Bespoke Suit: 6 Steps to Looking Damn Sharp

Are you a man? If you answered ‘yes’ then you need at least one bespoke suitin’ your wardrobe that stands out. Whether it’s for the office or special occasion, all men need that one suit that makes them feel damn good when they put it on. With that being said, it doesn’t mean you have to go to your nearest Verace store or other overpriced boutique outlet. Bespoke means just that – bespoke to your body. If you’re concerned about the latest trends, then just bring a cut out to your tailor of choice and they will sort the rest out for you.

Bespoke Suit Process

Step One: Find a Good Tailor    

Seems pretty obvious, but finding the right bespoke suit tailor that can deliver might be harder than you think. So to be sure, ask family and friends and seek out a tailor with a good reputation. Word of mouth advertising can only be gained through quality workmanship and great customer service.

Step Two: Select Your Fabric of Choice

Once you have found your tailor then it’s time to select your fabric. Remember, you can choose something that is a little higher in quality as you aren’t paying for the brand name too. Ask your tailor to show you all the fabrics they have that are over 110 quality rating, as this rating is almost guaranteed to possess fine looking and durable attributes.

Step Three: The Fitting

Probably the most crucial step. Here it is important that the tailor applies his / her skills yet is able to openly communicate to listen to any suggestions or concerns you may have. After all, this is about you. Bespoke doesn’t just refer to the suit but the whole experience, which a good bespoke suit tailor should already know.

Here you should be telling the tailor that you would like your suit to fall on your shoulders, waist and shoes. This will mean less alterations before it fits perfectly and before you can take it home. There’s nothing worse than having a suit that is just that little bit awkward, especially when you are paying a decent price for it.

Step Four: DefineYour Style

If you’re not the most fashion conscious man, then opt for a more classic look and fit. A bespoke suit should increase your confidence, not the other way around. Make sure you are comfortable with the look. Be sure to discuss exactly how you want to portray yourself.

If you’re the trendy type, then find your inspiration in the latest fashion magazines and determine what is ‘trending’ at the time. However, as trends come and go – try to find something that won’t expire overnight. Do your research.

Step Five: Personalise

The beauty of a bespoke suit is that you can add personalised touches and make it look genuine and exclusive. Whether you opt for specific buttons or pockets, these finishing personal add-ons will be sure to impress your friends or work colleagues to leave a long lasting impression.

Step Six: The Final Fitting

This stage will require you to oversee every detail, and whatever questions you may have make sure to ask them. The tailor will at this stage ask you to try on the suit and will examine every nook and cranny to make sure the suits fits perfectly.

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How to dress the tall man

The primary goal one should have in mind when dressing the bigger, taller more proud man is highlighting the features which make him who he is.  Emphasizing the arms, legs and facial features isn’t that difficult if you’re experienced with your boyfriend or husband.  For those with neither, we offer these thoughts when dressing taller men in your lives.


What ‘suits’ them best?

Professional men shopping for big and tall men’s clothing should always choose checkered suits since they’re perfect for accentuating the height and broadness of the taller one.  Lighter shades tend to do taller men more justice than greys or blacks, while the shorter yet rounder man should concentrate on the opposite effect.

Anynon-matching suit in twill or tweed works perfectly when attempting to cut the vertical lines of the taller man’s silhouette, which is a plausible statement if you’ve ever seen NBA players make public appearances.  When choosing neckties, the general consensus will tell you to choose longer neckties if you’re over 6’3” tall, although what look is actually more your ‘thing’ takes practice and second opinions.

Boot cut works with everyone

Honestly, big and tall or short and round men cannot fail with boot cut jeans because they offer that sexy look without constricting those ‘sensitive’ areas.  Yes, with the perfect dress shirt and some Levi’s or Carhartt boot cut jeans, dressing well as a tall man or a shorter one, has never been easier with the options available today. Just make sure that you’re not dragging the ground or ‘wading’, as they say, because that throws your outward appearance into total discord.

For thinner individuals, make sure you concentrate on adding contour around the bottom as this will create the presence of just enough weight without making your rear feel uncomfortable.  Relaxed fit jeans with tennis shoes isn’t a totally bad look, although you’d be better off going for something that truly defines your features – like a slim fit perhaps.

Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t required by fashion police mandates to wear boots with boot cut jeans, although the shorter men may find that boots make their frames taller and could add leg contouring, too.  Always try to wear loafers with shorts during summer months and with khakis when possible.

Is dressing taller men too challenging?

Although some dressing tips may be too challenging to do without help, there are plenty that can be done with what you have in your home and with just a few spare minutes a day.  For one, are your pants just a little too short? You can turn them into shorts and save on buying extra clothes.  Not sure which shirts would go with certain jeans or khakis? Simply try several color combinations to get a general feel for what you’ll potentially look like.

There are many wardrobe tips for tall guys around the internet, so simply read and try them at home before going to purchase clothes alone. Additionally, you may entertain dragging your girlfriend, best female friend or mom into the mix and get feminine opinions.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Using Pinterest To Your Advantage

In the search for what is new and trending in menswear for Spring/Summer 2014, I always like to browse the social media site Pinterest, where you will get a sense of what is popular not only among the designers, but also among the buyers and wearers of men’s fashion.

j lindeberg ss2014 pinterest

This week, I found a few favorite picks that I would like to share. First, is an ensemble by J Lindeburg, who can be found at Nordstrom’s or, which consists of a leather motorcycle jacket that is done in a dark stone color with zippered accents. This style of jacket is an essential in any man’s wardrobe and the color is a great Spring/ Summer neutral, which will blend well with the season’s whites and khaki colors and is less of a harsh color than jet- black leather. The motorcycle jacket is paired with a tan shirt and matching khaki trousers, which are fitted and have a more modern ankle length. I also like the chocolate brown, patent leather lace-up oxfords that add some pizzazz and the silky brown scarf that adds an elegant flair.

