And the winner is…

Joel! Who for the Phyto-C giveaway ran us through his morning routine:

Clean ears
Apply deodorant
Brush teeth
Wash Face
Apply astringent
Apply acne lotion if necessary
Apply Moisturizer
Apply Eye Cream
Get dressed
Style Hair
Apply Chapstick
Spray cologne

His morning-foo is a force to be reckoned with, gents. Thanks for participating and expect another great contest coming up very, very soon…

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CONTEST: Top dollar skin care collection!

That last contest went so well that, fuck it, let’s have another. Moving away from clothes, we’re real excited to offer our readers a chance at grabbing the premium skin care collection.

phyto c signature_130321_2

The Phytoceutical (“Phyto-C”) Skin Care Collection consists of three products. The first is the Sky Blue Liquid Moisturizer, which provides intense hydration and works to diminish fine wrinkles and lines. The second is a Moisturizing Cream that contains Vitamin B5, Glycerin, and botanical extracts. Finally, you also get an Eye Firming Cream which provides extraordinary antioxidant protection while also reducing and preventing premature signs of aging of eye areas. This sucker, all three products together, is priced at $191.00 retail – and you have a chance to get it on the gratis!

And now the question on everyone’s mind: what do I gotta do to win the contest and get the goods? Well it’s no sweat, gents: Post a comment to this post describing your daily morning bathroom ritual. Is it as compulsive as Patrick Bateman’s? Or is more like what The Dude probably does? Whatever the nature of your routine, just please remember to include your email address along with your submission. We’ll pick a qualifying submission at random.

The deadline’s next Monday (February 22, 2010) at 6 p.m. EST. So ladies and gents, expose yourself already (metaphorically speaking) and click the Comment link below! And don’t forget to include your email address!

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