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Men’s Fashion Review: Goodoo shoes

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I’m always on the hunt for new, exciting shoes. Though I have a taste for dressier ones, my interest generally falls towards streetwear footwear. Recently, the good people at Goodoo sent me several pairs from their collection to review. Let’s see how their “yum” shoes fair first.

shoes 1 review
I really like the color of these shoes, a blend of white and tan. The outsoles of the shoes could use some better color attention though as they are of boring black rubber. Overall the stitching/ construction is solid and the laces strong. The leather is very well-treated though I wonder if it will fade over time.

shoes 2 review
As for function, the foam insoles are supportive yet comfy. After walking in them for a few miles, I didn’t experience any aching or irritation. The backs are sturdy and therefore don’t invite the bad habit of slipping in of feet.

shoes 3 review
All that being said, I have gripes with some design choices. For one, the Goodoo plate with raised letters strikes me as a little tacky. Even more questionable are the chains dangling on the outfacing sides as seen here. Fortunately, they are easily removed.

These are solid albeit somewhat curious shoes.

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Men’s Fashion Review: Birkenstock Sandals

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Summer’s almost over, so best not to invest in sandals just right now. But for next year, consider purchasing a pair of Birkenstocks. Let’s see how this pair care of the Family Footwear Center fared in the final weeks of the sunny season.
IMG 20110907 180327 300x224 review
These Birkenstock Milano sandals, Cocoa Nubuck color, are pretty awesome. For one, I love the color and expect it will fade gracefully. Two straps is just number needed and it’s definitely an added bonus that they are made of soft leather. In fact, the plentiful use of leather is very much welcomed – when was the last time your sandals stretched and breathed? The branding’s also kept to the footbed, which is a tasteful move.
IMG 20110907 180334 300x224 review
Speaking of the footbed, my only gripe with these Birkenstocks is that the mold of the bed, its hills and valleys, hasn’t exactly jived with the structure of my feet so far. I hear the sandals “adapt” to the unique shape your feet, but not fast enough since sometimes wearing them can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, the sole is very well constructed and conforms pretty well to the terrain and so isn’t too sturdy. I purposefully stomped on some gravel and didn’t
IMG 20110907 180353 300x224 review

Overall, a very nice pair of sandals. And aside from carrying bomb sandals such as these, Family Footwear Center sells Carolina boots, Chippewa Boots, and work boots.

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Men’s Fashion Review: 191 Unlimited Shirt

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Autumn’s coming, so you better start packing those tees and unearthing those darkly shaded, long sleeved shirts. 191 Unlimited recently hooked me up with a piece painted as appropriate for Fall living. Let’s see how the provocatively named “Paparazzi” collared fairs.

191 2 review

First thing I noticed outside of the box were how not-so-subtle the golden pin stripes turned out to be. Fortunately, they bothered me for all of a few minutes once I noticed how the linear mini-points of gold are matched by a few cool bands of dark yellow velvet in the interior. The grey contrasts inside the cuffs and the placket are also nicely tucked in details. I applaud all the complementing, small voiced color usage.

191 1 review

This piece comes with epilates, a shirt addition that I have come to despise universally and simply on principle. If I wanted to roll up my sleeves and look like a toolish bartender, I would do so and wouldn’t need extra pieces of fabrics to “secure” my clumpy mistreatments. I just don’t get how I do like the buttons for the epilates, cuffs, etc., which are squares with rounded corners. The collar could use a mini-stay pocket because they turn curvy quickly.

191 3 review

My biggest beef with this shirt is not with some “essential” quality of the shirt, but rather a disappointment that is very easily avoidable: rampant loose threads. I kid you not: I found danglers in button holes, on the placket, in the stitching on the pocket, etc. etc. What’s worse is that I’ve run into this very same problem with OTHER 191 shirts. Sheesh.

If they could only get their act together, maybe then they would get some more attention for their otherwise fun pieces.

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Men’s Fashion Review: Boqari undergarments

For reviews.

Choice of undergarments is certainly a fashion statement – especially when it might matter most for “impressing”. Boqari prides itself on selling, well, pretty outrageous pieces for the areas both above and below the belt. Let’s see how their mesh underwear and tanks fared.

IMG 20110726 172152 300x225 review

I kinda love this tank, the “BQ Flow Tank”. It actually works great for the gym, what with the nylon blend and alternating mesh helping to regulate all the sweating and subsequently one’s body temperature. Additionally, its tight but slimming form could easily disguise some of those “work in progress” areas for those of us looking to get in shape.

