Men’s Fashion Spotlight: Samuelsohn’s 2012 summer collection

Samuelsohn is a menswear designer based in Montreal Canada, who has taken the founder’s drive to produce the finest possible menswear and managed to maintain that commitment to quality for the last 89 years. They are well known in the industry for using the most luxurious fabrics like cashmere, Italian silk, Merino wool, and Supima cotton, creating ageless clothing with the exquisite detail of hand tailoring.

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Looking good and staying cool in summer shirts

How can you look good and stay cool this summer? It’s harder than one might think; after all, a tank top might keep you cool, but you’d be pretty far away from what most would consider stylish. Likewise, a heavy button-down, long sleeve shirt might look great on a hot summer night, but if you’re sweating underneath, what’s the point? You don’t want to sacrifice comfort for style, but do you really want to look bad but feel good? Here are some tips for looking great this summer, but still staying comfortable and cool.

Men’s short sleeve, button down shirts seem to have a bad reputation. After all, they’re so practical for summer, but the traditional cut is boxy and unforgiving; it would make even the most toned of men look unflattering, at best. But the new men’s shirts that are coming out are not only well-tailored and fitted, they look great on most body types. If you want to buy a few of this new style of short sleeved button down shirts, look for one that is fitted; you don’t want billowing fabric around your torso. If you’re extra skinny, consider having the shirts you buy tailored to ensure a good fit. You can tuck your shirt in for more formal occasions, but it should also look great untucked; there shouldn’t be excess fabric hanging down too far down your legs. Banded cuffs on the sleeves are a new style, and though they aren’t everyone’s preference, they do a great job creating a tailored, clean look. Look for sleeves that are close to your arm size; you don’t want to choose something too tight (thus cutting off the circulation in your arms), but you want something that will accent your arms, rather than making your arms look like they are lost in swaths of fabric. This is especially important if your arms are muscular and you want to show them off.

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Staying dapper (informally and formally) this summer

The summer sun can challenge even the most fashion-savvy man, whether you are gearing up for a casual day at the beach or a summer evening dinner party. The warm summer temperatures may at first be a welcome change, but they also provide a logistical nightmare for a man who wishes to balance looking cool with staying cool.

A general tip about summer clothing is to be sensible. Dark colors or heavy fabrics, no matter how good they look in an air-conditioned changing room, will not be forgiving under the sun’s glare. One must also resist the urge to become uber-casual: while baggy shorts and flip-flops might seem like an easy choice, there is no reason why comfortable summer clothes cannot also be stylish as well. Also remember that cotton is your friend; a cotton t-shirt will keep you cool, allow airflow and help prevent unsightly sweat patches that can ruin even the most fashionable outfit.

If that general advice was not enough to help you organize your summer casual and formal wardrobe, here is an item-by-item checklist to help your maximize both the comfort and the style of your summer casual and formalwear.

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