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Men’s Fashion Trends: International fashion disasters!

When I was thinking about fashion disasters this week, I thought that I would see what I could find from other countries, as well as the USA. Bad fashion has a language all its own and speaks crystal clear, without saying a word.

I’m starting off in Italy, where beautiful design is as part of their heritage as is delicious food and find wine. However, this man does not fit the bill. I can understand the crisp white trousers with matching shirt, blue plaid jacket and solid necktie, but they lose me at the accessories. He might have been able to get away with the bright green Nikes, but having some silver wafers strung together to make a shawl doesn’t do a thing for me at all.


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Like I’ve said before, ties are a great way to add a little (keyword being little) flare and color to your experimental streetwear or your old-fashioned formalwear. Ties with stripes are a tried-and-true means towards shaking up your ensemble. But, as with all things fashionable, not all striped ties are created equal, i.e. some designs are just STUPID.

INFEASIBLE: Wide stripes with difficult colors

I can’t think of any colors that match okay – let alone well – with the green so prominent in this tie. This wouldn’t be so bad if the green stripes weren’t so wide – but alas. Take to heart how real of a problem this is: ties are, while good for altering an ensemble slightly, still need to match your shirt, suit, or at least some other accessory. This tie will stand out for sure, but in a confusing and frustrating way.

Band of Outsiders Outlione Stripe, Natural/Windsor/India

Feasible: Thin stripes with colors easy to match

Now this Band of Outsiders is a piece of cake to rock. The almost-ivory white goes with off-blacks, blues, dark grays, etc. and the thin blue-black stripes can only make such matching even easier on the eyes. Ahhhh correspondence, what a tasteful property!

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70. Cardigans and you

INFEASIBLE: Striped cardigans

Rag & Bone Striped Cardigan
(From eLuxury)

Anything striped must look ironed or at the very least straightened. Lined shirts that are loose just come across as lazy or tired. So, naturally, a cardigan (the quinessential loose-fit and comfortable top type) was never meant to have bands on it. But hey, Rag & Bone knows what they’re doing, right? WRONG. Not having your buttons in the bottom half of the piece helps too, you know.

Feasible: Solid color cardigan

Generra mineral blue wool v-neck cardigan
(Brought to you by Bluefly)

Cardigans are best with either plain pastels or rich, vibrant hues. Very nice.

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54. Bow ties

INFEASIBLE: Bow ties with vertical stripes

(From BuyYourTies.com)

I’m of the school that vertical stripes, while amazing in concept, are rarely implemented well. And it’s NEAR impossible to get vertical stripes to work on a bow tie. They’re just too friggin’ small in area – doesn’t the one above look positively cramped?

Feasible: Black satin bow tie

(Brought to you by Lord & Taylor)

Back to basics, kiddos. This David Donahue will never do you wrong as long as you tie it right and wear it to the right occasion (entire posts within themselves, guess you’re just going to have to wait.)

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