IMG 20110726 172207 300x225 review

The stitching’s pretty good too, though I don’t really like those little clumps on the inside as you can see (not that they really rubs up against my chest or anything). And I’m normally really opposed to having prominent branding/ logos on a piece, but here the ‘Boqari’ blends in nicely. All that said, I couldn’t see myself wearing this tank out – unless I was back in WeHo.
IMG 20110726 172411 300x224 review
As for the “Jamaica Mesh” undies… wow. These certainly show off some skin and some, uh, packing. One might say even that you can see too much through the nylon – risque! Strangely enough, these hotties are marketed as unisex. I guess that asks for some playful exchange between hetero-partners? These are fun but inappropriate for most locker rooms.

Everyone adventurous should have one of both and no more.

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Men’s Fashion Review: Jack Georges Slim Flapover

I needed a new soft briefcase a week ago and I needed it stat. Luggage and the like takes some deliberation over what size, color, and material (though I don’t know how anyone could settle for anything less than leather), so I did my due diligence albeit in quickly. Since I was primarily interested in something compact (I already have a vintage American Tourist suitcase for heavy loads) I eventually decided on a piece from Jack Georges, a well-known bag manufacturer. I’m very impressed by the item for the following reasons.

IMG 0436 300x225 review luggage

The piece is clearly constructed by precise hands, with the leather being in excellent shape. The stitching is without divergence and the flap goes up and down just as one would want it to. The handle is sturdy at the grip but also easily adjusted at the ends. The buckle for the flap clicks open without a hitch while also serving as a sturdy lock. The pocket making up the back could fit a number of papers pretty cozily.

IMG 0439 300x225 review luggage

There are a few compartments inside ranging in size; I keep a small digital camera the biggest one, pens and the like in another and a phone charger in one too. The bag conforms nicely when several items, e.g. a notebook and folders in my case, are inside the pouch. There is also a long zipper pocket that is very useful for carrying business cards, a bottle of cream, lip balm, etc.

IMG 04371 300x225 review luggage
The only (tiny) gripe I have with this briefcase is that the inside would serve be a little roomier. But, hey, I guess they call it slim for a reason.

Overall, a great buy and would recommend it to anyone. Unfortunately, this specific model has been discontinued, so your only bet is finding it online. Good luck! It’ll be worth the hustling.

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Simple Shoes Tuba Sneakers

Green is undeniably in fashion these days – and, no, I’m not talking about the color. And while being environmentally responsible is always a wise way of living, it is a relatively gree-I mean, new approach when it comes to garmenting. Simples Shoes is one such innovator and pride themselves on producing sneakers from recycled and organic materials. But does following the three-R philosophy promise quality footwear?

simpleshoes1 mens fashion

There are a lot of things to like about these “Tuba” shoes. For one, they’re really comfy with and without socks. I trekked around the Back Bay of Boston this past weekend and, boy, were my dogs mostly silent. I think we can attribute the softness of their step to the polyurethane foam and recycled rubber making up the pedbed. As for the inside, the seams are padded well with super-soft cotton and the sides of the shoes allow for air circulation, so no dreaded feet swampiness here despite the summertime humidity.

simpleshoes2 mens fashion

Another selling point on these shoes is their thick and strong laces. Made from organic cotton as well, the laces stood up to yanking and exposure to water without widening or getting overly fuzzy. They also match the rest of the shoes’ design very nicely.

simpleshoes mens fashion
Of note, I found some of the fabric at the upper edge threading and pealing slightly , which makes me worry a little about the general construction of the shoe. It’s too early to say how they will stand the test of time, but for the time being they’re sharp-looking and, again, very comfortable. Feel free to check out the Simple Shoes facebook page for more information about the brand and their other products.
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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of the Radius Source Toothbrush

Believe it or not, dental hygiene is an intrinsic part of the fashionable man’s routine. Bad breath and discolored teeth are unbecoming of anyone with sartorial pursuits, not to mention cavity marks and overly-chipped chompers. The people over at Radius sent me a sample of their new toothbrush, the Radius Source Toothbrush – let’s see if it holds up to our high standards!

source1 mens fashion

First of all, this sucker is long for a toothbrush, which I find advantageous. I tend to have trouble reaching the farthest back of my teeth (‘CAUSE I GOT BIG MOUTH OBVIOUSLY) and was pleasantly surprised by how easy I got at my molars with the Radius. Secondly, although I can’t say I ever thought about where my dental products come from, it is respectable and “green” of Radius to make the handles of their toothbrushes exclusively from recycled material – mine was out of old dollar bills. The handles felt and responded to pressure no differently than the usual, plastic kinds. What a responsibly-minded and effective idea.

image0011d mens fashion

What I liked best about the Radius was its bristles. From just a few days of brushing, I could already tell how sturdy and resilient they were – and I’m one to give his teeth a thorough scrubbing more than once a day. An extra head also came in the packaging, so I’ll be using this toothbrush for some time. What else can I say except that I’m very impressed by the Radius Source Toothbrush and recommend it to all of you seeking quality dental upkeep!
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