Review of the Elektrix Love Dreamer Playsuit

Recycling plastics to keep them out of the landfills has become a mission in our society. They are remade back into many different products, but one of the most interesting is clothing. One specific type of plastic bottle called P.E.T., is composed of a plastic resin and a form of polyester. They are able to reuse those ingredients plus spandex to form fabric.

play suit 1

The Elektrix Love Dreamer Playsuit is an example of the amazing things that can come out of recycling. It is the brainchild of Katie Tomasetta, who is a designer from Los Angeles that wanted to create a line of clothing for women that was eco-friendly and edgy at the same time. The idea of the Dreamer Playsuit is to have a tank-style body suit that can be worn for activities on land and in the water.

playsuit 1

The fabric is 79% P.E.T. and 21% spandex, which will stretch no matter whether you are doing yoga in the park or skateboarding down the strand and if you decide to take a dip in the ocean, the playsuit will dry quickly, so that you can be off to your next adventure. At Elektrix Love, the Dreamer Playsuit comes in a fun pink plaid pattern with a scoop neckline, thin straps, and nice coverage over the hip area.

plapy suit zoom

The dagger printed on the front of the suit keeps it feeling fresh and edgy, so as not to be too girly! The playsuit is a versatile clothing item that could be paired with different bottoms like shorts, skirts, and pants for a modern look. It is manufactured right in the heart of LA and helps to keep Americans employed.  For $76, you can own a piece of clothing that not only looks good, but plays its part in taking care of our environment as well.

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Rock A Summer Floral For $80 Or Under

With summer almost upon us, it’s time to put the florals back (or starting adding them) into your wardrobe. If you’re a bit of a rule breaker, you have probably already been rocking them since spring but since Miranda Priestly recently announced florals are a seasonal trend, we thought it would only be right to release an article right before summer.

There are some usual floral suspects, but we’ve found some more edgy ways to introduce this graphic trend back into your wardrobe, all for under $80. So skip the staples and try these new shapes: wide leg pants, off-the-shoulder, jumpsuits and more.

jumpsuit 1

  1. Lace Trim Jumpsuit – Nordstrom

This flowing floral jumpsuit features a plunging neckline with funky flaring legs, providing the ultimate summer get up. Made of gorgeous lace, this trim jumpsuit is perfect for all body shapes by accentuating smaller figures and slimming larger figures.

You’ll feel at home is this gorgeous jumpsuit for a beach day, a day by the pool or even heading out for a casual lunch or dinner. The black and white print on this lace jumpsuit is a timeless look, making you look somewhat of a 1970’s glamour model.

From the beach to a restaurant, looking flawless all the while, you can’t go wrong with a classic floral jumpsuit.

floral pants

  1. Print Wide Leg Pants – ASTR

Are you noticing a trend here? 70’s beach glam is coming back in 2015, and it’s brought floral flare along with it.

These relaxed fitting, vintage style pants are sure to impress your friends this summer. Paired with a crop top or loose fitting light top, you’ll breeze through summer afternoons. These tie-waist pants make for a great over-the-swimsuit pant too, for those days you just feel like sitting by the pool and reading.

These vintage wide leg pants are a great addition to summer your attire, giving you an airy, slim and summery look.


  1. Off The Shoulder Floral Dress – Glassons

A sexy off-the-shoulder floral dress can never be bad addition to your summer wardrobe. Dress this piece up with a pair of heels or wear it down with your favorite flip flops, this sexy black floral off-the-shoulder will be your most flexible summer piece.

Dark black off-the-shoulders provide a slimming look and are almost weightless, they’re perfect for balmy summer nights when you need that extra bit of air flow.

If you’re headed to the beach and don’t feel like rocking a bikini or one piece, just leave this off-the-shoulder over the top while you dip your toes in water or if you’re headed to dinner and don’t know what to wear, add a pair of heels to this off-the-shoulder. It really is that versatile!

No matter which way you rock a floral this summer, you will look incredible, feel comfortable and enjoy warm afternoon beach walks in style.

What’s your favorite type of floral to rock in the summer? Let me know if you’re thinking of adding these florals to your summer wardrobe in the comments.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – More Suit Styles for Summer 2014

Rise and shine gentleman! Summer has officially arrived and that means you’re already late to update your 2014 wardrobe for the season. But don’t fret, this article is here to save the day before you stress sweat through a freshly dry cleaned shirt. Grab some deodorant, read on to discover the four main trends in men’s suit styles this summer, and you’ll save a hell of a lot of time.


High Rise and Rolled Pants

The first suit trend to immediately educate yourself in this season, relates to the pants half of the outfit. Long considered a boring necessity to any dressy occasion, that’s about to change – for the next few months at least. Say goodbye to a full pant and hello to your ankles! Both high rise and rolled suit pants have burst onto the menswear scene and instantly became very popular. The best part about this trend is that it’s completely possible to adapt any suit pants you already owned – just roll them up. If however you’re in the market for some newbies, make sure to stop by Politix
– they’ve got an excellent collection.