Emporio Armani, Menswear, Spring Summer, 2014, Milan

Next, is an outfit by Emporio Armani: The thinner, white knitted mesh-like tank top and jacket may not be for everyone, but it is a fantastic way to have full coverage in the Summer, without the weight. If you are leery of the sheerness, then a grey or taupe tone would blend better with skin tones and make the sheerness less obvious. I really like the Armani pull-on white pants with the tie waist and also the grey leather, casual lace-up shoes.

MarkGiusti Spring Summer 2014 men’s accessories (2)

One of the two men’s accessories that caught my eye is this great canvas and leather, carry-all tote by Mark Guisti with the padded top handles and rope closure/shoulder strap, which is terrific piece for a day trip or an over-night.

jj surf loafer navy men's canvas shoes

The second accessory is this pair of JJ Surf Loafer Navy Men’s Canvas Shoes with the mixed shades of blue and floral interior for a great pair of casual kicks.

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Men’s Fashion Spotlight – Tom Ford: What’s New for Fall/Winter 2014

The designs of multi-award winning fashion mogul Tom Ford can be seen on almost any red carpet event. Formerly the creative director of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, he launched his own line of menswear in 2006. Along with menswear, Tom Ford also has a line of beauty products, eyewear, and accessories. He even ventured out of the designer world into the film industry with his film production company “Fade to Black”, with which he made his directorial debut in 2009.


Although we are only into the beginning of 2014, designers have been working on their collections for the Fall/Winter. We will be taking a look at what is new for Tom Ford’s menswear line-up. Since “black is the new black”, you will see it in many new items for Fall. For example, this black leather motorcycle jacket has the typical styling with shorter rise and the asymmetrical zipper, but it is brought into 2014 with the quilt-like stitching around the shoulders and the fur lining, which makes it a little more versatile in the wintery weather. A “column look” is created by keeping the same color from head to toe. The slim fit of the jacket and trousers make you look long and lean. Also, the highly polished black leather boots work back to the jacket nicely.

_tom-ford-fall-winter-2014-sweater and fur overcoat grey

Grey is another color that has remained in the forefront of fashion for 2013 and can be found in the Fall/Winter fashion for 2014. Tom Ford has multiple elements of grey with this chunky knit cardigan sweater, sleek grey dress trousers, and fur lined puffer overcoat.

_tom-ford-fall-winter-2014-blue suit

Unique colors and textures have also been carried over to the new season of menswear. This bright navy suit is a prime example of ramping up a traditional style with a color that is rich and intense, to set it apart from the sea of black suits out there. The v-neck knit sweater and high-top sneakers give the look a nice casual appeal.

_tom-ford-fall-winter-2014-embossed sports jacket

The last photo is an example of the importance of texture. This well-tailored, black Tom Ford suit is embossed with a velvet-type fabric. Even though he is dressed tonally, the embossing gives it added interest. Also, the tonal look of the jacket keeps it from being too “loud”.

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Lesson #87: Gray suits can be hella sexy

Every man should have a gray suit given how they’re beautiful things. I like to think of them as elegant with a touch of the nontraditional. Of course, sometimes even beautiful things can go amok…

Topman Grey Slim Suit with Shawl Collar

INFEASIBLE: Grey suits with contrast collars

However, all gray suits are not created equal. For instance, this piece is kinda trying to be a tuxedo with its “experimental” contrast collar when, you know, it has no right to be. And for what it’s worth, gray doesn’t well with white as well as it does with black or navy.

Topman Light Grey Slim

Feasible: Slim gray suits with subtle black highlights
This is an amazingly simple yet striking getup. It gets all the basics right (2-button, mostly wool, etc.) and the little touches of black in the buttons and pockets really bring it to life (whatever that means, Ian). GO BUY ONE.

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NEW FEATURE: Do You Up Nice (7/27/07)

Here comes a new feature us crackheads here at CE came up with, Do You Up Nice (DYUR). In it’s essence, the purpose of DYUR is to give personalized assistance to fashion-trodden men, one mook at a time. If this piques your interest, feel free to submit your info to the form which will available on the sidebar within the next few days.

Today’s subject: Cam

Height: Tall
Build: Muscular, fringing on explosive
Self-identified personality traits: Driven, boyish, habitual
Notable features: One nosy nose
Price range: Upwards of $160.00 USD

Cam is my good bud, so if I go a little hard on him all is good. That being said, Cam really needs some fucking help.

Being tall, he more options than if he were short, so that’s good. But he is freakishly muscular, which might be a problem with some more elegant (read: dainty) clothing. Finally, he considers himself to be driven yet a boy at heart but nonetheless a creature of habit. What I prescribe for Cam, then, is a CHEAP POWER SUIT and a BEACH OUTFIT, all of which will only put him back ~$160. NOTE: Not included in this getup is shoes – I’m assuming that this mook has a pair of decent, black oxfords (which I know he does from prior experience).

Power suit:
The bulk of his money, of course, is going to have to go towards the suit and the tie. Fortunately, Perry Ellis (yes, we can’t talk Arnold Brants) is having a sale with “Cam” written all over it:

Charcoal subtle stripe jacket: $49.99
Charcoal subtle strip pants: $19.99
Sage colored Alfani silk shirt (Macy’s): $14.99
English Repp Solid Tie (Ralph Lauren): $49.99

Beach Outfit
This one’s easy and dirt cheap, but it’ll work flawlessly.

Coving trunks: $12.00
Nat biege A-shirt 3-pack (Jockey): $17


Went a little over budget there, but only by a hair. There you go; go get sexified Cam.

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