Men’s Fashion Advice – Chic glasses

Taking their cue from unlikely fashion icons Woody Allen, Andy Warhol and Malcolm X, thick-rim glasses are back. These bold frames are gracing the faces of today’s A-listers, from Justin Timberlake to Jay-Z, as today’s stars embrace the geek in their search for refined, statement glasses.

So you want to join the chic brigade? We don’t blame you. There’s just one thing – these are some seriously substantial frames, so you’re going to have to be bold to match. Here are our essential tips for finding the perfect thick-frame pair to suit you.

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – You can look good in glasses

Believe it or not, you can look good in glasses. Sure, you might look better with contacts, but eyeglasses can certainly match, or even enhance, a man’s face. There’s no better way to demonstrate this reality than by checking out some celebrities and their other eyes.

Johnny Depp looked damn collected and serious when he portrayed a character with prescription glasses in the movie The Ninth Gate. In fact, a lot of Johnny Depp’s characters over the decades donned glasses – and who has ever complained? No one of importance at least. The same goes to say for several of Ralph Fiennes’s characters, Jude Law’s, Sean Connery’s, etc…

Furthermore, as many other bloggers have pointed out, male celebrities wear glasses all the time out in public. At last year’s 2009 Emmys alone, the four gents above took the stage with eyewear (and not with trashy shades mind you). And it goes without saying: famous authors the likes Stephen King rock their bifocals for interviews and jacket pictures with pride.

So now that you see how glasses are not only acceptable but often chic, fear not the four eyes. There are plenty of brick-and-mortar places that carry stylish spectacles, and of course you can always check out glasses online. The point is that attractive, famous people rock glasses all the time and there is no shortage of eyewear catering to the needs of sophisticated men. Don’t be nervous to look smart!

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Lesson #108: Spectacles

Reading glasses, though largely a functional item to keep on your person, most certainly tell others of your sense of style. Sparsely put, you can totally blow it if you use a cheap pair to read your funnies in the park.

Optical Mini-Folding Glasses- EyeMagine- Gun

INFEASIBLE: Mini-folding glasses
Sure, it might seem like a good idea at first, but spectacles you can fold up and fit into your jean pocket only ever come in cheap, shoddy designs. I think this because if people cared enough about their appearance, they’d never store accessories in knocks and crannies (tangent: why am I sounding so British today?). If you choose to rock reading glasses over contact lenses, then please invest some thought into how to carry them around with you – for the record, I would go with a hard case in the jacket pocket.

Amy Sacks Bamboo Masa Collection Sun Reader

Feasible: Glasses with hand-crafted frames 
A pair of Amy Sacks tell a very different story: I give a shit about what I perch on the bridge of my nose. A pair of glasses crafted from a sturdy and stylish material like bamboo will get you noticed. It’s a good rule of thumb for spectacles, unlike in deminwear or sunglasses, that you get what you pay for –  these go for ~$125 while the mini-folding junk goes for about $15  (as of 4/16/10). Booya.
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