The Most Fashionable Players of Soccer

With great physiques, many athletes become fashion icons overnight but among other sports, soccer players are the most fashionable among their peers. They have become icons themselves, trendsetters, and even started fashion milestones.

Looking for fashion inspirations? Check out these fashion-forward soccer dudes.

David Beckham

Do we need to say more? David knows how to go beyond the perfectly fitted suits by changing his styles from the nerdy spectacle to a hoodie outfit. He also knows that a haircut can change your look right away. David is also not shy to experiment – remember him wearing a sarong?

Jose Mourinho

Jose has already finished his playing career but he has impressed people more as Chelsea’s manager and his looks. Dubbed as “ The Dapper One”, people love his taste for sleek and tailored suits. Jose knows how to work with this straightforward colors, suede shoes, and knitwear under his suit.

David Ginola

David Ginola is more than just one of the ten-highest paid soccer players of all time. He is one of the icons when it comes to dressing up. Can we take his being French as one of the reasons why he is naturally fashionable? True to an icon, David has a perfume and a fashion line under his name.

Sir Alf Ramsey

Sir Alf will not talk about style, but he unintentionally became a significant figure when it comes to fashion and sportswear. He has made his well-loved zip-up jacket into the mainstream clothing apparel. Such style is now immortalized by Umbro’s “Ramsey” jacket.

Ian Wright

The cool and hip English soccer play can shame any fashionista with his love for scarves, caps and just like any of his fashion picks. Dapper in his suit and cool in his casual jeans and shirt- Ian can get it right every time.

Eric Cantona

Fashionistas are those who are not afraid to take risk and be themselves. Many soccer players have made their own fashion statement and for Eric, it is the collar. When off the field, Eric looks dashing in timeless tailored suites. Until now, Eric is still a fashion favorite, gracing the covers of many magazines.


Claudio Marchisio

Being Italian, it didn’t come as a surprise that Claudio is not just good in kicking balls but when it comes to putting on clothes. His signature style is typically Italian and impressive. He mirrors the laidback and elegant appeal of his generation with his sunglasses and fitted shirts.

Thierry Henry

Named as one of the best-dressed players, Thierry is known for his pulled socks (over his knees) during his games. Off the field, he can carry on wearing a cardigan, street wear as well French classical suits.

Franz Beckenbauer

Named as “ Der Kaiser”, he is clamored not just for his playing prowess but also for his elegant style. A trendsetter and a bonafide fashion icon, Franz influences the fashion world through the years. Recently, Adidas made a clothing collaboration with the Hall of Famer.


Pepe Guardiola

Looking at Pepe, he seemed to have sprung out of a catalog. From well-tailored suits, Pepe pushes the limit when it comes to details and textured colors. Not too overly but simply stylish.

Masculine, stylish and pulled off effortlessly, leave it all to these soccer players. Take your pick and get inspired from them
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Lesson #112: Soccer Jerseys

The World Cup’s well underway and plenty of folks got the right idea of showing support for their country’s team by sporting a jersey. Sure, it’s a little contrived, but ultimately forgivable – as long as you put them away in the closet after the last whistle’s blown. But as with all things appareled, you should be careful and know what exactly you’re getting when you go searching for your fútbol fanwear.

International Soccer Jersey Shirts – Portugal World Cup Jersey T-Shirt
INFEASIBLE: Jerseys with prints
Screen-printing might work for t-shirt graphics, but they come off as tacky and flat on jerseys. This is simply because most jerseys, like the one above, are made from polyester and therefore give everything on them an extra dose of gloss. Fake fake FAKE.

Adidas 2010 Argentina Home Youth World Cup Soccer Jersey
Feasible: Embroidered jerseys
Embroidered insignias looks ten times better, don’t they? They give the piece some dimensionality and texture, even a look of uniqueness. Of course anything with embroidery is going to be more expensive than what comes with prints, but come on now, do you want to look the mook at the sport bars? Didn’t think so.
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