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When Second-Hand Is First-Rate

Buying second-hand clothes and accessories (“pre-loved”) was once a practice mainly carried out in secret. You didn’t want your upwardly mobile friends to know your Armani suit started its life on someone else’s back. It made you seem down-at-heel; someone to be sneered at. But today the smart money is on vintage items, which can increase in value if properly cared for, as well as make you look totally on-trend. So buying pre-loved is absolutely de rigueur!


Don Draper

It’s unsurprising that fifties and sixties vintage fashion is so on-trend, when you’ve got popular series such as Mad Men on the small screen. While the top catwalk designers are showing cigarette pants and stovepipe trousers in their new collections, there’s nothing quite like wearing an authentic vintage suit. You can find them on the internet and at the better vintage markets but don’t expect to get them for jumble sale prices. One on-line shop that’s definitely worth checking out is Oxfam’s Vintage section. It’s a bit hit or miss but you can definitely find some gems there, from names such as Christian Dior, Burberry and Daks. Put on your suit and start channelling the originators of cool, such as Dirk Bogarde or Gregory Peck.

Nifty Neckwear

Even if you don’t want a pre-owned suit, a vintage silk tie or cravat can speak volumes. If you like your look classic, then you could pick up a second-hand Hermès silk tie. As ladies who own their scarves know, wearing  Hermès says it all; there is no better statement piece. If you’re more of a relaxed, man-about-town, why not opt for a cravat? Silk cravats are being seen on modern dandies such as Orlando Bloom, Russell Brand and Martin Freeman. They’re both comfortable and stylish. You can find them in a plethora of colours and patterns.


Have You Got the Time?

You’ve got your sixties suit and tie, but what’s that Baby G doing on your wrist? To complete the authentic look, you need the right watch. It’s worth noting that collecting vintage watches is an increasingly popular trend; partly because older watch models are in vogue but mainly because they’re seen as a prudent investment, provided you choose wisely. Brands such as Patek Philippe and Rolex should only ever increase in value, and it doesn’t hurt that they look absolutely fantastic on your wrist. If you’re unsure where to source your vintage watch, check out Market Cross Jewellers, who have a great selection.

Whether you’re looking to acquire some heirloom pieces that will increase in value, or you simply want to look the business, buying second-hand is definitely worth it.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Ways to make your engagement as original as it is special

The way in which you pop the question should be as memorable as doing it. Throughout my years I’ve heard a number of strategies, and surprisingly, very few of them are inspired and creative. In college, I paid my bills working as a waiter at a not that great restaurant that postured as a great one. I’m sure you know the kind that I’m talking about. I wore a bow-tie and served hamburgers, that kind of place. Anyhow, I’ll never forget, one night this delightful couple walked in, and the gentleman pulled me aside and presented me with a diamond ring. Of course I was flattered! He asked me to make sure to present the check to his girlfriend, and put the ring inside the check presenter. I almost told him no, but this was his plan and who was I to get in the way of it. I bring up this anecdote to illustrate a wonderfully uninspired way to ask the love of your life to spend the rest of her days with you. I have no doubt that thing man is a delightful one, and if my math skills are working properly, he’s hopefully celebrating his twelfth wedding anniversary right about now, but someone should have helped him brainstorm for a more memorable strategy.

Watchbuyers 7-1

Location, location, location

I haven’t met my future wife yet, but once I’ve decided, I promise you she’ll never forget the manner and location of my asking and her answering. Don’t do it at a burger joint, even if the waiters wear bowties. If the idea of popping the question at a restaurant is appealing to you, choose a spectacular one. That doesn’t mean you need to spend a ton, it just means that you need to do a bit of research. Don’t put it in the check. Fellas, we take a knee for the sake of romance and vulnerability and as a gesture of desperation, because just the thought of her saying no would be soul crushing. I already know where I’d like to do it and it’s a beautiful place outside. I discovered this secret wonder of the world while exploring the coast on foot thirteen years ago. Find a place that is as majestic as your love.

Watchbuyers 7-3

Think outside the box

A diamond is forever, and a diamond ring is a symbol of just that. However, every other guy in the history of the world has offered his love a diamond ring. You should consider augmenting the ring with something that’s a symbol of your precious lives together. A women’s Rolex watch is as classy as it is elegant, it’s as timeless as it is perfect in keeping time, and it’s an inspired addition to your presentation. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the countless jaw dropping examples of Rolex watches for women.

Watchbuyers 7-2

Check them out at seven friday p2 or certified rolex repair and see for yourself.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Test How Well You Know How to Wear a Watch!

I recently came across an online quiz about taste in watches as I was looking into Crown & Caliber, a company that has modernized consignment of high end watches through the use of technology. I thought that it might be lighthearted and ego-stroking, but actually it was neither! I did learn something though…


First, I took the quiz on buying a brand new watch and had to answer questions like “If you were stranded on a desert island, which watch would you wear?” and “Which watch would you be buried in?” Thinking of myself as a person with fairly good taste, I made my selections on the look of the watch, in respect to what situation they posed. My selections determined that I was a Fatalist, which meant that I didn’t care about anything related to watches and it told me that I should “Perhaps entertain a new hobby like Bridge.” Burn!


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Men’s Jewelry Advice – You Don’t Need a Rolex

Watches used to be a sign of affluence – if you had a watch, you had money. But just churning your own butter, that is no longer the case: Everybody can afford to wear a watch today. And if you feel obligated (i.e. socially pressured) to wear a watch, but don’t have the funds for a collection of Rolex watches, you have so many other options. Actually, I would argue that you shouldn’t even consider a Rolex if you had the money.



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Men’s Fashion Advice – Rolex Watches Are More Affordable Than You Think

Ah…the Men’s watch – the accessory that many guys ignore but can really add that little touch of class to any outfit.


Most people assume that owning a Rolex is a once in a lifetime purchase. What they don’t realize however, is that the Rolex brand is one of the few brands where the value of the watch actually goes UP over time. Check Ebay if you doubt this. They key is to buy used, since the same axiom applies to a new Rolex as a new car – it loses 20% of it’s value as soon as you put it on your wrist.


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Classy Men’s Advice – Have a “Black Tie” Event? Which Watches are “Tuxedo-Ready”?

When choosing a watch for that special night out, there are certain styles of watches that will give you the elegance that you need. Men’s watches are accessories, like any other. You wouldn’t put on a pair of flip flops with a suit, so you shouldn’t wear a casual watch with your tux. By casual, I mean those with silicone or canvas straps, which tend to look more “sporty” than “dressy”.


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Men’s Fashion Advice – Flashy watches

Time to address something I’ve noticed more of in the wake of the smartphone explosion: the rise of the Flashy Wristwatch. Now, the vast majority of these pieces are tacky as sin and expensive as hell, especially the mens diamond watches with huge rocks on them. However, there are a few exceptions. Check out these pieces that will at just the right amount of flash to a night out.


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