Men’s Fashion Advice: Proper attire for sailing

As I was sitting at an outside restaurant beside the boat docks in Newport Rhode Island earlier this year, enjoying a drink with my spouse and subtly people watching, I was admiring a large sailboat that was being boarded by a group of people that had chartered it for the evening. With boating and yachting being a huge part of our culture from coast to coast, I thought I would write about the clothing and accessories needed for the serious pseudo-sailor.

Aside from eyeglasses being a crucial item – check out for some sweet deals – don’t forget the shoes. One name that always comes to mind when thinking about boating shoes is Sperry. The Sperry Topsider has been around for ages, but they have also evolved with the times. The Sperry “2 Eye Navy” still has the original white rubber sole with the navy leather upper and the leather laced grommets along the sides and the back. The topstitching matches the sole and the laces, while contrasting the dark leather nicely. This particular type is made in several different colors like brown, beige, and two-tone.

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