5 Unique Pearl Necklaces For Your Jewelry Box

Did you know that pearls don’t have to be small, round and white? Depending on the region in which they’re harvested or cultivated, pearls can come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and even shapes. If you’re looking for a change from the traditional, here are just five pearl necklaces that will make you unique among your social circle.

7-8mm Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Add a little pink to your wardrobe with these fun, fashionable pearls. They’re strung on silk thread with a gold or white gold clasp, making them a gorgeous and high-quality addition to any jewelry box. Their color is also just distinct enough to be different.

Opera Length 10-12mm Multicolor South Sea Pearl Necklace

Offering a mishmash of gold, silver and black pearls, this necklace is unlike anything that you’ve ever seen before. Not only are the colors unique and vibrant, but they’re also strung on an opera-length necklace, meaning that they won’t fit snugly on your throat. They’ll flow over your top and attract every eye in the room as they dangle, sparkle and gleam.

11-14mm Drop-Shape Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace

Baroque pearls don’t come in the usual shapes of round and oval; they’re much more diverse than that. They’re also some of the most unique pearls on the market. If you don’t mind “flawed” pieces that are actually beautiful and one of a kind, try this necklace on for size.

10-13mm Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace

When you dress like a queen, only gold is good enough to complement your look. These pearls come with a bright and gorgeous shine that’s matched only by their larger-than-average size. They’re so beautiful, in fact, that you can only find them at fine jewelers like Laguna Pearl (Laguna Pearl.com).


13-16mm Multicolor Tahitian South Sea Pearl Necklace

Darkly glamorous, these pearls will make a statement wherever you go. For one, they’re highly shined and boasting an AA+ certification. They’re also on a multicolored strand of black and burned gold. If you want to inspire mystery when you enter a room and wistfulness when you leave it, these are the pearls for you.

These are just a few pearl necklaces that you won’t see on June Cleaver. If you’re tired of the same old white pearls in your jewelry collection, pick one of these examples for something fresh and exciting. A single necklace can change your entire look!

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Celebrities Fashion Trends – Pink on the Red Carpet

Since October was “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”, there were “pink” parties galore. Many celebrities came out in support of fundraising for cancer research. One such event was the “Elyse Walker Pink Party”, which was held in Santa Monica, CA and benefited the Cedars-Sinai Women’s Cancer Programs. This year, the “pink party” was hosted by Anne Hathaway and had many celebrities stopping by the red carpet.


The first two are the actress/dancer/model Brooke Burke and actor husband David Charvet. Brooke has kept with the “pink” theme with her black and pink color block dress that clings nicely to her curves and is accented with gold zippers. Her pink and gold clutch, along with her strappy sandals just completes the look. Her husband David, however, appears to have gotten dressed in the dark with the charcoal jacket and vest, paired with an antiqued brown jean trousers and brown boots. It is true that black and brown can look really chic together, but not here. The jacket and vest are just too light in tone.

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Men’s Shirt Review – Dalvey Pink Checkered Shirt

Dalvey, the fairly new Scottish luxury brand, has impressed me before with their merchandise. I recently got my hands on another slim-fit shirt of theirs – let’s see how this pink collared faired.

This fun and simple pink checkered shirt, is by far one of the best shirts I’ve worn this year – and the reason isn’t because someone sent it to me. First, the seams are clearly single-needled and therefore are simple and inconspicuous, which is essential for a sophisticated collared in my opinion. Second, unlike so many other shirts that bare the description, this Dalvey is truly slim fit and form fitting. This is the second shirt I’ve reviewed from them and both times the shirt fit perfectly.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Carey Hart

carey hart
Carey Hart is largely known for the distinction of racing overpowered bikes in valleys of dirt and being Pink’s baby-daddy. Besides having a penchant for jerseys and more ink in his skin than a copy of Proust’s In Search of Lost Time, here specifically Carey does himself the fashion disservice of wearing a dinky, micro-face watch. I must say, it looks positively femme on him. Did you find that in your beau’s jewelry box, Carey?
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44. Suspenders

INFEASIBLE: Camo-colored suspenders

(From Army Navy Depot)

Camouflage colored suspenders don’t go with anything. Not even camo pants, because wearing suspenders while doing a recon mission sounds incredibly stupid.

Feasible: Classic polka-dot suspenders

(Brought to you by Suspenders.com)

If you’re going to go with suspenders, you should go with the classic, 80’s style type with pink (yes, pink) polka-dots.

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