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Men’s Fashion Advice – How to Iron a Dress Shirt

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Shirt Etiquette for Men

Fashion is a very fickle thing and what is acceptable one day might be considered as quite untrendy the next. Take the apparently simple business of how you wear your shirt. Should it be tucked into your trousers or left flapping in the breeze? Let’s take a look at what’s right when it comes to shirt etiquette!

Not so long ago the convention was that the only type of shirt that wasn’t tucked into your trousers was the casual T-shirt or polo shirt. When men wore a dress shirt it was always tucked firmly into the waistband of their trousers. Nowadays this fashion “rule” has been relaxed and it isn’t so clear just what is acceptable or not. Here’s a suggestion to help you avoid any problems with this.

Fred Perry shirt 300x300 mens fashion


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Men’s Shirt Review – Dalvey Pink Checkered Shirt

Dalvey, the fairly new Scottish luxury brand, has impressed me before with their merchandise. I recently got my hands on another slim-fit shirt of theirs – let’s see how this pink collared faired.

pinkshirt1 200x300 mens fashion

This fun and simple pink checkered shirt, is by far one of the best shirts I’ve worn this year – and the reason isn’t because someone sent it to me. First, the seams are clearly single-needled and therefore are simple and inconspicuous, which is essential for a sophisticated collared in my opinion. Second, unlike so many other shirts that bare the description, this Dalvey is truly slim fit and form fitting. This is the second shirt I’ve reviewed from them and both times the shirt fit perfectly.


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Men’s Fashion Review – Mantauk Hooded Shirt

More often than you think, there are pieces of clothing that bring up the question: “What were they thinking?” That is exactly what ran through my mind when I saw the Mantauk Hooded Shirt. I have been used to seeing men’s button down shirts with point collars or mandarin collars, but never one with a built-in hood – weird idea, Prolific 54.

montauk2 mens fashion

The Mantauk Hooded Shirt comes in a dull blue cotton, has two pleated chest pockets, with wooden buttons down the placket and the shirt cuffs. The shirt itself is not very appealing, but the hood that cocoons your head and face makes it a fashion suicide. It looks like it stepped right out of an episode of “The Deadliest Catch.”


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Men’s Fashion Review: 191 Unlimited Shirt

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Autumn’s coming, so you better start packing those tees and unearthing those darkly shaded, long sleeved shirts. 191 Unlimited recently hooked me up with a piece painted as appropriate for Fall living. Let’s see how the provocatively named “Paparazzi” collared fairs.

191 2 review

First thing I noticed outside of the box were how not-so-subtle the golden pin stripes turned out to be. Fortunately, they bothered me for all of a few minutes once I noticed how the linear mini-points of gold are matched by a few cool bands of dark yellow velvet in the interior. The grey contrasts inside the cuffs and the placket are also nicely tucked in details. I applaud all the complementing, small voiced color usage.

191 1 review

This piece comes with epilates, a shirt addition that I have come to despise universally and simply on principle. If I wanted to roll up my sleeves and look like a toolish bartender, I would do so and wouldn’t need extra pieces of fabrics to “secure” my clumpy mistreatments. I just don’t get how I do like the buttons for the epilates, cuffs, etc., which are squares with rounded corners. The collar could use a mini-stay pocket because they turn curvy quickly.

191 3 review

My biggest beef with this shirt is not with some “essential” quality of the shirt, but rather a disappointment that is very easily avoidable: rampant loose threads. I kid you not: I found danglers in button holes, on the placket, in the stitching on the pocket, etc. etc. What’s worse is that I’ve run into this very same problem with OTHER 191 shirts. Sheesh.

If they could only get their act together, maybe then they would get some more attention for their otherwise fun pieces.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture? (8/23/07)

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This Week’s Fuck-Up: Bruce Willis


Things wrong with Mr. Willis’ outfit:
1) Shirt isn’t tucked in.
2) Tie worn too long.
3) Collar unbuttoned despite him wearing a fully-tightened tie.
4) Son, you ain’t no blues man.

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