From the CE Mailbox: Work-wear worries

Dear CE,
I worry that wearing a tie and collared shit with slacks doesnt make me look “sirious” enough at work. Can u give some advice 2 me?

Thank u.
– Profesional? [sic]

Dear Professional?,

Spelling skills aside, your self-assessment is on the ball: wearing just a tie with a collared shirt (I hope you mean dress-shirt, not a polo shirt, otherwise you need SERIOUS help) and slacks ain’t going to make anyone respect you at work. From my experience in the corporate/office sector, only interns wear something like that, which is all well and good for such a lowly existence where respect is nothing but a faroff ideal. No, if you are employed a company (i.e. getting paid), you have to do better than that. My first suggestion is get a nice suit – check out my archives to see what (I think) that entails. But if you’re not sure if a suit jives with you or if you don’t have the money for one just yet, then a navy or gray sportcoat from Macy’s; something like this would work.


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