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Men’s Fashion Review – Scott James Marty Long Sleeved Gray Shirt

I had never heard of Designer Studio Store, an online boutique store, before I got an email from them asking me to try out their site. I obliged, and it turns out its one of the better shopping sites out there.

logo mens fashion

They carry the men’s gamut at DDS: everything from designer shoes to lesser known outwear brands to slick wallets from J Fold. I literally spent almost 2 hours just surfing around, checking out the vast inventory of men’s apparel – which, needless to say, isn’t possible at so many other online retailers.


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Men’s Fashion Review – Hugo Boss Bottled Night

A reworking of the previous Hugo Boss cologne, Hugo Boss Night, takes an entirely different direction in fragrance. It is a woody/earthy scent that has a mix of birch leaves, cardamom, louro amarelo wood, lavender, amaretto, African violet, and musk. The spicy combination with a slight floral allure is intended to convey a greater scene of masculinity and, perhaps, more provocativeness.

nd.8825 225x300 mens fashion

The men’s fragrance, which is packaged in a sleek dark blue bottle, has a great presentation and is available in an Eau De Toilette spray, shave balm, shower gel, and a deodorant stick or spray. Hugo Boss Night is listed with the other Hugo Boss products for $50-$65 for the spray cologne, though some less konwn purveyors may have some of the other products listed for sale at a lower price.


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Men’s Shirt Review – Dalvey Pink Checkered Shirt

Dalvey, the fairly new Scottish luxury brand, has impressed me before with their merchandise. I recently got my hands on another slim-fit shirt of theirs – let’s see how this pink collared faired.

pinkshirt1 200x300 mens fashion

This fun and simple pink checkered shirt, is by far one of the best shirts I’ve worn this year – and the reason isn’t because someone sent it to me. First, the seams are clearly single-needled and therefore are simple and inconspicuous, which is essential for a sophisticated collared in my opinion. Second, unlike so many other shirts that bare the description, this Dalvey is truly slim fit and form fitting. This is the second shirt I’ve reviewed from them and both times the shirt fit perfectly.


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Men’s Fashion Review – Mantauk Hooded Shirt

More often than you think, there are pieces of clothing that bring up the question: “What were they thinking?” That is exactly what ran through my mind when I saw the Mantauk Hooded Shirt. I have been used to seeing men’s button down shirts with point collars or mandarin collars, but never one with a built-in hood – weird idea, Prolific 54.

montauk2 mens fashion

The Mantauk Hooded Shirt comes in a dull blue cotton, has two pleated chest pockets, with wooden buttons down the placket and the shirt cuffs. The shirt itself is not very appealing, but the hood that cocoons your head and face makes it a fashion suicide. It looks like it stepped right out of an episode of “The Deadliest Catch.”


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Men’s Fashion Review – One Star Billfold in Redrock

There’s a lot of cool, DIY/indie/whatsayyou-ism going on fashion-wise at the worldwide handmade shop site, Etsy. One Star Leather Goods is one such craft store on there, specializing in leather wallets, notebooks, belts, etc. Let’s see how their One Star Billfold in Redrock wallet fares in a close review.

wallet2 mens fashion

This is an excellent wallet. As promised, it is clearly handmade and hand-stitched. Like most fine leather products, this wallet will only look better with age. I can easily see the dark reddish brown giving way to streaks and stretches of cherry red while the stitching will remain strong and intact.


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Men’s Fashion Review: Lands’ End Men’s Regular Wool Commuter Parka

For reviews.

The cold’s coming and will for months now. I recent got asked to review a Lands’ End parka to see how it fared in these shivering times.

landsend31 review

This coat could serve to provide more insulation. It’s not that I’m freezing with it on, but I’m certainly not warm and toasty either. And, despite the one I received being a Small, the sleeves extend past my wrists. Kind of annoying. As for the stitching, it suffices.

landsend2 review

I do like the abundance of pockets with this piece. Aside from the typical chest and side pockets, there are several inside ones and even a little opening for storing a pen. Two of those pockets come with buttons and one on the left side near the shoulder sports a zipper. It’s a nice location for a small notepad or flask. There are also zippers underneath the flaps of the outside side pockets that allow for easy slipping of items into the two inside pockets without buttons. Clever design that also allows for some sneakiness.

landsend4 review

As for aesthetic considerations, I approve of the gray and the dirty gold button, clasps, etc. The striped interior is nice and the collar perches well. Still, the piece leans towards drab and could manage to have at least a trim of contrast. The fact that the zipper becomes hidden when pulled up misses an opportunity to break up the grayness.

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Men’s Fashion Review: Goodoo shoes

For reviews.

I’m always on the hunt for new, exciting shoes. Though I have a taste for dressier ones, my interest generally falls towards streetwear footwear. Recently, the good people at Goodoo sent me several pairs from their collection to review. Let’s see how their “yum” shoes fair first.

shoes 1 review
I really like the color of these shoes, a blend of white and tan. The outsoles of the shoes could use some better color attention though as they are of boring black rubber. Overall the stitching/ construction is solid and the laces strong. The leather is very well-treated though I wonder if it will fade over time.

shoes 2 review
As for function, the foam insoles are supportive yet comfy. After walking in them for a few miles, I didn’t experience any aching or irritation. The backs are sturdy and therefore don’t invite the bad habit of slipping in of feet.

shoes 3 review
All that being said, I have gripes with some design choices. For one, the Goodoo plate with raised letters strikes me as a little tacky. Even more questionable are the chains dangling on the outfacing sides as seen here. Fortunately, they are easily removed.

These are solid albeit somewhat curious shoes.

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