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Spotlight: Designer Menswear from Haxby

While men’s fashion has gone through numerous changes over the years, quality construction never goes out of style. This is the brand philosophy behind Haxby Collective, a new menswear line created by Michael Dow and Timothy White.

haxby logo mens fashion

Haxby is all about creating contemporary menswear that lives up to the quality of past purveyors of men’s fashions. Savile Row, those iconic tailors that dressed the men of London in years past, is just one inspiration shared by Dow and White.

The resulting line is comprised of things like jeans, sneakers, and many great accessories guaranteed to turn heads. Unlike other contemporary men’s brands, Haxby insists on handcrafting all of their pieces, taking these common items and turning them into something unforgettable.

navy mid tops haxby 1024x630 mens fashion

Emphasizing Quality Over Convenience

The creation of the Haxby line involved extensive research that took place all over the globe. The results of this two year mission, which involved compiling only the best in raw materials and crafters, can be seen in Haxby’s debut pieces, which include many great items perfect for work or play.

Gorgeous materials are made even more stunning by the level of craft that goes into each piece. Unlike the automated processes that feature greatly in most clothing lines, the minds behind Haxby insist that all items are handmade. This results in a level of detail that must be seen to be believed.

Classic Footwear Gets a Boost

While most men’s footwear puts the emphasis on function over form, Haxby sneakers eschew a utilitarian aesthetic in favor of all-out class. This is wholly evident in the sleek cordovan leather used in construction, in addition to the hand-buffing that each pair undergoes before they are ready for sale. Each pair is meticulously crafted in Montegranaro, Italy, and features a classic design that can easily go from casual wear to more formal attire.

slim jeans palladium 1024x630 mens fashion

So Much More Than a Pair of Jeans

While jeans are a staple of many wardrobes, they don’t often possess that wow factor typically found in luxury clothing. Haxby has changed all that with their amazing line of hand-crafted jeans. Featuring a number of great styles, Haxby jeans are created from only the finest denim available utilizing the tried and true methods of quality garment creation. Even the accents are labored over, featuring hardware derived from precious metals and gems.

Accessories Complete the Look

Much like the rest of the line, Haxby really ups the ante when it comes to accessories. Belts are crafted in Switzerland and Italy, and utilize only the finest materials available. These include stainless steel, along with hand-cast gems. Haxby’s eyewear collection is also quite stunning, thanks to the keen attention to detail. All Haxby glasses come courtesy of Japan’s world-renowned Masunaga Optical factory, which entails a 200 step process to create just a single pair. The inlay is available in either a 24K yellow or white gold, serving as yet another example of Haxby’s devotion to detail.

Style, Beauty, and Quality in One Package

From head to toe, Haxby has what it takes to turn a lackluster wardrobe into a sight to behold. These introductory pieces are merely a sampling of what to expect from this up and coming menswear designer.

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How to Rock Grown Up Jellys

Lots of our old favorites are coming back with a vengeance: crop tops, mini backpacks, and, now, the jelly shoe. Not just for kids anymore, the jelly shoe is a great summer staple. You can get them closed toe or open and in an array of bright candy-colored shades.

Screen Shot 2014 06 25 at 5.26.26 PM mens fashion

We love the fun, colorful Hunter Original T-Strap Thong Sandals which come in shades like Lipstick (a pink, red, white combo) and Blue Lilly (which is orange, a bright blue, and a light blue). If you’re looking for a tropical feel, Melissa’s Harmonic Jelly is adorned with a big jelly flower perfect for the beach.

Screen Shot 2014 06 25 at 5.29.02 PM mens fashion

For the high end jelly wearer, many big name labels have created jelly shoes. From the Valentino Couture Bow Thong Sandal to the Melissa + Jason Wu ‘III’ Cutout Jelly Flat. Stuart Weitzman has even put his twist on the traditional jelly with the Glogladius a jelly sandal/gladiator shoe covered with Swarovski crystals. If you’re looking for caged jelly sandals and have $250 to spare, the Glogladius is certainly the shoe for you.

Screen Shot 2014 06 25 at 5.23.58 PM mens fashion

Kate Spade has created a ladylike yet trendy jelly shoe, complete with metallic accents and bow details. For an effortlessly elegant jelly, look no further than Jeffrey Campbell’s Jelly Love flat, a molded d’Orsay which comes in an arrangement of glittery colors from pewter to pink.

It’s apparent that the plastic jelly shoes of your youth have been elevated! Buy a pair to change up your summer wardrobe, or if you’re just feeling nostalgic.

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Travel Fashion Advice – Handling Overseas Travel in Style

Thanks to your corporate travel agent at http://www.au.fcm.travel or your last minute machine-guided nab on google.com/flights, your planes and itinerary are sorted, and now all you have to worry about is what to pack in your suitcase. Packing for overseas business travel doesn’t have to be a dreaded task to check off your to do list. In fact, with a little bit of planning and fashion finesse, packing for your business trip overseas can be a pleasant experience leaving you relaxed and ready to network in style.

