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Lesson #111: Seersucker and you

Seersucker is a wonderful fabric that doesn’t stick to sweaty skin and actually helps with air circulation in the layers of an ensemble. Naturally, a variety of seersucker-based pieces are coveted during the summertime. But seersucker doesn’t work on every type of clothing, no sir.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Magnetic Money Clip,Brown,One Size
Jos A. Bank Executive 2-Button Seersucker Suit

INFEASIBLE: Suits made out of seersucker
Seersucker, despite being helpful and stylish, is hardly something to be used in formal wear. That’s why pieces like this executive suit send me up the wall: the naturally occurring wrinkles in the seersucker are casual and fun, but not sophisticated. A suit made out of seersucker is then a contradiction of approach, which maybe fun for a minute on a catwalk, but never appropriate for a board meeting.

MARC BY MARC JACOBS Fine Stripe Poplin Suiting Blazer

Feasible: Seersucker-ed sports coats
On the other hand, seersucker totally works for blazers. Check out this Marc Jacobs, which would be perfect for an outdoor lunch or a evening soiree in the Hamptons. Being both casual and functional in concept, blazers and seersucker are a great pairing.
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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Jon Gosselin

Oh look, Jon’s back! Still hasn’t invested in a decent image consultant, have you Jon? Because if you had a decent image consultant at your disposal, then you wouldn’t be wearing an oversized suit jacket, a ruffled collared shirt, and an ugly purple tie covered in phallic images. Seriously, Jon, I’d even be your image consultant at this point; send me an email if you can come to your senses for five minutes. <3
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Lesson #87: Gray suits can be hella sexy

Every man should have a gray suit given how they’re beautiful things. I like to think of them as elegant with a touch of the nontraditional. Of course, sometimes even beautiful things can go amok…

Topman Grey Slim Suit with Shawl Collar

INFEASIBLE: Grey suits with contrast collars

However, all gray suits are not created equal. For instance, this piece is kinda trying to be a tuxedo with its “experimental” contrast collar when, you know, it has no right to be. And for what it’s worth, gray doesn’t well with white as well as it does with black or navy.

Topman Light Grey Slim

Feasible: Slim gray suits with subtle black highlights
This is an amazingly simple yet striking getup. It gets all the basics right (2-button, mostly wool, etc.) and the little touches of black in the buttons and pockets really bring it to life (whatever that means, Ian). GO BUY ONE.

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65. More pocket squares love

INFEASIBLE: Green pocket squares

Kelly Green 16″ by Elite Solid
(From Wild Ties)

As promised, more wisdom on pocket squares. Here’s an easy one to compute: Don’t ever use a green colored pocket square. Sure, it might half-work with a pure white suit, but you’re not going to wear a bleached suit (unless you’re JT, respect) and it won’t go with any other kind of suit color.

Feasible: Your standard white linen pocket square

J. Crew White linen pocket square
(Brought to you by J. Crew)

A white pocket square, however, works with every imaginable suit color. Blue, navy, black, gray, white, red (but don’t you dare buy one) – it’s simple, it’s distinct, don’t get it dirty and learn how to fold it (see? Even Details can get it right).

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63. Summertime + Suits

INFEASIBLE: Chino-based suits.

(From Banana Republic)

I know what you’re thinking these days. Sure, it’s getting close to the summer and you wanna be cool and slick looking when the sun’s a-shining high and the birds are making it with the bees. That’s fine, hell, that’s what you SHOULD be thinking. But you might also be thinking, “Hey. I tend to associate the material wool with winter – so why would I wear a wool suit during the summer?” BR is prying on this line of thought with this cotton/khaki suit, and fuck, you might have fallen for this trap. Guys, if there’s something to ever snub in the fashion world, it is a chino-based suit. That and a 100% polyster getup. Both REEK of Miami Vice.

Feasible: Light wool, light color

(Brought to you by Bluefly)
Here’s a little known fact: wool breathes. Air passes through strangs of wool, thus providing ventilation of sorts. Sure, cotton breathes too, but wool always looks good. And wool doesn’t shrink. And wool isn’t CHEAP (I went there). As for making this Ted Beaker a little more festive (yeah, I know, my love of gray isn’t universally revered), try having the breast pocket unsown and sticking in a cheerful pocket square. “Which pocket square?”, you ask. Just you wait and see.

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