Men’s Fashion Trends: Irish wool sweaters for the fall

Even though our minds are still in “Summer mode”, there is nothing wrong with looking ahead to Fall fashions, since some areas of the world get cooler sooner than others. When I think of the seasons of Fall and Winter, I immediately think of an Irish cardigan but especially their sweaters.

One eternally popular kind of sweater is the Irish Knit. Aside from the patterned knits that we are used to seeing, some Irish knit sweaters like the Classic Men’s Rolled Donegal Heavy Sweater that I found at , a premier site for Irish gifts, is a simple flat knit that is made of a grey and white heathered Merino wool. This type of wool sweater is one that even the most finicky of sweater wearers will not shy away from because this special blend of wool from Donegal Ireland is known to be without the “itch”, sometimes found in traditional wool sweaters.

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