and metal sunglasses designs, each assembled by hand and including polarized lenses for crisp vision in all kinds of situations.  The makers of Go wood sunglasses even ship each pair in their own engraved wooden box, to protect you purchase. You also have a very convenient 7 day return policy that states “no questions asked”, as long as they are in an undamaged condition.

matt-black1-god-wood-sunglassesOne very popular pair is the Ray Ban-looking bamboo wood sunglasses Los Angeles Matt Black Sunglasses.  Since the price for these unisex style sunglasses are $49 and the other sunglasses in their website shop range from $89 to $119, the “Los Angeles” is by far the biggest bargain for the same quality sunglasses.

If you are looking for something that a little more playful, Go Wood also creates a vibrant red and blue skateboard sunglasses for $119 each.  Who says that you have to give up fashion to being environmentally responsible?  With this selection of wooden sunglasses from Go Wood, you can have both.

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Win a $100 pair of sunglasses of your choice from Woodzee!

This week we’re giving away a pair of $100 or less sunglasses, care of Woodzee. Best part? You get to pick which pair you want! Here’s the full sunglasses collection.

woodzee_forestAlpine Pear Wood Sky Blue Dip - Bronzewoodzee_beach

Woodzees, besides making quality accessories, also standout for their interest and investment in acting green. “Feel good about recycling and get 40% off your next Woodzee product. We accept broken items… if they’re in good shape, we’ll donate them to a person in need. If they are thrashed or have your widdled initials in the arm, we’ll recycle them or reuse the metal parts and grind the old wood for packing material.”

To enter our contest, just use the widget below to follow Woodzee on Twitter! Very easy. Restrictions are:

+ All the limited editions styles are not part of this promotion.

+ The $100 can’t be use as credit towards a more expensive pair.

+ Open to US residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to everyone!


BigSweeps.com – Sweepstakes & Contests


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Men’s Fashion Review – Oakley Holbrook Matte Black Sunglasses

When talking about eyewear, Oakley is one of the very familiar names in the industry. The company was started by a man named James Jannard in 1975, out of his own garage. He started out selling his equipment designs to the motor-cross community, then, he expanded his sport-oriented items to the ski slopes.

oakley holbrook

One of Oakley’s current sunglass styles is the Oakley Holbrook Matte Black Sunglasses. This particular style was developed by the merge of ideas from snowboarding superstar Shaun White and the creative directors of Oakley. And boy are they snow-cool!


The Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are a nod to the vintage styling of the original Oakley Frogskins, but they are the cooler cousin. The 1950’s/1960’s squared-off frame is flattering to most face shapes and is constructed of a stress-resistant material with lightweight “Plutonite” lenses, which filter the maximum amount of UV rays from the sun. The “black on black” is a classic look, but the Oakley Holbrook also comes with other lens colors like purple, orange, blue, green, and red for those who like the brighter fashion colors. My favorite aspect of these shades is the tiny silver details in the corners of the rims and near the hinges.


As for the pricing, the price tag of 95 Euros at www.sunglasses-shop.co.uk is equal to about $129 USD, so it is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to the Oakley brand name. From a fashion stand point, the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are the type of style that are for the sports-minded, as well as for those who just like to look cool around town.

Also, do check out Sunglasses-Shop’s current contest for a chance to win a VIP experience with Ferrari at the Grand Prix!

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Men’s Fashion Trends – The Timeless Style of Americana

When looking at the fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2014, you will see clothing and accessories in the red, white, and blue of Americana to be a hot trend for both men and women. In terms of its resurgence as a trend, Americana has never really gone out of style. It has been a staple in men’s and women’s fashion collections from designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren for years.


Some of my favorite Americana picks for men this year include both clothing and accessories. For clothing, there this polo t-shirt by Moncler that has a crisp white background, the collar and sleeves tipped in red and blue stripes, along with a larger diagonal stripe of red and blue for interest. It would go great with your favorite pair of jeans or a navy blue cargo short.


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