What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Tom Sturridge

Tom Sturridge, you’re no bohemian nor hippie. If anything, you’re looking like a hipster these days – that’s somehow even worse. Your hat laughable matches your beard, your chain looks like something from a pawn shop, and those sunglasses are straight out of the woman’s section at Urban Outfitters. Sienna, what were you thinking?!

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What’s Wrong With This Picture (8/8/07)

This Week’s Fuck-Up: P. Diddy

Mother always told me to never cross a gangsta, so Lord help me if Puffy gets wind of this.

By and large, I’ve come to notice that P. Diddy is utterly retarded when it comes to accessorizing. Not that this all his fault I bet, since the whole notion of “bling” often disagrees with the ideals of fashion. And, clearly, we know of his allegiance to the way of the gold and the gatt.

In any case, he’s been guilty of accessory mismatching before and this photo epitomizes it. First, he has this huge, awkward silver ring which, off the cuff, I can’t think of anything that would ever match that to begin with. But then he dons a big, gold amulet thing to ward off the ghost of Upac or something. And to top it all off, he wears big, brown aviator-esque sunglasses that maybe someone wearing a fly blazer or a nice t-shirt could pull off – but all he has at his disposal is this crappy oversized white tee. What a shame.

…Sienna Miller doesn’t look too fetching either.

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