Trend number two for summer 2014 is the bold and beautiful printed suit. Coming in variations of a full suit, or singular printed jackets or pants, there are numerous ways you can work this look to your personal liking and style. It’s a great option when your tried and true black or navy work suits have got you feeling glum – it’s a pick-me-up not only for you but also for everyone around you.

If you’re feeling a tad apprehensive about whether you can pull off such a bright look, don’t be. It’s summer time and everyone’s feeling good. Besides, if you choose to wear just the printed jacket or pants – the rest of your outfit can be very neutral, making the look less overwhelming.

Double Breasted Blazers

If you’re in the market for a new suit jacket, this trend is for you. Ditch your boring old classic of a jacket, and step out in a new double-breasted blazer. Yes, you heard right – the double-breasted blazer is back in, and it’s making every man look that little bit more refined. Despite the (incorrect) reputation that they’re a bad vintage relic from past decades, a well-fitted and short tailored jacket can make any man step out in style. The excellent part to this trend is that they can be made in any colour or material, so it’s easy to incorporate into any wardrobe.


White Suits

Finally, the last trend to keep in mind for summer 2014 is the white suit. Ignore the part of your brain that is flashing any Elvis clichés and listen up. A white suit can be the epitome of summer styling, class, and refinement. Of course, you can’t go around wearing any crinkled, stained white suit you find – this is about attiring yourself in crisp, fresh, and unstained apparel. But when done well, this look screams summer and when you wear one you’ll find yourself generously shouting a Pimms for everyone.

The above four pointers are an excellent way to ensure your wardrobe is up to date and looking refined for summer 2014. So, get to it gentlemen – you have no shopping time to waste!

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Men’s Fashion Spotlight – BlueMint Men’s Arthur Swim Shorts

When looking for swim trunks, there are a few qualities that you definitely shouldn’t skimp on. Swimwear should be comfortable, stylish, and versatile. One company takes pride in providing their customers with a line of swim shorts that are relaxed, are constructed of bright Italian fabrics that are soft to the touch and are quick drying, and are able to take you from beachside to lunch at a café is BlueMint. Each swim short from the “Arthur” line has a mid-length inseam, elastic waistband with side and back pockets, and an elasticized net lining. The differences at BM are the attention that they give to cut, material, and design, while keeping the prices reasonable at 70 Euros.


The selection of men’s swim shorts at BlueMint includes some bold designs and patterns, as well as solid colors. One example is the BlueMint Arthur in stripey green print trunk. It has incorporated the continuing trend of striped patterns with its wide vertical green and white striping. It would be complimented by a solid white t-shirt or button-down and with the swim short’s water resistant Italian fabric, you could easily get from poolside to “Happy Hour” in no time.

black floral arthur swim trunk bluemint

Next, is the BlueMint Arthur in palm print, which is a floral pattern that is grounded by a black background and neutral tones. The color combination makes it a more wearable floral pattern and sparks thoughts of California surfing or relaxing on the white Caribbean sands.

bright floral arthur swim trunk bluemint

The second floral pattern swim short, BlueMint Arthur in secret print, is a little more graphic in nature and has bolder shades of reds, purples, oranges, and blues. The bright tones of this swim trunk could be enhanced with a brightly colored shirt color that is pulled from the pattern, or toned down by wearing a darker navy top.

camo BlueMint

The last one is my favorite – BlueMint- Arthur in camo print – and exemplifies the popular trend of the camouflage pattern in fashion, but modernizes it by using shades of blue, black, and white. It is a great pattern for guys who want to break away from the solids, but are not into stripes or florals.

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Women’s Fashion Advice – How To Master Prints

Utilizing prints is one of the best ways to add depth, intrigue, and a personal touch to your outfits. If you aren’t sure where to start, stripes and polka dots are the neutrals of the print world. Supremely easy to incorporate into any kind of ensemble—they go with almost everything, including other prints (you can never go wrong mixing polka dots with a floral! Or stripes with polka dots.). For those in need of inspiration, J Crew has some excellent examples of how to wear prints.

Picture 1

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Lesson #112: Soccer Jerseys

The World Cup’s well underway and plenty of folks got the right idea of showing support for their country’s team by sporting a jersey. Sure, it’s a little contrived, but ultimately forgivable – as long as you put them away in the closet after the last whistle’s blown. But as with all things appareled, you should be careful and know what exactly you’re getting when you go searching for your fútbol fanwear.

International Soccer Jersey Shirts – Portugal World Cup Jersey T-Shirt
INFEASIBLE: Jerseys with prints
Screen-printing might work for t-shirt graphics, but they come off as tacky and flat on jerseys. This is simply because most jerseys, like the one above, are made from polyester and therefore give everything on them an extra dose of gloss. Fake fake FAKE.

Adidas 2010 Argentina Home Youth World Cup Soccer Jersey
Feasible: Embroidered jerseys
Embroidered insignias looks ten times better, don’t they? They give the piece some dimensionality and texture, even a look of uniqueness. Of course anything with embroidery is going to be more expensive than what comes with prints, but come on now, do you want to look the mook at the sport bars? Didn’t think so.
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