Men’s Fashion Don’ts For 2015

Anyone who follows men’s fashion trends knows that what is popular comes and goes in cycles. That is what is meant by the phrase:  “What’s old is new again”. However, there are some fashion ideas that are just plain “don’ts” when it comes to menswear.


The first “never” that I would like to address is wearing socks with sandals. I have seen it a million times, but it never looks any better. If you feel the need to wear socks, then it should be with sneakers or shoes and never with sandals. If is too cold for the bare skin of sandals, then don’t wear them.
Luar-Zepol strap pants
Next, cut outs in clothing have been a popular trend on and off for years, but these men’s trousers by Luar Zepol step way over the line. The skin-tight gray men’s pants are unusual enough from the front, but the missing rear leg panels, which require the black straps to hold them in place just scream “wrong”!  I imagine that they also do get quite breezy at times.


As for the winners in the Ugly Men’s Sweaters contest, you can’t question picking this furry blue sweater with blue knitted mittens and a knitted blue “hair-hood”  that made its way down the runway in London’s Fashion Week. The mittens probably would be very warm but useless when it comes to the immense size and the deep cowl neck just makes it look more bizarre than ever.

golden squares gem packed

One way to make them better – aside from ditching the mittens completely – would be to add some kind of adornment to break up all the blue. I’m thinking some golden wholesale jewelry like beads or some of the golden squares depicted above. At least it would take away from all of that hood action!

granny square man jump suits

Last, but not least, is a take on the jumpsuit that has cycled to the present time from the 70’s and the 80’s. Most jumpsuits look like what mechanics wear, however, I found a pair of crocheted granny square men’s suits in black and white check, as well as multi-colored chevron. I hope it was a joke or at least something only worn indoors when Nana visited because she made it.

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Women’s Fashion Advice – “Ugly” Flat Sandals

We’re always looking for a pair of sexy stilettos, sophisticated pumps, and simply gorgeous sandals but the new trend in “ugly” foot ware has got us stumped. While some people are ready to jump right on, others of us aren’t quite ready to embrace the ugly trend.

If you’re ready to give these ugly (but granted a lot more comfortable) shoes a try you’re in luck as there are plenty of options. From Top Shop to Jeffery Campbell everyone is making shoes that are well… ugly.


Isabel Marant’s Holden sandal with lambskin leather and cushioned rib-stitched criss-cross straps remind us a little of shower shoes. While we aren’t exactly excited about these, we can’t deny that they look great on the girls walking past us sporting shorts, a thin jacket and a wide brimmed hat.

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Women’s Fashion Trends – Here Come the Gladiators (and Their Shoes!)

Growing up I always remember lacing up my shoes around my calves. While no matter how tight I tied them they fell down after a few minutes and sure I was going more for a glamorous ballerina look than a tough gladiator, but the idea is all the same. These current leather gladiator shoes provide all the fun of wrapping your laces around your feet without the pain of cutting off your circulation and frustration of them not staying up anyways.

Stuart Weitzman's Galdiator Knee High Sandals

For a great way to dress up your wardrobe, slip on a pair of Stuart Weitzman’s Gladiator Knee High Sandals. This metallic shoe with gold stud embellishments would look great walking down the boardwalk on your next vacation.

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Women’s Fashion Advice – Finding Spring 2014 Sandals

If you live anywhere that currently has snow on the ground or a chill in the air, the thought of buying sandals must sound like crazy talk. Maybe you’re right; it will be cold for another couple weeks or so, but once that sun peaks through the clouds you’re going to be wishing you got the jump on the spring sandal race. Here are a few things to reflect on before picking out your next pair.


Make a Color Statement

The colors you wear say a lot about whom you are; so don’t make the mistake in choosing the random pigment that looks cute. There are a number of things to consider when picking out the hue you’re going to be prancing around in:

  • Before anything else, take a quick peek around in your closet. What colors do you already have in there? Don’t forget that your footwear will be a component in a much larger collective outfit, so make sure that you don’t pick a look that will clash with what you tend to wear on a regular basis.
  • Brighter tints look a lot better in the daylight. The opposite could be said about darker shades, so save those for the nighttime.
  • Take a look at fashion trends. Radiant Orchid is a color that is in NOW, so don’t hesitate to try it out. Another look that is making waves is the use of metallic, so add some playful sparkle to your outfit.
  • Do you have a favorite polish you like to paint your toes with? If you’re partial to a particular shade, make sure that the sandals you’re choosing compliment this specific color.