Want to take everything but the kitchen sink? Ensure you don’t risk paying for overweight luggage by reading these awesome fashion tips

no iron cotton shirts womens fashion mens fashion

Fabrics and types of clothes to pack

When travelling for business, consider shirts and suits in wrinkle-free and stain resistant fabrics such as microfiber, non-iron shirts, and blended fabrics; TravelSmith’s selection is a pretty legit example. Selecting this type of clothing has the added benefit of being lightweight — they pack well and limit the option of checked luggage, which means less time in long lines at the custom desk. Your destination will dictate the type of fabrics you choose to pack. For winter climates think about outfits that contain wool or polar fleece: both types of fabrics will keep you warm. Cotton, linen, silk, and rayon are perfect choices for warmer climates.

Coordinates and accessorising

Business travellers should consider packing coordinates; for example, packing a wrinkle-free shift dress and combine it with a well-tailored blazer. This will easily transition from day to night: keep it professional: for day team a classic shift dress with a blazer; turn the same dress into effortless evening chic with a piece of jewellery or scarf for a networking dinner. Mixing and matching clothing is necessary when you want to maximise your luggage and your look.

Add style to your travelling wardrobe

Basics like black trousers or dresses are a classic look and you can keep it stylish with a pop of colour; for example, striped shirt for men or a floral print for women. Teaming basics up with seasonal trends keeps your look professional and on-trend. The same applies for suits, although pinstripes for men will work, you can’t go wrong with basic solid colours. Women can be on trend by throwing on a colourful scarf or wearing an elegant piece of jewellery.

closed tip low heel womens fashion mens fashion

Don’t forget the shoes

Fashion tips apply to all; a well-cut suit, two to three shirts, accessories: men should consider black and brown belts — a belt can also double up as a shoehorn. Pack a few pairs of shoes – just a few, and we fashion bloggers know it’s hard – something that will take you from the boardroom to the bar without compromising on professionalism or style. Women should wear closed–toe shoes to wear to meetings as well as a pair of low heeled shoes.

Getting to your business meeting doesn’t need to leave you crimpled and wrinkled; follow these fashion tips on what to pack for your next overseas business travel and you’re guaranteed to arrive looking your best.

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Men’s Fashion Trends – Men’s Designer Footwear for Spring/ Summer 2014

When it comes to Spring and Summer, it’s not only time to change out the wardrobes, but also time to take a look at what’s new in footwear. There is nothing worse than freshening up your clothes with a few new items and leaving your old, worn-out shoes to bring down the look.

jimmy choo ss2014 mens fashion

This year, some of the top designers have revealed their men’s footwear collections for Spring and Summer. The first pair is from the design house of Jimmy Choo. It is an update on an old favorite: The Boat Shoe. This iconic, nautical shoe style has been enhanced with a more textured navy leather upper and a dark stitching along the white sole for interest. I could see them with your favorite jeans and a white polo shirt.

Emporio Armani Shoes white lace ups 736x1024 mens fashion

Next, is a pair of light grey lace-ups by Emporio Armani. With these shoes, texture is the key to what makes them interesting. The thick white sole looks like it would make a comfortable walking shoe, but I probably would wear them with a darker trouser to make them stand out.

givenchy camo mens slip ons mens fashion

Another one of my favorites in a slip on shoe style is this brown, black, and orange camouflage pair by Givenchy. Camo is a huge trend in all accessories this year and these will be the focal point of any neutral outfit.

dolce and gabbana spring summer 2014 campaign ad men collection brown leather sandals mens fashion

One look in men’s Summer footwear that never seem to go out of style is the Gladiator-style sandals. This pair by Dolce & Gabbana offers plenty of foot coverage with the laced-up leather overlapping from the toes to the arch of the foot and leather heel support. This look would be a great pair of khaki cargo shorts or more dressed up with a pair of white linen pants.

david beckhams k swiss flip flops mens fashion

Lastly, if you are more of a minimalist when it comes to Summer footwear, then the David Beckham endorsed K-Swiss flip flops with the multi-colored rubber sole and black fabric thong straps may do the trick.

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Women’s Fashion Advice – Why to Buy Shoes Online

From retail stores to catalogs, boutiques and online shops, there are many ways to shop for the perfect pair of shoes these days. While some people prefer trying on shoes at retail stores to ensure comfort and fit, many consumers are now primarily shopping for shoes online.

peltz sandle 300x225 womens fashion

Online shops offer many benefits that brick-and-mortar stores simply cannot offer. Traditional stores have limited shelf space; they are often unable to carry extended sizes and a wide variety of colors in the same style of shoe. Online boutiques primarily work out of warehouses, so they can offer consumers a significantly larger range of sizes, styles and colors. When you shop online for shoes, you can pick up styles for the whole family in one fell swoop without having to visit multiple shoe boutiques in town. Most stores offer discounted or free shipping offers, and many online stores allow free returns also. You can try on brand new shoes in the comfort and convenience of your own home; you never know how many people have tried on those shoes before you at a brick-and-mortar shoe boutique.

