Review: Lyle and Scott Oxford Turquoise Shirt

There are certain essentials that should be part of every man’s closet and one of them is a great oxford shirt. A tailored, button-down shirt has the versatility of being worn with a fitted pair of trousers and a sports jacket for a dressier look, or with a pair of cargo shorts and flip flops for a more casual look.

lyle oxford front

At Mainline Menswear, expect to find some high quality pieces from Lyle and Scott, like its Oxford Shirt in turquoise. The turquoise color of this oxford is like the robin’s egg blue of turquoise stones in jewelry that are sought after for their pure blue composition. The color of the Lyle and Scott oxford is also a tone of blue that looks good on various skin tones because it is neither too pale nor too saturated a blue color, to not make your skin color look washed out.

cLose up lyle with logo

Another quality that is very important in an oxford is the fabric. The Lyle and Scott button-down shirt is constructed of 100% cotton, which is not only important when it comes to having a shirt with a crisp, clean look about it, but also an all natural fiber shirt construction means that during the hot and humid days of summer, the Lyle and Scott turquoise oxford will not cling to your body like a synthetic fabric will, helping to keep you cool and dry.

The last detail that may not seem like a critical one, but a design houses’ logo can be part of why men and women shop for certain brands of clothing. The logo is sometimes the first thing that a person sees to identify with a particular designer. The Lyle and Scott oxford’s logo is a yellow eagle with a black outline, in flight. It is placed on the inner portion of the chest pocket and stands out in color contrast compared to the turquoise blue, but the size, placement, and the subject matter make it pleasing to the eye.

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Review: Structure Faux Leather Trimmed Vest with Casual Button-Down

When looking for those perfect accent pieces to add to a pair of trousers, a great fitting button-down dress shirt is the place to start. The three things that make a good dress shirt are fit, fabric, and fashion. You want a fit that is close to the body, in order to give you a shape, but still leaving you some room to move. The shirts at Structure generally reflect these values.

structure vest

One such shirt is the Men’s Slim Fit Dress Shirt with Sateen Stripe by Structure. It is a garment that is cut closer to the body with a slimmer silhouette, which is constructed of a cotton-rich broad cloth that is easy care with 55% cotton/45% polyester. It not only comes in black, but a fabulous array of blues, plums, browns, and white. The fabric has a tonal sateen stripe that gives this dress shirt a little more interest up close, yet it still acts as a solid. This type of dress shirt gives you a little more choice in complimentary ties because you can go with a micro-pattern or bolder with a larger paisley design, since the tonal striping keep it like a solid color. For $21.99 at, it is a great value in a dress shirt.


Another accent piece that could compliment both the Structure slim fit dress shirt and a pair of a casual trousers is the Structure Men’s 5-Button Vest with Faux Leather Trim. It has your basics with the v-neckline, notched hem, and woven cotton/poly grey fabric, but it has some added features of trendy faux leather trim on the four slit pockets, a satin back for ease of movement, and the easy care of machine washing.

structure-faux-leather-vest3 structure-faux-leather-vest2

The downside of the item is that if it is worn under a sports jacket, then you probably will not notice its unique features, but for $20.00 at Sears, it will pay for itself after one wearing.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Shirt Etiquette for Men

Fred Perry shirt

Fashion is a very fickle thing and what is acceptable one day might be considered as quite untrendy the next. Take the apparently simple business of how you wear your shirt. Should it be tucked into your trousers or left flapping in the breeze? Let’s take a look at what’s right when it comes to shirt etiquette!

Not so long ago the convention was that the only type of shirt that wasn’t tucked into your trousers was the casual T-shirt or polo shirt. When men wore a dress shirt it was always tucked firmly into the waistband of their trousers. Nowadays this fashion “rule” has been relaxed and it isn’t so clear just what is acceptable or not. Here’s a suggestion to help you avoid any problems with this.

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Men’s Shirt Review – Dalvey Pink Checkered Shirt

Dalvey, the fairly new Scottish luxury brand, has impressed me before with their merchandise. I recently got my hands on another slim-fit shirt of theirs – let’s see how this pink collared faired.

This fun and simple pink checkered shirt, is by far one of the best shirts I’ve worn this year – and the reason isn’t because someone sent it to me. First, the seams are clearly single-needled and therefore are simple and inconspicuous, which is essential for a sophisticated collared in my opinion. Second, unlike so many other shirts that bare the description, this Dalvey is truly slim fit and form fitting. This is the second shirt I’ve reviewed from them and both times the shirt fit perfectly.

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Men’s Fashion Review – Mantauk Hooded Shirt

More often than you think, there are pieces of clothing that bring up the question: “What were they thinking?” That is exactly what ran through my mind when I saw the Mantauk Hooded Shirt. I have been used to seeing men’s button down shirts with point collars or mandarin collars, but never one with a built-in hood – weird idea, Prolific 54.

The Mantauk Hooded Shirt comes in a dull blue cotton, has two pleated chest pockets, with wooden buttons down the placket and the shirt cuffs. The shirt itself is not very appealing, but the hood that cocoons your head and face makes it a fashion suicide. It looks like it stepped right out of an episode of “The Deadliest Catch.”

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