Wild Style

Another thing to think about when buying your next pair of sandals is to consider the kind of environment in which you’ll be utilizing the footwear. If you are buying sandals for dinner or simply to go out at night, your best bet will be a pair with a chunky heel and sexy straps that will help to dress up your look. For ideas, check out the ladylike wedge sandals sold by Tory Brunch. Reversely, for a causal look purchase a set of flats that will you can comfortably go about your day in without the distraction of aching feet. For the girls who love leather, now is your time to express that. Skipping around in leather is no fun in the summer heat; utilize the cooler temperatures of the spring for this look.

Tired of Those Clown Shoes?

No matter what kind of shoe you wear, make sure it fits. Did you know that your feet swell over the course of the day? Because of this, it’s best to try on the sandals in the afternoon or evening in order to get your optimal size. Of course, proper fit pertains to more than just size; your arches may have special requirements that you aren’t meeting. Do you overpronate? Are your arches unusually high?


If you’re unsure of the answer to these questions, consider talking with a footwear specialist so you can make sure that your choices in shoes are comfortable and wont’ lead to preventable injuries. There are plenty of options that are crafted to fit specific health needs; Footwear etc. sells Vionic sandals with Orthaheel technology that is designed to support collapsed arches; and the sporty Oofos Ooah Slide Recovery Sandal (found here) is crafted to minimize post-workout pain with extra cushioning. 

Now that you know what to look for in your sandals, snuggle up to the fire and dream of the warm sun as you prepare to find those shoes that will make your day.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Men’s leather sandals

Flip Flops tend to be a warm weather standard, but in some situations you may want a summer shoe that offers a little more style. A leather sandal can be a great option. The look is still casual and summer-like, but the leather construction is a step up in style.

For those guys who like an uncomplicated slip on sandal, which will give you ease of wear as well as greater foot coverage, there is the “Antonio Brown Italian Leather Men’s Sandal”. The thick bands of leather cross over the top of your foot and keep it securely in the sandal and the all leather sole makes it comfortable and durable.

If you like the look of a more open sandal, then the “Dolce & Gabbana Patent Leather Sandal” may be just right for your summer wardrobe. The patent leather is embossed with a snake skin pattern and the toe-loop adds a more secure and comfortable fit. The brass-colored, hammered “DG” is also a nice addition to the overall look.

Another version of a fashionable leather sandal is the “Arturo Italian Men’s Sandal”. The black leather is crafted into a trendy “gladiator” style and comes up higher on the foot to feel more like a shoe. The two adjustable straps around the ankle will allow you a more customized fit.

The last type of sandal is more of an athletic look in leather. The “Hand Made Leather Men’s Sandal by Hand” is a fisherman’s style sandal with leather straps that cross horizontally across the foot, as well as curve up over the top and around the heel. It is the closest to a shoe, while still having the open, airy feeling that you will appreciate in the warm summer months.

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Men’s Fashion Advice: Sandals on the mind

“Oh wow,” you say, “Men’s sandals again. Isn’t it almost fall?” Well, give me a chance here: Mens sandals are worthy of nuanced discussion even as the days get colder. And there are plenty of ways for a pair to go wrong and only so many ways they can go right. College students accustomed to wearing socks + sandals all year round should pay especially close attention.

Here’s an example of one that goes awry. Granted, it’s not the worst pair I’ve seen, but not one of the better ones (see below). These Volcom’s just look… mean. Way too black and scaly on the sole for my tastes. It doesn’t help that a big ole logo is emblazoned on it as well. Unless you’re some fearless adventurer out on some hunt or siege or whatever, I’d suggest you gents go with something more fun.

Now these are some flip flops I can get behind. They’re simple in design, sturdy, comfortable, and yet still manage to bring in some spunk. Specifically, the latchet is colorfully contrasted without being too bright or hard on the eyes. I’d wear these in Miami, LA, or to class at some baller graduate school (assuming any of them accept me).

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