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Women’s Fashion Advice – How To Master Prints

Utilizing prints is one of the best ways to add depth, intrigue, and a personal touch to your outfits. If you aren’t sure where to start, stripes and polka dots are the neutrals of the print world. Supremely easy to incorporate into any kind of ensemble—they go with almost everything, including other prints (you can never go wrong mixing polka dots with a floral! Or stripes with polka dots.). For those in need of inspiration, J Crew has some excellent examples of how to wear prints.

Picture 1


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And the winners are…

MrLuckins and Dan! Each get an oxford shirt courtesy of Onassis Clothing for their respective comments:
I’m a pretty tall guy so most stores don’t carry suits in my size, which isn’t a big deal since I can usually get them for a discount online and have them tailored to fit.
What IS a big deal is asking a sales associate if they carry suits in my size (you know, on a whim) and having them respond “Urgh, no we’ll never carry that size because it’s quite disproportionate and only YOU would buy it.” Ouch.

I hate salespeople who know less about fashion than I do, but try to present themselves as the end all, be all of fashion.

Thanks to everyone for playing and keeping reading to learn about the next cefashion contest!
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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of a Bogosse Shirt

For reviews.

I’m always down to review promising new shirt lines (hint-hint), so I was excited to hear from the people at Bogosse that they wanted me to run one of their shirts through the review hoops. Let’s see how their ‘Matt’ Trim Fit Jacquard Sport Shirt faired.

First off, love the very subtle black and blue dots. I’m so partial to the pattern primarily because it gives the shirt a distinct sheen in the right light. That being said, I found it a little tacky to include a mini-version of the brand’s logo on the button placket. It just looks out of place.

Speaking of the buttons, I feel there’s a split personality at play in the decision-making. The buttons on the body, for example, are square, dark blue, and come in a regular amount – all very lovely qualities. But then there are the buttons on the cuffs, which are square as well but strangely silver-colored. There are also four to each cuff, which dips into excess if you ask me.

Fortunately, the inner print features a fun, lively pattern and only resides in the collar and inside the cuff. No overplay there. So, I would say the good outweighs the questionable in this piece. Cheers to Bogosse!

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Express 1MX Shirt

For reviews.

Express isn’t exactly the first brand that comes to mind when considering high fashion streetwear. In attempt to steer that sort of mentality, ten years ago Express created the 1MX, which promised to be higher quality than their usual products. Let’s see how the line fairs now after a decade on the hangers.

First thing I noticed about this black collared: it collects dust like whoa, as shown in the first pic. Of course, cotton (of which the shirt is 100%) is a practically a magnet for dust and being that this piece is black doesn’t help mask what collects. But regardless, a rolling brush clearly didn’t make more than a dent. In terms of the cut, I would say the sleeves are a little too short for a standard Small, but I was pleased by the shape and strength of the collar.

I found myself was less than enthusiastic about the buttons. Since collared shirts allow for only so much variation in detail, buttons are one of the better parts to play around with. Unfortunately, here we find the regular, run-of-the-mill black plastic jobbies all over. Groan. Furthermore, I feel like this shirt could really benefit from a pocket, maybe something more inventive than the breast type that comes standard on so many shirts.

In conclusion, this shirt is just…plain boring. A safe top to don with a nice graphic tee when you’re bar crawling I suppose, but nothing remarkable. Step it up, Express!

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CONTEST: Win a Stetson Looks shirt!

Gents, I’m happy to announce that it’s time for another great contest! Holla! We’re thrilled to offer the chance to win a hot shirt from Stetson Looks!! Check out what you could be rocking:

Stetson provides quality menswear and womanswear crafted with the quintessential Americana style in mind. Pay attention, as there’s only one way to try and claim the shirt: Post a comment to this very post explaining to us what musician’s style best exemplifies the rock star image. I throw my two-cents in for Keith Richards, that old chap. Please note the contest is limited to persons in the U.S. and Canada.

The deadline’s Thursday, December 9, 2010 at 6 p.m. EST. Mark your calendars and put your fashion-thinking hats on! And don’t forget to include your email address in your submission! Good luck gents!

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of 191Unlimited shirt

For reviews.

The loose, white button-down is an essential summertime piece for anyone looking to be casual yet also chic. 191Unlimited recent sent me a white shirt from their summer collection – let’s see how it fairs.

To its merit, the shirt is fun in that it plays with a lot of curious design elements. For one, note the the double flap pockets, which could be conducive to some interested pin-button arrangements (if you decide to go a little punkish). It also comes with shoulder straps, which are largely useless but nevertheless add to its uniqueness. My favorite change in detail, though, are the rectangular buttons on the shirt as well as the cuffs. Who would have thought to square the traditional circle? The shirt also fits well and rarely clings when I’m sweating from being outside

However, I do take issue with the sowing for this particular piece. As you can very well tell, threading has already occurred around the cuff buttons and this is with under a month’s worth of wearing. It’s so bad in fact that I need to struggle to undo the fastening, at times breaking threads themselves in order to release the buttons. There are also loose threads around the button holes of the placket. Shoddy work, to say the least.
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Lesson #112: Soccer Jerseys

The World Cup’s well underway and plenty of folks got the right idea of showing support for their country’s team by sporting a jersey. Sure, it’s a little contrived, but ultimately forgivable – as long as you put them away in the closet after the last whistle’s blown. But as with all things appareled, you should be careful and know what exactly you’re getting when you go searching for your fútbol fanwear.

International Soccer Jersey Shirts – Portugal World Cup Jersey T-Shirt
INFEASIBLE: Jerseys with prints
Screen-printing might work for t-shirt graphics, but they come off as tacky and flat on jerseys. This is simply because most jerseys, like the one above, are made from polyester and therefore give everything on them an extra dose of gloss. Fake fake FAKE.

Adidas 2010 Argentina Home Youth World Cup Soccer Jersey
Feasible: Embroidered jerseys
Embroidered insignias looks ten times better, don’t they? They give the piece some dimensionality and texture, even a look of uniqueness. Of course anything with embroidery is going to be more expensive than what comes with prints, but come on now, do you want to look the mook at the sport bars? Didn’t think so.
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