easy street verona pump 300x136 womens fashion

Shopping at a one-stop-shop online store like Peltz Shoes makes the buying process a breeze. They offer a wide variety of well-known shoe brands in a variety of sizes and colors, and they carry everything from work shoes to hiking boots and athletic footwear for the whole family. They have been in business since 1957, and they are committed to providing top-notch customer satisfaction and sales service.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – How to Accurately Measure the Size of Your Shoes

All fashion freaks would have shopped for shoes online at some point of time. If you too love to smarten up your wardrobe every now and then, online shopping is something that you must consider. Whether you wish to purchase accessories or clothes, purchasing over the World Wide Web is an absolute delight. People also buy home décor over the internet. Another category of people who spend a lot of time on the Internet shopping are the shoe lovers.

brannock device 300x292 mens fashion

The kind of range that retail stores operating over the Internet offer is overwhelming. You will easily find almost all footwear brands online. Be it a pair of sneakers from Converse or a new flip-flop design recently introduced by a particular brand, the Web lists it all.

While most aspects of online shopping are a cakewalk, there is one thing that can make it seem difficult at least initially. What if you are purchasing shoes from a retailer on the web and you have no clue what you shoe size is? Won’t this irritate you? Definitely it will.

It is important to know your exact shoe size so that you do end up purchasing a pair too big or small. A shoe that is even a bit bigger or smaller than your actual shoe size will feel uncomfortable. You won’t be able to walk properly in inappropriately sized footwear.

Measuring Your Foot Size Correctly

Even if you are unaware of your shoe size, there is something that can be done about it. You can easily measure your foot size at home and compare it to the size charts available online to find your actual shoe size for various brands. The following are some instructions that you should follow for measuring your foot size:

  1. Collect Material: You will be requiring a blank piece of brown paper, pencil, ruler, sticky tape and some water. In case you do not have a ruler at home, you can also use a measuring tape. The brown paper that you will be using must be bigger than your feet.
  2. Imprinting: Now, you will need to take imprints of your feet. For this, stand on the brown paper with wet feet. In case you want a more accurate measurement for your shoe size, you should stand on the brown paper wearing wet socks. Press your feet firmly on the brown paper so as to get perfect impression. While taking the print on the brown paper, the shin should be a little ahead of the ankle. Another thing that you must remember while taking the impression is that you shouldn’t curl your toes at all.
  3. Outlining: Once the imprints have formed on the paper, immediately draw an outline for them. Do this before the impression dries out. If you can’t trace well, take someone’s help. However, make sure that the outlining does not alter the actual imprint of your foot.
  4. Measure: Having outlined the imprints of your feet, you should now pick the paper up and keep it on the table. Begin by measuring the length of the foot. Thereafter, measure the breadth. Do this for both the feet because the two feet might measure slightly different from each other.
  5. Check Online: Once you have the measurement of your feet, you can easily obtain your shoe size online. Mostly all shoe retailers, such as Zelen shoes, who operate from the Internet, make available a size chart that can used to determine the shoe size that you should purchase. The best thing about online shoe size charts is that they are quite detailed.

Every size chart, for example, converse sizing chart, comes with footnotes that you must read before you make a purchase.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – How to Find the Best Shoes and Prices Online

Finding the best place to buy shoes and get the best prices is something that every single family and individual should consider when they are planning their wardrobe. Whether they need new shoes for the new season or need new shoes that are going to help them play a sport or run/walk the buyer must be able to purchase in a place that is going to help them to get a good price. Without the best pricing and fit, it is hard for people to enjoy their shoes and enjoy the activities that they partake in in their shoes.

G17100 300x300 mens fashion


Buying shoes for sports is a very big market. Most people who need shoes need them for a sport that they have played their whole life or for a child who is playing for the first time. Without the right shoes, it is hard for kids to feel comfortable and learn the game. Moreover, kids can grow rapidly, and they must have a chance to be in shoes that fit their foot all throughout these season even if they are growing multiple times during the season.

The best way to get the right shoes at the right price for kids is to make sure that those kids are getting shoes that they can grow into. With the help of a wise staff that knows how to help people pick the right shoes, everyone in the family can have shoes that will work for the sports that they enjoy playing. Otherwise, kids will always be uncomfortable in their shoes because they are going to feel like the shoes are just never the right size for what they need.

140064F 300x300 mens fashion


When choosing leisure shoes for the family, it is very hard for the family to get the right shoe for everyone if they cannot shop in a place that is not filled with all of the sizes and styles that they need. Not only must the family be able to choose from a variety of styles, but the family must be able to choose the shoe that fits their price range as well as fits their feet.

When the family can purchase shoes on a budget and get the right sizes for everyone, they will find that everyone is more comfortable whether they are playing sports or wearing the shoes around the house. In the store with the best selection and prices, the family gets more than value, they get comfort.

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